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Or how it might be if Turlough was also a companion. The following is a dream that I just had...

In which the Impossible Astronaut takes Turlough home... )
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EDIT: Oh and also I dreamed that following the suicides of beloved family members, which I was there with them to witness, getting hit on by my acting teacher (who I kinda have a crush on, but not really, I love him in a father figure way), finding out he already slept with a 16 year old friend of mine, I threw myself off a pier after my brother and mom. DNW.
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I had a dream that Max died (hooray!) and Alex (both from "Roswell") worked at a park with Barney and Robin from "How I met your mother". It was awesome. Alex was trying to help Barney confess his love to Robin. And Robin was dressed as Errol Flynn-ish Robin Hood. Barney was in a similiar type of dress, so I'm guessing the nature park had a theme... Forest Gump and Lt Dan made an appearance. IDK. There was a problem with a bear too... He wasn't mean, but he wasn't eating. That caused people to worry. I think Dan was their boss...

My dreams are so freakin' weird.
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So, weird dream last night...

A Doctor Who dream!

It started out as an Eleven episode, freshman high school boys ditching detention by climbing down the massive shelves in the library to escape through a window. But there's a convention like party outside! Or a cricket match. It was alot of cricket wear and I thought OMG Five!! before figuring out most people were wearing such gear...

Suddenly I'm the main boy and [ profile] molly_diane is my BFF/side kick. But we're not those boys anymore we're us. Sorta. She's dressed as Tegan and I'm Nyssa. We find the Fifth Doctor, Turlough and Adric! Hooray! Only it's not QUITE Turlough, Five and Adric. More like cosplayers who looks ALOT like them. And sound exactly like them. Five's hair is a little bit longer. Adric's as tall as Turlough and wearing clothes similar to his normal get up, but faded badly and worn out. Also, not blue badge of mathematical excellence. Turlough is wearing his outfit from Planet of Fire... and he has long hair. I am talking glam rock 80s hair band hair.

Pretty much Bon Jovi's cut right here:

And of course I could only think, "Wow that looks surprisingly good."

So Daleks were after us. (Oh right, before boy!Molly and boy!me escaped detention we figured out Daleks were easily overtaken by unscrewing their lasers. But you had to be quick and sneaky or they could still kill you dead.)

We all run across the street, traffic pending. Except for Adric, who rushes on after Turlough and the Doctor. To which I turn to Molly!Tegan and say, "He's going to get himself killed again." To which Molly!Tegan replies: "Well, I'm not cleaning it up."

Adric doesn't die, but after we girls get across, he's laying in a gravely sidewalk moaning and is scraped and bruised. We help him up and look for Turlough and Five.

Five's disappeared, but Four is there instead. He looks pleased to see me!Nyssa, Molly!Tegan and Adric, but is totally ignoring Turlough. Turlough is not so pleased with that.

I woke up shortly after but I remember Four not liking my hair, apparently, b/c as we were discussing something he put barrettes in it to "get the hair out of your face." I took them out and replaced them properly while explaining something while Turlough found this dreadfully amusing.

Turlough with 80 Glam Hair... I wonder if this has anything to do with me making [ profile] rude_and_ginger grow a beard. That beard is totally for secret-keeping purposes and is not very effective anyway b/c Trion hair doesn't grow particularly fast. So he just looks homeless.

Anyway it was a fun dream with action adventure and was much longer than it seems like. There was more of me fighting Daleks but I don't remember much of it to get it proper detail.
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Had a few weird dreams last night. And they were all short and I kept waking up so that really bugs me...

1. It was almost like the setting of "FallOut 3" (which I've been playing when Aaron's not on the PS3, so, not much...) except before the ...FallOut. Anyway I was in school, I think, or hanging around it, anyway I was buying somethings and then met up with Troy from "Community" in the store. He took advantage of me and upset me so bad I started to cry. He felt awful but I was so angry I didn't want to speak to him and ran off to find Britta.

