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Back to my paper... due tomorrow...

*head desk*
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However I do love this song.

Looking back, that series was rather ridiculous. But it made more sense than the Hugh Jackman remake...

(Also, REALLY could use the help with choose a usename for Joan, you'se guys... One entry back, there you are.)


Sep. 9th, 2010 03:04 pm
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Just when I think I'm over it, I get infuriatingly angry because of... something.

This has to stop, me. Quit it.

Obviously they didn't give a damn, so you shouldn't either, anymore. You made the effort, you messaged, you begged. You got ignored.

It isn't your fault.

You won't get anything out of torturing yourself anymore when it's clearly over.
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EDIT: Oh and also I dreamed that following the suicides of beloved family members, which I was there with them to witness, getting hit on by my acting teacher (who I kinda have a crush on, but not really, I love him in a father figure way), finding out he already slept with a 16 year old friend of mine, I threw myself off a pier after my brother and mom. DNW.
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What is this--?

I don't even...

Fuck it. Fuck waiting around. Fuck obsessing over stupid shit clearly not worth my time... Or anyone else's...

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