Apr. 5th, 2013

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Is the grass always greener on the other side?
What if you had a chance to find out?

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Hillview Falls is a Pleasantville-esq place of old style cooking, chatty postmen, milk bars, drive-in films, felines in peril, bright colured cars, innovative and futuristic technology, milkmen, peace and harmony. Depending on your definition of peace and harmony, of course.

Maybe your life is threatened, or perhaps you're struggling with life's problems. Whatever the case, Hillview Falls can provide you with a practically safe and sound home if you play by the rules...

|| Rules || Contact a Mod || Application || Taken Characters || Out Of Character Community || Local Businesses ||

Some characters we'd love to have: Harry Potter, Remus Lupin, Ford Prefect, Tony Stark, Bucky Barnes, Nyssa of Traken, The Fifth Doctor, Simm Master, Amy Pond...

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Apr. 5th, 2013 08:01 am
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  • Thu, 17:24: @adlerandteapots Hey I think I'm gonna bring in Elton Pope. With memories from the past community he was in. That's cool right?
  • Thu, 17:30: RT @cwgabriel: new post all about my duck chasing video: http://t.co/svIRiEmEa2
  • Thu, 17:33: @adlerandteapots Also finally making Parrish. Finally decided a username. That was the thing holding me back. *innocent whistle*
  • Thu, 17:40: @rickygervais What's the weirdest thing someone's taken offense to? "Dear Ricky please don't tweet about shampoo. I'm bald & it's offensive"
  • Thu, 22:43: @Wizards_DnD so my DM is asking for my DCI number? Where do I get it? Do I have to register for D&D Insider? Thought I got 1 w Next but nope
  • Thu, 22:44: @Wizards_DnD Also the "contact us" link just goes to a about:blank page...
  • Thu, 22:48: @Wizards_DnD And the "Sign In" button doesn't work... but I can't even figure out where/how to register... HELP! :(
  • Thu, 22:50: @Wizards_DnD Registering isn't working. I hit continue and literally nothing happens...
  • Thu, 22:51: I'm having a billion problems trying to obtain my DCI # from @Wizards_DnD site. Anyone that plays... help!
  • Thu, 22:52: I can't register with the site. I hit buttons and nothing happens. ARRRRGGGGG
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