Jun. 6th, 2008 12:45 am
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Talk about frickin' ruining an until then frickin' cool day.

Frickin' A.

Maybe not so much that it happened but that I'm this pissed off by it.

Anyway, so Tuesday we had a party in the party room at work. The office is in the party room. The Shift Change book in the office. The office was locked. And Keith was the only manager, pretty darn busy, and well, we just forgot. Basically Megan had today off and as Tuesday if she could have anyone's days. I said "Sure you can have my Thursday. I got stuff I need to do anyhow." She thanked me profusely and I made the incredible mistake (apparently) of going "Meh, office is locked. We'll put it in the book later."

So the one time I don't put a shift change in the book, I get fucked. I was doing *her* a favor and she doesn't show up. Fuckin' hell.


Anyway, Ali dyed my hair. Looks pretty rad. Pics later.

So yeah, I am totally tired of being the one that somehow becomes responsible for everything the other hosts do wrong. I mean this from before this incident which is partly my fault for not watching my own ass and actually taking someone on there word. Fucking shows me.

So I'm gonna get chewed out tomorrow and you can bet your ass I'll be taking it back out on Megan...

...Although I think she opens so I won't even see her. Dammit!

AND Ross Bagdasarian (Sr) in Hitchcock's "Rear Window" is the awesomely frustrated drunk orgy blow out hotness!

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Cuz it's the Chipmunk Adventure! One of my very favorite cartooon movies. I'm capping the whole thing. So expect more. Feel free to use for icons or whatevers.

Just after waking Dave in Paris. )

I give up.

Apr. 30th, 2008 02:12 pm
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I give up. Seriously. Things are just not working for my computer and my brain. I can't get my Chipmunk music video done because Windows Movie Maker is screwing up when I try to do anything with it.

I read some where that Ross Bagdasarian Jr and Janice Karmen DID sing for the 2007 movie. But slowing down the songs the only one I would even CONSIDER is Ross is "Bad Day". And don't get me start on the twelve other voices I'm hearing in those songs or the crap of a 'behind the scenes' thing for the music on the DVD. Kids are not idiots. They know Alvin, Simon and Theodore are not real. "Alvin" is not "great to work with"...

Okay I think I'm just pissed off at this "Ali Dee Theodore" person who is the 'leader' of "DeeTown" or whatever the fake group is... He's totally annoying... And the nephew of Cyd Charise. Arg... I don't like him. And I never liked her much either...

And Ross and Janice were supposed to do the voices. But the studio wanted 'names'...

Alright, I'll stop.

But this is TOTALLY confusing me. Tell me that "Betty" doesn't sound like Simon. Tell me. And why is it on the Chipmunk Adventure soundtrack? I slowed it down, but I can't figure it out...

And I can't email cuz when I tried it said there was an error. ARRG...

Also on the movie webpage theres a game called "Band Manager" or something. It totally sucks cuz you dont do anything in it. To have your band "rehearse" you have to just sit through really crappy off tempo renditions of the movies songs. Real disappointed cuz I named my band "The Plastic Bagdasarians".

That's so gonna be my real band name one day...

I gotta feel better...


Their house. It's like Friar Park but with a tennis court and more stepping stones!

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Just a minor spoiler that I'm not gonna cut because it's not really a spoiler and makes no sense unless you saw it but I just have to say it because it had me rollin' cuz I'm been watching his specials like they was goin' outta style.


Also, mah doggie woggies, dey iz seepin'.


Also, I redid "Girls of Rock and Roll" (from "The Chipmunk Adventure") so that you can hear Janice and Ross in their real voices. Totally difficult. Well it was the first time as I just did it with one track. This time, I duplicated them, silenced the opposing bits changed respective speeds, fixed Ross's tempo to fit into Janice's and then took the tempo on both up again. With the first version I couldn't change the tempos to fit cuz I just highlighted Ross's bits and lowered the speed, which of course slows the tempo. So now I'm in the process of a music vid to post this on the YouTube. I'll convert the other songs and may or may not vid those...

But really why is "Ay yi yi yi yi" not in the soundtrack? They have a Mexican Song Medley not used in the film (and another unused Chipettes song AND "Leader of the Pack". WTF I hate that song.)

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Apr. 20th, 2008 08:28 pm
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So yeah, I finished watching the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, which was really pretty cute.

I mean, for me, magically, it can't compete with "The Chipmunk Adventure" but I was glad I finally saw it.

Tim Hill directed it, who also directed "Muppets From Space", which wasn't REALLY that good, but hey, he's a cool guy.

And Dave's house number is 1958 aka the year the Chipmunks started.

Anyway, here's my real question:

What happened after "The Chipmunk Adventure"? Was Miss Miller arrested for child neglect? Did Dave press charges? (Probably not, cuz you know, it's Dave.) I mean, gosh, the kids did come tumbling out of a baggage claim half naked (loin-clothes and harem outfits. They're what, ten?!) Something HAD to happen, the police where right there!

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