2. Charlie (my friend in the ARMY who I've had a crush on for years) was back in town and we were working on a play for my community college (not Greendale). We were chatting and just hanging around not actually working on any play. At some point he was sitting on the floor behind me and I was laying on the floor, but propped on my elbows infront of him. His brother was there and after talking to him a little, he left, and Charlie leaned down and gave me the Spiderman kiss. It lasted a long time. I heard music.

3. On the set of some movie with Alexandra Moen, Camryn Manheim and Christian Slater. It's some Victorian age movie and Alexandra is once again playing a crazy woman. Camryn and I play her BFFs but Alex accuses me of witchcraft or something and at some point Camryn's holding me down and they're about to make me drink tea... to prove I'm not a witch? IDEK. Anyway, so we're just hanging around getting ready for that scene, rehearsing, etc. Some old dude is showing me the different flavors of tea they have so I can pick and then has me read the packets, which have lines from "Sex and the City" that we'll modify for the movie later on. Christian's just sitting there with us while Camryn asks if she's pulling my hair too hard. Eventually we get bored of rehearsing and someone starts playing the soundtrack to the Producers (the movie, not the original cast recording). I think to ask Christian if he'll ever do a musical before remembering he can't sing. After this scene we have to set up for when Alex turns into a deer/kangaroo and I get the blame for it.

IDEK. WTF my brain.
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Must dash, but had a fairly exciting dream in which I kidnapped a young Jim Carrey and we fell in love during the course of our dangerous car trip on frightfully icy and foggy roads. Well, technically I saved his life by kidnapping him, my dream-roommate who turned out to be a crazy bitch and set everything up in the first place wanted to kill Jim and the two other guys he was with!

I'll try to write it out in class, so you may see it sometime soon...
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Watching "Community" for a music video I'm doing... Lots harder than I though, but I think the last episode will be the meat of the video. ARG.

Anyway, I had a dream in which Terry Gilliam was a fatherly type figure to me and I was working with him for a movie. Johnny Depp was in it and another famous guy who Johnny was totally more famous than but was too nice to say anything when 2nd famous guy said something about himself being top billing. Johnny and I shared a "Oh yeah right" look. It was nice. He was rather quite but we were totally being BFFs.

I think Terry was having us at his house to stay for a while to see how we all got on or something... There were a few random Brit actors. I think me and Johnny were the only two Americans in the cast. Anyway, I do remember telling Robbie Coltrane about the importance of a hair clip.

At some point I was laying on Terry's suede couch and talking to Johnny but the only thing I remember him saying was, "Well, you are going to be a future Gilliam..."
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Anyway, so I had a really strange dream last night. It involved me getting a huge head wound (something fell on me or ...well I don't know) but I was walking around with a huge bandage on my head in the mall and occasionally bleeding. I kept loosing my mother and got a call from James May who was a fucking sweetheart and heard I got hurt and to see how I was doing and that he told my mom he would drop by later on. I told him that two of her friends were coming over, whom he had never met, but he knew who they were because he pays attention like that.

At some point I'm also talking to Austin Tichenor, who is trying his damnedest to convince me his new pilot called "My Mother the Dog" is genius and I should SO take the leading part. (The show is exactly what you think it is. My mother is somehow transformed into a dog.)

There's also something in the dream about a white piano in a mirrored room with diamond encrusted black keys and trim and was apparently owned by Elton John. Anyone that had the mind to hit a few notes could usually play an entire EJ song decently.

And then there was something really strange involving some random worker being rude to me in a smoothie shop and I was really rude back to him and he threw something at me, so I demanded compensation and him being fired or something. The group I was hanging out with (a bunch of people from the play I'm currently stage managing) saw all of it and one of the guys, Kris, decided it would be funny to ... I don't remember, dump soda on me or something with the idea of me "cooling off". He didn't because I could see what he was about to do from the reflection of the windows and said "Fuck this shit and you, Kris" and walked home. Two other guys (Joe and Rob) left to calm me down. Rob got the insane idea to break into my house while my parents were still home while Joe suggested ringing the door bell.

But I woke up then, so I don't really know what happened. I hate dreams that are so all over the fucking place like that!!

