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Anyway, so I had a really strange dream last night. It involved me getting a huge head wound (something fell on me or ...well I don't know) but I was walking around with a huge bandage on my head in the mall and occasionally bleeding. I kept loosing my mother and got a call from James May who was a fucking sweetheart and heard I got hurt and to see how I was doing and that he told my mom he would drop by later on. I told him that two of her friends were coming over, whom he had never met, but he knew who they were because he pays attention like that.

At some point I'm also talking to Austin Tichenor, who is trying his damnedest to convince me his new pilot called "My Mother the Dog" is genius and I should SO take the leading part. (The show is exactly what you think it is. My mother is somehow transformed into a dog.)

There's also something in the dream about a white piano in a mirrored room with diamond encrusted black keys and trim and was apparently owned by Elton John. Anyone that had the mind to hit a few notes could usually play an entire EJ song decently.

And then there was something really strange involving some random worker being rude to me in a smoothie shop and I was really rude back to him and he threw something at me, so I demanded compensation and him being fired or something. The group I was hanging out with (a bunch of people from the play I'm currently stage managing) saw all of it and one of the guys, Kris, decided it would be funny to ... I don't remember, dump soda on me or something with the idea of me "cooling off". He didn't because I could see what he was about to do from the reflection of the windows and said "Fuck this shit and you, Kris" and walked home. Two other guys (Joe and Rob) left to calm me down. Rob got the insane idea to break into my house while my parents were still home while Joe suggested ringing the door bell.

But I woke up then, so I don't really know what happened. I hate dreams that are so all over the fucking place like that!!
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"An American In Paris" was on telly tonight while we were filming in the hotel room. The guys always let me be in charge of the remote (cuz I'm the only girl?) and I stopped on it before three of the four even got there. Brandon and I were setting up lights when the others came in. We were waiting for Free to set up the camera and figure out what the hell he wanted to do while we watched some. It's the beginning of Gene Kelly's big ten minute dream sequence finale.

(Some dancer's scarf falls perfectly over Gene's shoulder as he dances away from her.)
Howard: "Wow that's cool how they got that scarf to do that."
Me: "Gene Kelly choreographed that, so he made it. 'Scarf you do this neat little thing like this.' [tiny voice] 'Yes, Mr. Kelly!' That's how Gene Kelly does things. He gets shit done."
Guys: *laugh*

(Later on Free moves the light stand and accidentally unplugs it.)
Free: "I did not want that to do that... Guess cuz I'm not Gene Kelly."
Us: *laugh*
Howard: "That was good."

Yay Gene Kelly.

Before that Brandon, John (lead guy, not my director guy) and I were eating in the hotel and brandon starts looting the kitchenette: "Okay, does this hotel come with ketchup?"

Speaking of John my director guy, he had neck surgery! Deteriorating discs in his neck! He's gotta wear a neck brace and everything. I wanted him to play my dad but even his voice is shot and he said he wasn't really up for it and apologized a bunch of times. But I got Dennis (the other director/teacher at the school) to do it instead. Damn, it's 2! I gotta pick him up tomorrow so I better get to bed!!!

Also, Free told me in his full script of this short film, my character DIES! She takes the John Belushi route.
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Today I'm disappointed. Yesterday I was angry.

I didn't get "Mrs. Drudge."

I bet if John was directing I totally would've.

Figures that feeling really confident about my reading and having other people tell you how fantastic you are and how "gangster" your English accent is can only lead to massive dissapointment.

And it's ridiculously unfair. No, seriously. Only three other girls read for the part. And after their first reading no one vollunteered to read it again. So I was always going up for the read through. Monday night Dennis (the director) told me they (he and John, assistant directing and my former acting teacher) were looking at me for Mrs. Drudge. I bet they went with the chick with the really fake sounding Cockney accent.

Cor, blimey.

I was doing a Northern. Manchester, really. They draw out their words longer (and Dennis said he even wanted that, "Maybe she doesn't have to be cockney, but she's a character who knows everything about the house and probably draws her sentences and words out..") and it's different than the obvious "lower class" accent.



Brogden (who played Alan in "Picnic" with me. I was Christine.) was asked to do crew as well, so we were all, "Well, if you will, I will." So he's fun. Plus we're gonna audition for "Cabert" and "Company" at Gilburt Theater and Cape Fear Theater.

Screw you, my own school.

Mock Turtle Ringo still loves me.


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Eric's "More witches!" and Michael's "She looks like one!" kills me every time in that witch scene in Holy Grail.


So there was a blind guy who looked alot like Eric Idle that came into Joe's a few weeks ago... And then some guy who looked like Terry Gilliam.

Anyway, play's going well. I'd love for someone to tell me something other than, "You didn't have many lines."

I know that. I'm speaking them.


I got stuff on ebay again. Please to be buying so I'm not poor!

I want some Monty Python slash... Hurt/comfort is my very fav.

Tee hee.

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I knew it!

Nov. 12th, 2007 06:01 pm
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I never posted it, but i meant to..

I very well be the last person in my Acting 1 class...


There were only five people to begin with...

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I dunno. Anyway, so I started my Acting Class. There's four other people in it. And I'm the only one with any acting experience. I was gonna do Austin's intro from The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) but my teacher said I came "too prepared" and he only wanted us to do a straight read of something instead. So I did Adam's intro. Well, I was wearing my green converse, jeans, and a white button down shirt, so... =)


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5 More RSCs under the cut, and a RSC/Jasper Fforde's Nursey Crime comic/macro/mashup thing... )

Also, I'm almost done with the RSC America mood theme. I've got like ten more to do. I gotta watch the DVD for pics AGAIN though. Oh, darn.

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