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Macros time again. But a little different...

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2 Sirius/Oldmam, 2 Lupin/Thewlis, 1 OotP. Spoilers for OotP and PoA, so yeah... )

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Taking a short break from watching Xena. I'm just searching for Brokeback Mountain parody trailers. And I havent even seen he actual film.

These are the best, in descending order:

8. Brokeback Hogwarts
Not the best, kinda eh-ly done, but hey, it's Remus and Sirius!

7. Harry Potter and the Brokeback Goblet
Well done, but it's hard to tell who they're shipping.

6. Brokeback Models
Zoolander! Theres another one but this one is better.

5. BrokeJack Palance
City Slickers.
I like this one. And I love seeing Bayliss dusty. Tim Bayliss from Homicide Life on the Street. Yeah, he's the guy who Curly chokes with his whip!

4. Brokeback to the future
Back to the future
This was the first one I saw and they did a great job.

3. Return to Brokeback by way of Plane, Trains, and Automobiles.
Planes, Trains and Automobiles.
I havent seen this move either, but this is a favorite trailer for me. Maybe it's the lovey snuggling that sells it. Who knows?

2. Brokeback Flatpoint
Strangers with Candy. That close up on Stephen Colbert got me good. I've watched it three times already. And I'm about to add the SwC series to my Blockbuster queue. This one gets a A+++

1. Brokeback hospital
SO FUCKING CANNON! Ahem, sorry. This is my very very favorite one, if you cant tell. It's just perfect. A++++

Now if I could only find a Brokeback Brisco, or Brokeback seaQuest...

EDIT: Holy crap. The Boy Who Could Fly was in the Advil commercial I just saw!

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You know. "Muppets Tonight" was actually good. Well, I liked it! I just DLed and watched season 2. Just finished DLing season 1. And because I actually got around to DLing DivX I can DL season 1 of Fraggle Rock and it will actually work!

But not just yet, of course. My hard drive is sucky and finicky.

My right hand hurts like crap. Solid hard ice cream (ESPECIALLY butter pecan) sucks solid ass. Period. End of sentence.

On an up note, yesterday we got a crazy lady at the drive thru. It was Hi-larious.

Anita, Sherry, Randy, Amber (our assistant manager) and I were on drive thru duty. Sherry and Amber were taking the orders and ringing them up. Randy, Anita and I were filling the orders and bringing them to Amber and Sherry. We must have been looking like idiots to everyone else who didn't know what was going on.

Sherry: "Welcome to Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins, order when you're ready."
Crazy Lady: "I want a dozen old fashion donuts."
Sherry: "I'm sorry, we're out of old fashioned at the moment."
Lady: "I came here an hour ago and they said it would be 45 minutes."
Sherry: "Well, I'm sorry, but we dont have any available at this time."
Lady: (pissed) "So I've been told one thing and someone else is telling me another?"
Randy: (polite, but slightly snippy) "Ma'am, there's no need for an attitude."
Lady: "I can get an attitude if I want!"
Me: (very politely) "They may have been purchased in your absence. We--" (have been very busy, is what I would have said.)
Lady: "That's bullshit! I was told they'd be ready 45 minutes ago when I was here an hour ago!"
Me: (politely, thinking 'God damn, woman, they're donuts!') "Ma'am we don't have any control over that--"
Lady: "Don't get an attitude with me you little bitch. This is bullshit, I'm calling your manager." (drives off)

Amber stood by the phone, ready to pick up, rolling her eyes as we all dissolved into fits of giggles.

I wonder if this lady gets upset and calls the news channel when the weatherman predicts light drizzles and it rains.

And the other bit of good news:

Also, I made some new icons. Two of which I'm using (my MST and Muppets one) and one of which I was supposed to use months ago, made by [ profile] kittencuffs. Check em out. And I'll be posting the others when I finish the entire batch I'm workin' on. Got some Kermit/Steve Whitmire ones... a Frank Oz/Piggy one... A Jerry Nelson/Richard Hunt (not like that, Ali.) and a couple Ryan Reynolds/Hannibal King ones.

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Feb. 7th, 2005 10:50 am
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Heeey, [ profile] kittencuffs remember when you said that maybe Peter's fins would grow back silver and that would be hell-a weird?

Well, I suppose i should bring everyone else up to speed.

I have two bettas. James Potter and Peter Pettigrew. (I also have a female betta, Lily Evans. No pic of her yet.)

Here's James. Aka, Prongs. Right?

Okay, and Here's what Peter looked like before he went crazy. I bought him and named him Peter because when I saw him in his little fish cup I believed him to be dead. But he wasn't!

Anyway, lighting can do wonders and by the way he went crazy at some point while [ profile] kittencuffs was spending the night. Chewed off half his tail, blew his fins out and everything. Well, take a look at his ventral fin...

I don't know when exactly that happened, but there it was. It's silver. But it's also his left one. Oh well, close enough.

Wicked weird.

And I've had Greg Proops saying this all day in my head:

"She had her breezies all up in my face and stuff."

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I think I'll make a quiz...

I made one, i made one! It's kinda sucky, but, eh...

It's my first!
Go ahead, take it, and please let me see what you got!

How did you become a Muppeteer? by solidfoamsoul
Favorite Muppet:
Muppeteer mentor:Steve Whitmire
Yearly Salary:$10,062
You're re-cast as:Gladys the cow
Main project:Muppet movies
Audition proccess:Rebuilt the Fraggle rock set, performed the episode "The Bells of Fraggle Rock" all by your lonesome
Fired because:you told Kevin Clash Elmo should be set on fire
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Wee! Steve! Gladys! And damn, I got caught!

EDIT: Made another one, I think it's better.

Your "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" by solidfoamsoul
Favorite character:
Harry...knocks up Cho Chang
Ron and Hermionefinally hook up
Sirius...comes back as a zombie and eats the flesh of the living
Lupin...finds a cure for lycanthropy
The Dursleys...find out Dudley is a wizard
Dumbledore...explains why Flitwick looked so damn different in movie 3
You know killed when he starts monolouging
The Halfblood Prince turns out to be...Ringo Starr in a cameo appearence
Blockbuster ending:Tim Roth takes out Snape, via Michael Masden in "Resevoir Dogs," but is killed by Harry. Snape and Harry bond.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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