Day two

Dec. 12th, 2008 12:39 pm
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Good things Meme: Day Two.

I had a dream that Peter Tork and I ate mushrooms.

In 67.

So, you know, special mushrooms.

It was groovy.

And we didn't even do anything but sit around and watch the colors on the ceiling change and read text from an imaginary book and Peter correcting everything that was wrong in it. LOL.
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So I had a weird dream last night. Kinda good and disappointing all at once.

Pretty short too.

My mom and I were watching (what in real life I bought last night [thanks Ali!]) "Monty Python's Graham Chapman's Looks like a Brown Trouser Job" which is a collection of his college lectures. (And which I'm about to watch now. "The Magic Christian" came in last night, so that's why I haven't watched this yet. And John Cleese and Graham were in that. Check out a shot of them with Ringo at [ profile] beatlespam [which was hard as hell to get AND get Ringo's face recognizable. He's so little! He has to look up at them and so usually they do that with his face turned away from the camera].)

Where was I?

Oh right! So we were watching this and mom goes, "Oh you're related to him, you know."

And I go: "OMGFTWBBQ?! What? How? When? He's a Python why didn't you tell me the moment I could comprehend their humor?!" (Well not really, but "Ftwhat?" doesn't sound as good.)

Mom says, as she getting up and going to the chest where we keep a bunch of pictures and stuff, "Yeah, he's my cousin, somehow." (I have serious large families on either side. Mostly cousins and great aunts and second, third, etc cousins. Plus the steps, you know.) And then she pulls out a hand full of pictures and hands them to me, "There aren't many of him, but that's at his wedding."

In fact there are exactly two of him, one with David and one with him just casual as you please sitting on the couch with a drink in his hand. And it did look like beer. Bad Graham. Mom told me he got married to David (who, in my dream, was a very tall, taller than Graham, and drag queen. And unfortunatly not all that attractive. But I've never seen, or know anything about Graham's real life David.) in 1988, the year before Graham died. Still Graham looked good in those pictures.

But seriously, his *Wedding* they went to and they have two pictures of him (and four of David, actually). Good job, Mom.

Graham Chapman

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Last night I had a dream that we were doing rehersals for Tom Stoppard's "The Real Inspector Hound" (which I haven't even been cast in yet) but with my cast from "Picnic". We were all messing around and I started talking about George Harrison's "George Harrison" album, which I just got. How good the songs were, etc. I started to sing a few, (cuz they were all "George Harrison? Who's he?") but I couldn't remember them.

So who walks up but...

Well, not the lovely Olvia, but it was the only pic I could find of George looking like what he did in my dream.

Anyway, somehow, I know he's dead, but for some reason it's no big deal.
So he helps me remember the lyrics and sings them with me to the others (just the others can see him too). We sing "Blow Away" and then everyone kinda disperes cuz rehersal's over and we kinda just linger around and walk out like we do. So I just say "Bye and thanks for the help" to George, who smiles and throws me a peace sign before saying, "Sure thing. good night." and getting into this light blue van as I'm getting into my car and driving off.

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I had a dream last night that I hung out at a real nice resort with the cast of The Office, Dane Cook and Anderson Cooper. (Steve Carrell, Dane Cook and Anderson Cooper were brothers.)

Anderson taught us the fine art of water balloon dropping. On to Jenna Fischer.

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Lappy 364

Aug. 19th, 2006 11:38 pm
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I'd post a link to the laptop I have... but I forget what it is. i could search on, but I'm too lazy. Ha. It's a Toshiba. And i's bigger than I thought. But I like it. So, I need really cool widescreen wallpapers, bitches.

Dad's a being slow on getting wireless set up. I tried it myself but for some reason it ain't working. But I managed to get online the old fashion way and get most of the songs I needed DLed.

I joined "The Spa". Tres cool. 50 bucks a month, but I'll be making it worth it. Mom joined too. So we got a special registration fee. We also signed up with a trainer. His name is Mike. He is nice. He talks kind of fast, but I like him anyway. I had chicken nuggets for lunch. Chicken is good. My favorite color is green.

