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Apr. 5th, 2013 08:01 am
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  • Thu, 17:24: @adlerandteapots Hey I think I'm gonna bring in Elton Pope. With memories from the past community he was in. That's cool right?
  • Thu, 17:30: RT @cwgabriel: new post all about my duck chasing video:
  • Thu, 17:33: @adlerandteapots Also finally making Parrish. Finally decided a username. That was the thing holding me back. *innocent whistle*
  • Thu, 17:40: @rickygervais What's the weirdest thing someone's taken offense to? "Dear Ricky please don't tweet about shampoo. I'm bald & it's offensive"
  • Thu, 22:43: @Wizards_DnD so my DM is asking for my DCI number? Where do I get it? Do I have to register for D&D Insider? Thought I got 1 w Next but nope
  • Thu, 22:44: @Wizards_DnD Also the "contact us" link just goes to a about:blank page...
  • Thu, 22:48: @Wizards_DnD And the "Sign In" button doesn't work... but I can't even figure out where/how to register... HELP! :(
  • Thu, 22:50: @Wizards_DnD Registering isn't working. I hit continue and literally nothing happens...
  • Thu, 22:51: I'm having a billion problems trying to obtain my DCI # from @Wizards_DnD site. Anyone that plays... help!
  • Thu, 22:52: I can't register with the site. I hit buttons and nothing happens. ARRRRGGGGG
  • Thu, 23:00: Is the @Wizards_DnD site giving any1 else an ass-load of trouble? I can't even get the Events Locator to work to find how to get a DCI card
  • Thu, 23:01: I just wanted to play D&D. WTF is with all this DCI # bullshit? It wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't such a pain in the ass @Wizards_DnD
  • Thu, 23:44: @Wizards_CS How do I get a DCI #? I didn't even know I needed one. Nothing mentioned or it signing up for Next.


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