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Damn, but this movie would have been brilliant.

I love Gilliam. And Johnny is crazy in this.

*bumps "Lost in La Mancha" to top of Blockbuster Queue*

In 2000, the director Terry Gilliam started shooting "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote". This film, an altered telling of the classic Don Quixote story, starred Johnny Depp as Don Quixote's "sidekick". After only one week of shooting, too many problems forced production on the film to stop. Even though this film has been his biggest dream, Gilliam, to this day, has never been able to successfully restart the project. This is the only six minutes of the film that were completed. I don't usually post videos that aren't my own work but the story behind these 6 minutes is pretty interesting. The story of this unfinished film is told in the documentary "Lost in La Mancha" and I recommend seeing it if you are a Terry Gilliam fan or have an interest in film production.
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So, who saw the X Files movie? I did. (And Dark Knight and that was awesome and Matt Rippy was in that TOO! He was also in Hellboy 2!)

And man does David Duchhonveneneney look like Neil Innes.

Seriously, Neil needs to play his dad or something now.

Neil Innes

I want more Innes pictures.

And I totally wanna see this "Seventh Python" movie...

Oh, by the way,

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[ profile] python_daily [ profile] python_daily [ profile] python_daily
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Just a minor spoiler that I'm not gonna cut because it's not really a spoiler and makes no sense unless you saw it but I just have to say it because it had me rollin' cuz I'm been watching his specials like they was goin' outta style.


Also, mah doggie woggies, dey iz seepin'.


Also, I redid "Girls of Rock and Roll" (from "The Chipmunk Adventure") so that you can hear Janice and Ross in their real voices. Totally difficult. Well it was the first time as I just did it with one track. This time, I duplicated them, silenced the opposing bits changed respective speeds, fixed Ross's tempo to fit into Janice's and then took the tempo on both up again. With the first version I couldn't change the tempos to fit cuz I just highlighted Ross's bits and lowered the speed, which of course slows the tempo. So now I'm in the process of a music vid to post this on the YouTube. I'll convert the other songs and may or may not vid those...

But really why is "Ay yi yi yi yi" not in the soundtrack? They have a Mexican Song Medley not used in the film (and another unused Chipettes song AND "Leader of the Pack". WTF I hate that song.)

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Damn memes

Apr. 21st, 2008 06:39 pm
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And I always have to do them.

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your spring. Post these instructions in your LJ along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they're listening to.

Doing it like the person who didn't tag me. )
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So I just finished watching Robert Benigni's "Pinocchio" cuz I've wanted to see it for a while but never got around to it. (Oh and whenever I did pass it at Blockbuster it was always out!) Then I find out Eric Idle and John Cleese are a part of the English Dub Cast.

Anyway I finally saw it and I just have one thing to say:

I am really REALLY impressed by Brekin Meyer's performance dubbing for Pinocchio.


(Also the Italian actor who played Leonardo is hot.)

(Also I love Martin Short. He's so tiny!)

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And I love it.

Pic Spam of people you may know but most you don't and my puppies. But look anyway! No photo shopping here. )

So what did you think?

My next pics will be so much better cuz I fixed the setting.

Also, John Cleese's teeth are all fake. "Not an original tooth left in my head." he says. Did you know that? I'm watching BBC's "The Human Face". Episode Three: Beauty. I knew he had the hair transplants way back during Life Of Brian. Episode Four: Michael Palin! Or rather "Fame" with Michael Palin!! Also in the Life of Brian behind the scenes thing where I found out of John's hair transplant, John called Michael "Ken" several times during it. I squeed. Cuz you know John wrote "A Fish Called Wanda" just for Michael. If that ain't love...

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So I had a weird dream last night. Kinda good and disappointing all at once.

Pretty short too.

My mom and I were watching (what in real life I bought last night [thanks Ali!]) "Monty Python's Graham Chapman's Looks like a Brown Trouser Job" which is a collection of his college lectures. (And which I'm about to watch now. "The Magic Christian" came in last night, so that's why I haven't watched this yet. And John Cleese and Graham were in that. Check out a shot of them with Ringo at [ profile] beatlespam [which was hard as hell to get AND get Ringo's face recognizable. He's so little! He has to look up at them and so usually they do that with his face turned away from the camera].)

Where was I?

Oh right! So we were watching this and mom goes, "Oh you're related to him, you know."