Well, they've got everything there, workout rooms (co-ed and womans only), sauna, steam room, tanning beds, massage and beauty care stuff, heated pool, jacuzzi, classes (yoga, kick boxing, aerobics, etc). Haven't started working out yet, I'll be doing that Moday afternoon with Mike. He's gonna so me how everything works. He asked health questions and took our measurements today, calutated body fat and body mass and whatnot. And no, I dont remember them. Something was 101lbs. But he was quite helpful.

(And Ali, yeah I can bring you. Mike just has to write me a guest pass. I dont know how many times/days I can though without it being excessive. Maybe there isn't a limit, but I do think you have to pay ten bucks every visit.)

And my Psychology homework is to define "love". Any thoughts?

What else?

Oh, had a dream a few nights ago that Frank Oz came to my house and there was a discussion about the pronunciation of Caroll Spinney's name between my mom and I. Frank was hanging out watching TV. "Well, let's ask Frank," I said. Frank said, "I just call him Jim."

The next night I had another Frank dream where my family, Frank and my dream-boyfriend (Jason Segal) were at a oddly designed beach house for Frank and mine's birthday (his is the 25 and mine is the 27th of May). There was medeival jousting invovled. Well, a show of it. Like "Medeival Times. " (That place is kinda fun. First time I ever had a hot napkin. It was way dark and I had not idea what it was, so no one saw me try to eat it.) but on the beach. Anyway, on the 26th Frank's mother died and so no one remembered my birthday and much like my birthday last year (where my grandmother died on the 26th) it wwas almost entirely ingored. But Frank's mother was dead, so I didn't mention it, of course. She had apparently lived at the beach or near it since we never left the house. I was hanging out with Jason, who had forgotten it was my birthday too, i suppose because he never mentioned it, when I decided to check and see how Frank was when I woke up when I spotted him sitting in a swingset looking rather depressed.

I never had a Frank Oz dream and now I've had two.. Hmm...

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A friend of mind found her grandmother on

I looked up my cousin, but didn't find his. Then I looked up Richard Hunt, as he's been on my mind a lot, especially with the dream I had last night, though I wish there was more too that dream. Basically I was watching some brand new behind the scenes thing courtesy of Steve Whitmire and Muppet Show season 2 DVD on my new laptop.

Anyway, reading the little remembrance messages on Richard's thingy there, I noticed a couple were very personalize, like speaking to him and calling him "honey", "hon", "buddy" or whatnot and if you read, obviously saying they knew him in person. All of these, with the exception of one, are signed as Anonymous.

Do you think that's a little insulting or a little safety precaution for yourself (if these people did really know him) to keep from being bombarded with questions like:

"ZOMG u were freindz?! Scoter is soooooo adorble!!1! Wat wuz he like?!?!"


"Since how he got AIDS was never disclosed, was he gay? ... ZOMGETELLLME?!"

I mean how many letters could there be?

If I had the privilege of having Richard as a friend, or even just knowing him and having him maybe wave to me on the set of a project because he can't quite remember my name, but he acts like he does not to hurt my feelings, I wouldn't hide my name. I'd want people to email even with those kind of questions so I could respond with:

"Yes, I did work with him. He was warm and friendly and always made you feel special. I agree, Scooter was my favorite character of his too. Have you seen Brian Henson or Ricky Boyd's portrayal of him yet? Both of them are fantastic. Ricky really sounds like him. And please look into some grammar night classes."


"Since Richard himself and his family didn't disclose the information, please respect their wishes enough not to get too personal with his private life."

I mean, I'd love to tell people who were interest how nice he was and how much he meant to me.

Anonymous to me sounds like you don't want to claim something or be responsible for it. Which makes me doubt those people ever did know him.

I know from reading interviews with fellow muppeteers and what little behind the scenes stuff we muppet fans get that Richard was indeed friendly, exuberant and kind.

