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It's Johnny Depp (48) and Michael J Fox's (50) birthday today! Hurrah!


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MAY 27


I should be all...




But I am more like...

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May all your wishes come true!!




Oct. 9th, 2008 08:17 pm
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Happy Birthday to John Lennon! He would be 68.

John Lennon

Peace and Love

EDIT: AND Sean Lennon! How cool?! He's 33!

Yoko Ono,Sean Lennon
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Steve Whitmire,Jim Henson
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Oddly enough I made this BEFORE forgetting to post it in my journal!

I posted it along with the banner finalists in [ profile] muppets but forgot to post it here.

Oh yeah and my laptop died. (Well, not really but it's seriously messed up. I can't even get the Windows screen to come on.)

So this chosen picture of Dave is a little spooky...

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He's 74!

What are you gonna do to celebrate?

I'm gonna wear my London Fog hat and be extra groovy and say extra groovy things and talk with a Canadian accent.

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Jul. 7th, 2008 07:51 pm
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Happy Birthday to Ringo Starr!

He's 68!

(Day-m, he still looks good.)


May. 27th, 2008 12:29 am
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Seeing RiffTrax ads on here make me happy.

Anyway, I turn 23 today. (Tuesday. It's 12:30. AM.)

Aunt Terre and Ryan were here for the weekend. I got the Simpsons movie from Aaron (on Blue Ray. So I can only watch it on his PS3. But I did wanna see it.) I got a Shakespeare shirt and magnet from the Globe Theater from Ryan. The shirt doesn't fit because Ryan couldn't take it out of the packaging to check it. It said Large, but turned out to be a Jrs Large. FTW? He also ordered me a BTTF "Hill Valley Save the Clock tower Committee" or something like that shirt, but that hasn't arrived yet. Aaron also got me some bead-jewelery making stuff with some cool beads in it. And some hemp for extra mileage. Aunt Terre got me a iTunes giftcard for 25 bucks. And mom and dad got me Pink Panther socks and A GREEN IPOD SHUFFLE.

Which I knew they would. Cuz mom wouldn't shut up about specifics. Silly mommy.

I still need tennis shoes.

Anyway I'm gonna go to Ali's house later on (like after sleeping and starting the "new" day) and quadruple my gift quota. Seriously, we get each other, like, as many presents as we can in a month. I think our number is fifteen (each) by now. Something close. I forgot I got her stuff online too so I think it's that many. A few, like two, haven't arrived still.)

Her birfday is tomorrow (the 28th) how awesome!

And because I was busy being preocupied with fishes dying.

Happy Birfday to Frank Oz (the 25th)


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Mar. 28th, 2008 04:21 pm
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Happy birthday Eric Idle!

Happy 65th.

(And I still want to jump him.)

Eric Idle

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So Python kick leads into Beatles kick.

Things to buy:
Ringo's new CD
A bunch of George CDs with song I like
Paul's "Memory Almost Full".

So I went to the used bookstore.

+ Timing "Dance Tonight" at work. (It plays usually around 4:15.)
+ Finding "Pocketful of Python: Handpicked by Eric Idle" at the store.
+ got "Memory Almost Full" CD/DVD I wanted
- listening to it and spent every third track going "razzin' frazzin *%@#! Heather Mills."
+ found Michael Palin's "Around the World in 80 Days" book for 2 bucks. Hardback!
- forgot I bought the softcover on eBay for four.
+ got that and Michael diaries on audiobook today in the mail.
- not being able to find ANY George CDs there
-- "My Sweet Lord" coming on the store radio just as I gave up. "That's so not fair!" I exclaim to no one.

Speaking of George and all

George Harrison

(Day late, so what. I bet he won't care.)

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House/Wilson/Angst = OT3

First off there.



Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I think the second came out much much better. But still. Hugs with Dave and Richard's jealous and dances with Brian. Can't get me better, for a belated B-day gift.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Jim would have been 70. Steve turns 47.


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You guys gotta stop being interesting. I can't keep up! I gotta figure out how to get internet access with my laptop once I get it without my bro finding out about it. Problem is the main comp is in "His Room" and the cable doesn't even stretch that far out. Must discuss this with dad... Grr...

So Biology is likely to be my favorite class. The teacher is just more exciting than my other two. My Psychology teacher is nice and i like him, but he's got the droney type always taks the same way kinda voice and you never know when he's making a joke when he tries to. (And he ries often). My English teacher is the same teacher I got last time who I didn't like then either and who I'm actually liking less. "This class isn't about you," she says, and I am *not* making that up. WTF kind of teacher says that. "This class is about learning." --which apparently you have no interest in seeing that we do?

My biology teacher is named Jeffery Martin (No joke, Ali.) He's aptly named. He's got the engery of Jeff Corwin, with a Alton Brown/Jeff speech pattern. But a southern accent and looks more like Greg Lee, but not that attractive. But a cool guy. He made the class laugh on several occassions. (Like loud.) And has this thing to see if everyone's paying attention. The Army has "Who-wah" (which my Poppop still uses constantly), the Marines have... whatever it is they have, I forgot. And Mr Martin has "Woo-woo." Yeah. Corny. But he's cool.

Two more things:

This morning's episode of Buffy ("Two to Go", 6x21) = best ending ever!!


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY (it was yesterday) TO RICHARD HUNT! (who would be 55 this year.)

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Jul. 16th, 2006 10:37 pm
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Happy 60th birthday to Dave!


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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


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Today I turned 21! Huzzah! Now I can drink! (Legally.)

Send me something nice, eh, people?

Like maybe a video bootleg of Spamalot? And not that bloody one on google that won't upload past "Not yet dead"?

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