And I go: "OMGFTWBBQ?! What? How? When? He's a Python why didn't you tell me the moment I could comprehend their humor?!" (Well not really, but "Ftwhat?" doesn't sound as good.)

Mom says, as she getting up and going to the chest where we keep a bunch of pictures and stuff, "Yeah, he's my cousin, somehow." (I have serious large families on either side. Mostly cousins and great aunts and second, third, etc cousins. Plus the steps, you know.) And then she pulls out a hand full of pictures and hands them to me, "There aren't many of him, but that's at his wedding."

In fact there are exactly two of him, one with David and one with him just casual as you please sitting on the couch with a drink in his hand. And it did look like beer. Bad Graham. Mom told me he got married to David (who, in my dream, was a very tall, taller than Graham, and drag queen. And unfortunatly not all that attractive. But I've never seen, or know anything about Graham's real life David.) in 1988, the year before Graham died. Still Graham looked good in those pictures.

But seriously, his *Wedding* they went to and they have two pictures of him (and four of David, actually). Good job, Mom.

Graham Chapman

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Mar. 28th, 2008 04:21 pm
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Happy birthday Eric Idle!

Happy 65th.

(And I still want to jump him.)

Eric Idle

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watching the first disc of Concert for George. Some thoughts.

- Dhani's guitar has a heart! Love it.

- Dunno who intro-ed Monty Python but it sounds like Austin Tichenor... Neil Innes, horray! I saw butt cheeks. Teehee. And they didn't look too bad. For bein' old. =P

- Lumberjack Song. After Connie (yay!) cries and the chorus does the last verse... Eric doesn't. He doesn't sing. He just sits there. Really dazed looking. *hugs 4 Ewic*

- They sing "Spam" walking off and Michael gives Terry J a little booty fondle. But Eric is smiling entering backstage.

- Jools Holland Band. I like. Very much.

- Ringo. Love the jacket. Also, he makes Dhani really smile for the first time in the concert. Aw-ness factor sky rockets. Plus, someone gives him... Jellybabies! (Furthering my recent Beatles/Doctor Who theory.)

- Paul and Eric. Yayness.

- Paul saying what Olivia said and Dhani getting all embarrassed: Aw-ness.

- After the last song Michael Palin hangs back a moment for Eric Idle and puts his arm around him. Aw-ness. (Eric said in his book he lost it at the end.)

- Then Eric goes on ahead and Paul stops Ringo for a hug. And then they have the sex (or a shimmy-hug, actually) while Michael touches Ringo's back all "Not here, boys" like.

I've gotta move the second disc further up on my list. Dunno why they're all far apart but they are.

And yes, I cried. At the very end when Dhani actually spoke.

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Mar. 16th, 2008 09:44 pm
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Okay so I downloaded Transformers the movie from 1986 because Eric Idle did a voice in it...

He doesn't come in until an hour in it, but...



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So Python kick leads into Beatles kick.

Things to buy:
Ringo's new CD
A bunch of George CDs with song I like
Paul's "Memory Almost Full".

So I went to the used bookstore.

+ Timing "Dance Tonight" at work. (It plays usually around 4:15.)
+ Finding "Pocketful of Python: Handpicked by Eric Idle" at the store.
+ got "Memory Almost Full" CD/DVD I wanted
- listening to it and spent every third track going "razzin' frazzin *%@#! Heather Mills."
+ found Michael Palin's "Around the World in 80 Days" book for 2 bucks. Hardback!
- forgot I bought the softcover on eBay for four.
+ got that and Michael diaries on audiobook today in the mail.
- not being able to find ANY George CDs there
-- "My Sweet Lord" coming on the store radio just as I gave up. "That's so not fair!" I exclaim to no one.

Speaking of George and all

George Harrison

(Day late, so what. I bet he won't care.)

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Eric's "More witches!" and Michael's "She looks like one!" kills me every time in that witch scene in Holy Grail.


So there was a blind guy who looked alot like Eric Idle that came into Joe's a few weeks ago... And then some guy who looked like Terry Gilliam.

Anyway, play's going well. I'd love for someone to tell me something other than, "You didn't have many lines."

I know that. I'm speaking them.


I got stuff on ebay again. Please to be buying so I'm not poor!

I want some Monty Python slash... Hurt/comfort is my very fav.

Tee hee.

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