I have had a few dreams where I was involved in a muppet production of some kind. The muppeteers I ever interacted with were Steve Whitmire, Jerry Nelson, Jim Henson and Richard Hunt. Steve was always nice, but also the guy you were shy to be around because you had such a huge crush on. Jerry and Jim gave guidance and would probably give you a big hug if you asked for one, too. (In fact I did get one from Jim.) But there was always something a little different, a little more special, about Richard. He always felt like a close friend, or at least went out of his way to make you feel important. He sat down to lunch with me when he should have had something else to do because I was eating alone.

I think that's the kind of people we want to surround ourselves with. That's the kind of person you want people to know you knew.

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I really wish I could remember this dream I had last night. I just remember Nick Frost, Simon Pegg and I hanging out and watching TV on my bed in my room. (Please noe I have no TV in my room, nor could Nick Frost, myself and Simon Pegg fit on my bed. Well, not lying down as we were.) And for soe reason Simon wasn't Simon Pegg, but Stephen Pegg. So, "Stephen" left to get some food and I went outside to the back deck because I heard a noise. Now the back deck isn't really our back deck, but like Aunt Jewel's in Virginia. And my mother and our cousin Vivian are hanging out with Jim Henson! He looks around his early fourties and is wearing a sweater even though Vivian and my mother are in bathing suits. He stands up seeing me come out and gives me a hug:

"I was wondering when I was going to see you," He says. Mom laughs.

"Yeah, I was inside. I didn't know you were here, I would have been out sooner!" I give feign anger with my mom. Everyone laughs.

Jim mentioned something else, like what he and the company would be doing the rest of this summer or something, but I can't remember.

And I woke up. Blargh.

TV Meme )

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I wish I had less screwed up dreams. I mean, I wish I had ones that made sense more than half the time. And ones I could remember. *Especially* when muppeteers are invovled. They're a little lengthy, so CUTS!

1989 - some feild out in FL. )

L Word Dream, mild spoilers for season 3, but not really. )

Also, today's May the 16th.

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Xena's older brother Toris sure looks alot like singer/songwriter Sean Altman...

Image hosting by Photobucket <

Image hosting by Photobucket

Yeah, I met Sean. He was really nice too.

Speaking of meeting famous people I had a dream that my dad was trying to get me to move in with this guy who was the son of one of his friends cuz he was nice and the rent was really cheap. I did. He looked a hell of a lot like John Tartaglia. He had just gotten a job as Ted Raimi's personal assistant! How cool! says I. Shrug, went he. So I went with him to the cafe where he was supposed to meet with Ted; he had been working for him for a while. Ted was looking kinda pissed, like John was late and he wasn't happy with it. But John saw the receipt on the table and winced.

"Refund?" John said; something he would have needed to take care of had he been there on time.

Ted nodded, still pissed at John. John turned to me, whispering, "It's a buck 79, but if he doesn't like it..." Ted raised an expectent eyebrow then turned, watching the waitress come back with another receipt. "He won't get mad at the waitress. He'll kiss her hand and say he at least had wonderful service even if the coffee wasn't good."

Ted gave John the rest of the day off to think about being late while he went to Bruce Campbell's house. So John took me to a little theater where they were playing "The Muppet Movie" starring Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Dave Goelz, Richard Hunt, Jerry Nelson and Steve Whitmire. All I remember is Frank Oz an Jim Henson riding bikes, Richard Hunt doing alot of Dick Van Dyke-like prat falls and Jerry and Dave helping Steve with various jackets and coats and into build doorways when a strong wind went by. Either it would have killed the kid, or blown him away. He was real skinny. And looked really young with out his 'Muppet Show' beard. Steve was the dramatic part of the movie apparently.

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I can't spell. Did I get em right?

Anyway, I had a really strange dream last night, which completely made since when it happened, but I can't piece it together to save my life now.

All I remember is that we were dressed in medeival clothing and here were alot of people running around what looked like Hogwarts now that I think about it. And I had a boyfriend. Who was Sean Altman. And he either kept changing into Ted Raimi or I was cheating on Sean with Ted. But I don't really think so.

I don't know.

Am I destined for tall men?

Also, a musical meme )

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Weird dream last night.

