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Instead I just spent way too much time re-vamping [ profile] rude0and0ginger's journal. Switched some icons out too.

Don't judge me, Balki.


Jun. 4th, 2010 10:22 pm
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I did my banner!

This is the original pic that someone took a scan of...

I wish there were more pictures of this photo shoot. It's tres awesome.

(BTW, no spoilers past season one, please. BFF and I are watching the series. I've seen it all, but I don't wanna spoiler her for nothing.)


Aug. 21st, 2008 02:20 pm
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I need a new layout.

Anyone please?

I'm not nearly clever enough to make it meself.

and I KNOW somea youse guys are... ([ profile] maz_z hey baby, you dont happen to have that Macca one stashed away somewhere? Cuz I dont have the code no more... Or the picture... And I might wanna use it again one day...)


I wanna Goofy Movie layout!!

They were playing it in Blockbuster the other day. I don't own it. But my neighbors did and I loved it to death. (Crush on Max/Jason Marsden, hells yeah!) In blockbuster the girls at the counter were talking about how much they loved it and were singing with it and stuff. And two girls I passed looking in the dramas section were talking about the same thing. They had to be about 17 or something so that was cool. That they remembered it. Lol.

So thinking about that and finding Jason on Myspace through... his board I think...

Goofy Movie layout please!

I love Aaron Lohr, I really do, but Jason can sing well too. I hate Disney for pulling someone else for songs. I can't think of but a handful of characters they didn't do that for...

If they had done that to Tom Hulce for his ONE song in "Hunchback of Norte Dame" I'd been like "O no u dint Disney. I'm done wif you."

For reals...
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Man I gotta stop staying up till 3!!

But this time I was making my new layout!

Hot Fuzz!

Caution! Spoiler-y! No, really.

Wasn't there a shot EXACTLY like the one in the top left hand corner in "Shaun of the Dead"? I've love for someone to do scene shot comparisons of HF and Shaun.

Oh and yesterday on the wait sheet at work there were two parties, one after the other: Jones and Harkness.

Harkness! I NEVER hear that name. Except for a certain name-stealing 51st century time-traveling bisexual captian...

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Finally got around to doing my new layout. I think it looks... FANTASTIC!

Thank you, me.

Man I love that song. It is SO Doctor + TARDIS = OTP! (It's "Lights" by Styx.)

If I had the ability or patience to do a music video, I would have like five Doctor Who/Styx ones man. You do not know!

I very very pleased with it. Yay!

New layout. That's all!

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Alright, after watching "The 40 year old virgin" I will never hear "Age of Aquarius" the same way again when it plays for the billionth time at work.

Also, I love You Tube for having it for everyone to watch!

I skipped to that scene with the commentary as well.

[badly paraphrased]
Director: "Yeah I was asked to do Newsies 2."
Seth: "Oh I would so see Newsies 2. ...I was about to sing a song from Newsies cuz I know it, but.. I just remembered.. I can't."

Or something like that. But I love Seth. I love Seth since "Freaks and Geeks." Seriously there is not one character/actor I don't love in that show.

And I changed my layout and user icons.

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Inspired by endless Tenacious D and King Kong and my cousin's video game of King Kong and Jack Black generally and Colin Hanks, I made a new layout.

Plus I saw the Producers yesterday. I continue to worship Mel Brooks. New love for Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Will Ferrel, Gary Beach and Roger Bart. Uma, not so much. She didn't impress me at all in this movie and I still think Nicole Kidman, or dare I say it, Cady Huffman could have done better. In fact I know they could have.

Also twas lots of fun exclaiming over the puppeteers who played the pigeons! Victor Yerrid! Joey Mazzarino! Fran Brill! Matt Vogel! Tim Laggesse! Peter Linz! Jim Kroupa! I dont remember any more!

And you have to stay for all the credits.

I wanna see King Kong again.

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I can't find anything anymore! Where's everything gone!? I can't find my cell phone or the disk of stuff I made on my laptop to put on this computer. (Ali you wouldn't happen to remember where I put it?)

Anyway, I gotta go vacuum the couches, but first a message about Fraggle Rock:

It *is* deeper than you think! (If anyone remember my Dave Goelz and Boober 'Death and Pestilence' icon. I had "Fraggle Rock: Deeper than you think." as the keywords.)

Wembley is enslaved by gorgs, knocked unconscious by Boober, and for a few minutes has everyone in the Rock head over heels in love with him. Gobo becomes trapped in outer space, knocked unconscious in the Gorg's garden, suffers a mental breakdown reevaluating his position in life, and breaks his leg by getting thumped by Jr Gorg. Red has an identity crisis and steals a magic pipe. Boober also has a break down, yells at everyone and get trapped in a cave in with Red. Mokey nearly forces the doozers to move out, fakes her own death inadvertently and Red and Gobo morn her loss.

And that's just the first season! And I have another episode to watch.

Also, the most hilarious nuances usually come from Dave Goelz. I love Dave.

But man, am I mad about loosing that disk... I had some good things on it.. And didn't save what I really wanted to my laptop *face palm*.

And I made this layout for [ profile] darksithjedi, so if you wanna use it, ask her since I did make it upon her request. Be gentle. It's my first.

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