Apr. 16th, 2013

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Apr. 16th, 2013 08:01 am
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  • Mon, 16:20: RT @yvettenbrown: :( Just heard of the April 2nd passing of #JaneHenson. She helped create the awesome Muppet legacy. http://t.co/BEKSzE ...
  • Mon, 17:04: The only way to get Old Man Ian wrap arounds is with the Play All button! No wonder I hadn't seen those before. :/ #DoctorWho #TheCrusaders
  • Mon, 21:49: #NowWatching #DoctorWho The Chase - What a fuckcluster of an story. Until they get to Steven and then it gets on an actual track...
  • Mon, 21:50: RT @kismesister: Like if Donna wasn't your favorite companion I'm really not sure what fucking show you were watching.
  • Mon, 21:53: RT @scottjohnson: NPR has the least sensationalist, speculative coverage I've heard today. Hope they get noticed for it. Better yet, emu ...
  • Mon, 23:02: Why couldn't Amy and Rory had a goodbye like Barbara and Ian? :( #DoctorWho
  • Mon, 23:41: UGH I wanna RP Steven Taylor so bad now. I love him 5 eva. #DoctorWho
  • Tue, 03:21: I already picked out Steven Taylor's screen name. I should be stopped for my own well being... This will only end in heartache #DoctorWho
  • Tue, 04:17: I knew it. Of course I made Steven Taylor's account. Now LJ is being impossible &I can't get a validation email to post ANYTHING. Called it.


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