It took place at my work (Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins, soon to be *old* work place, thank-you-very-much, praise-god-halleluiah, been-a-deadhead-since-woodstock!!) and there were alot of tables outside. It was also night time and my theater class (from junior year, apparently) were splitting into groups to perform the musicals we were supposed to have wirtten four days ago! Well, we hadn't. And Tim ONeill was not pleased. Which was not cool, cuz I was totally crushing on him.

"Look, I already know what it's gonna be about, I just have to write it down. If not, we can wing it," I argued.

"No we can't because Mrs Holmes is taking up our scripts! We have to perform tomorrow and you can't write one in that period of time!" He whispered harshly.

Well, I did. I also flirted with the idea of us using puppets, but I couldnt find costumes in time for it. So the play was called "Dead Rats" which later changes to "Three Blind Rats" after Tim changes into Ted Raimi and decides to incorperate some Three Stooges shtick, which I let him do because I'm oh-so in love with him. So it's about three Private Eyes, Munch (Ted), Huff (me) and Monk (Allison, aka [ profile] kittencuffs). Munch is from "Law and Order SVU" and "Homicide: Life on the Street". Monk is from, well, "Monk". Huff is from "!Huff" a Showtime series that I've only seen once, but that once more than either Ted or Ali, so I vollenteer for that role for the sole purpose of better nailing that character. Although Huff is actually about a psychiatrist who goes through a midlife crisis. And Bruce Campbell's in our group too. He plays the villian who ends up blinding all of us by punching everyone in the eyes and shattering our glasses (since we all wear them, but only character!Munch really does on TV.)

Dont ask me how this got to be a musical.

I had a seaQuest dream too, but my brother's trying to kick me off and he's being a big bitch-baby about it.

EDIT: HEy my dad's not on his comp. Wow!

So if Aaron wouldn't have bugged me for five more minutes, this is my seaQuest dream. Tim,Lucas and i were swimming thru the hydrotubes for some reason or the other and Tim has (another) panic attack from being in there. He's clasutrophobic and doesn't think he should be on the ship, who needs him anyway? He says an starts to cry. It was so sad! I held his hand and Lucas tried calming him down by telling him the moonpool isn't far off and he's the communications officer and a greatfriend, of course we need him! Then I exchange a look with Tim, secretly telling him I'm in love with him, he can't leave. Not sure it gets through, but Lucas knows about it and tim's a bit flirty with me and manages to get back tot he pool.

Then Lucas and I find really strange shit in the moonpool and try and classify it. The end.

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Ever have those dreams that you're watching TV?

I did!

I was watching M*A*S*H and it was a good episode. Completely made up, but good! At least what I got to see.

And if anyone cares to continue it, or take the idea as a fic, just give me credit for the dream (or at least my subconscious. You don't wanna piss the SC off, man.)

It started with everyone at the beach. Now it's a little choppy, so Ill tell you which parts I remember, mkay?

So, everyone was at the beach and they were all on this big rock trying to get a picture of everyone. For some reason Hawkeye was wearing his robe, but ...anyway...

A huge wave came up and knocked everyone for a loop, some people actually fell off. CUT TO Father Mulcahy swimming in a rather deep part of the ocean and finding Margret and Radar. They're all pretty scared and hold on to each other while treading water, trying to figure out where they are.

Do do do, do do do do...

I think I went to the bathroom or something, cuz I come back and they've found a row boat. Klinger must have brought it, cuz he's there too now. Anyway, they try to turn it upright, but it doesn't work. Then they try again and it works but something, somehow has gone horribly wrong because a few seconds later Margret and Radar have blood splatter on their shoulders and faces. Mulcahy's in the boat and the left side of his head's all bloodied. And he's lost his glasses, to make things worse.

[Scene Missing]

Margret's taking care of Mulcahy in the rowboat, Radar's with her, but very distracted, trying to pick up something from anyone/thing. (You know, using his special powers!) The Charles swims along to try and help, but there's not much he can do since he cant get into the boat. He tells Margret, who a might panicky that getting in will surely capsize it, and that's no good. The Radar jumps out to "get closer" so he might "pick up" something.

Then I woke up.

Dang it!

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