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So first, I download the old Windows Movie Maker because the one that comes with Windows 7 is incredibly difficult to use if you, ya know, want to SEE what you want in your video's time line. (Not going into that...)

Then I was having problems with the video in the WMM timeline not showing up. When I played the clips by themselves it worked fine. When I played the clip in the timeline it's black. Audio but no video.

So I figure it's codecs. DLed codecs, nothing happened. Okay, so maybe it's AVI files. I decide to "create video" to see what I should convert it to (and I'd have to find a converter before that) but it tells me I can't save it because of whatever whatever that isn't true.


Bottom line: I need a new video editor to make music videos in.

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Anyone have a live stream for Doctor who that isn't laggy and choppy?

I know there's a storm/hurricane going on, but this is ridiculous.

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Couldn't sign up for classes b/c of lots of bullshit. Some my fault, some not.

/going to watch a movie w Steve Martin n Kevin Kline and attempt to ignore what a fucking failure I am
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I would finally get cracking on my A-Team or Sherlock music video...

Except that all the video files are either MVK or MPEG4 (or whatever those are) and Window Movie Maker doesn't recognize either.

And I can't find the Extended cut of The A-Team or all three episodes of Sherlock PLUS the unaired pilot in anything else.

A little help? Finding them, converting them or finding another editor?
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OMG Lawrence is wearing gray. He’s tip toeing from his black wardobe… Is this Glen on bass? I think so. I’m watching Styx/REO speedwagon. LMAO Lawrence’s confusion with the camera.



So I was turning on to a street getting home and the yellow blinky light yeild light across on coming traffic was yellow and blinky and apparently I wasn’t paying attention enough and whamo I got hit in the rear passenger side. Spun my shit around. air bags gone off, got a nice seat belt bruise too. Son of a bitch.

Also, getting home and getting the shit out of my car, I was freaking out cuz I couldn’t find Beaker. He is a Muppet keychain on my rear view mirror. The keychain ripped from the hair tie (luckily I had my windows up!) … He was sitting in the back seat. Sitting perfectly up. The look on his face was not lost on me.


It’s more likely I’ll have to get a new car. Which I kinda don’t even want now. MY CAR is fucked. I just want MY THINGS.

I’m glad I didn’t put any of my stickers on there, like I was supposed to do ages ago…

adlkjafa goddamn it.

I;m forgo-ing finishing “Always” in which Richard Dreyfuss has just exploded in a plane crash … I think I will watch some Styyyyyyx… (with REO Speedwagon, but I’m not in it for them.)


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