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And doncha be forgetting the Missus.

I am so going to watch that.

Anyway... Happy Saint Patrick's day!

I ttly forgot. I guess that happens when you're 1. Not Irish or B. not in grade school.

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I made another music vid! RSC of course...

"Air on a Delta Knight" from MST3K. Do you have the song (or watching the vid...?) Okay, then go some where quiet and play it real loud. Wait for the bit before Kevin's Lady voice comes in and you can hear a phone ringing in the background. LOLZ.

I'm being lazy and not posting this on RSC comms in LJ. Cuz no one responds to them anyhow on there and... I'm tired! So if you want to for me then go right ahead! LEt someone else post to those communities for a change... razzin frazzin *grumblemutter*

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In honor of [ profile] kittencuffs getting her lisence!

Michael J Nelson pic spam! )

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Yes! Have some!

Behind the following cuts...

18 Hercules/Xena )

7 seaQuest )

5 MST3K )

1 Jeeves and Wooster, 1 Father Ted, 1 21 Jump Street, 1 House, 1 Eddie Izzard, 1 Spiderman 2 )

Please Comment and credit if ya use em!

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I'll probably regret this, but I'll do it anyway. This one I'l actually try and finish!

Ficmeme nabbed from [ profile] gypsyjr:

Give me the first or last line of a drabble and I'll write the rest.
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I've only got one fic on here so far and it's a bit short.

Any and all bad fics of any kind that you have ever come across I would LOVE to have.

Thank you.

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The hell was that noise? Couldn't hear it? Oh well. My cat probably knocked something off of a table.

Happy birthday to my mummy! She's 47! That's crazy. She doesn't look 47. When my brother was in preschol they had to draw their parents and give their names and age. Aaron drew mom with a big circle for a stomach (cuz I was in there, you know) and listed her age as 17. (She was 27, actually.)

In other news, my job sucks. My boss is a hypocrite and a nagging one at that. But I did get free ice cream yesterday. Not that I'll be eating it, because it's not very good, but one must always look to the positive side of things, yes?

Fake LJ cut for House!fic just for [ profile] azziecat_34 Anyone else can read along, but I doubt anyone will get as much a kick out of it as ole Azzie. ...I hope she likes "House." I can't remember. Damn.

I'm sick. So I'm not entirely all here.

But then again, when am I?

Winamp eight-ball: put your media player on random, then ask it each question before going to the next song. )

Take the Hey Hey, Which Monkee Are You? Quiz.


4:30 pm - Picked up a carrot cake for mom's birthday. Nearly get hit by a car. People shouldn't speed in the FIRE LANE. Morons. Rather miffed, but then saw a rather cute guy parked next to me and he followed me almost home (read as: going in the general same direction). Also, got to drive my brother's 93 Mustang. Good stero, but you have to put it in neutral and bend your wrist in a most painful fashion to get the car started.

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Actually, I haven't the slightest clue, but that song kicks ass.

Other things that kick ass:

1) I got my car back! Huzzah! Yes, it was returned by my dad's friend who fixed it and saved us about 1,500 dollars, dirty inside and out and with an empty tank AND it squeaks when makeing sharp left turns. But I got it back, dammit. Brand new paint job and all that. (It was totalled.) I love my Gonzo. Which, by the way, I must remember to search for a Gonzo Intenna Topper. I think they used to have them at Hot Topic... but they were only Fozzie and Animal.... I got a Beaker/Citrus air freshener... but it was REALLy hot that week and rainy, so I had to leave my windows up in case of downpour and it made the car smell not so citrus-y fresh.

2) NightCat Grove's "Of Devils and Angels" MST3K fan fic has been updated.

3) This thing from "Serenity" or promotion stuff for said movie. Whatever it is, it's awesome. Warning, though. It's River creepified.

4) I got both "Death Rat" and "A Year at the Movies (by Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy, respectivly) the other day. I'm halfway through "A Year at the Movies." Kevin's awesome. I already have a list compiled of Movies to See just from the NPR tapes I listened too off Jeez, Murphy.

5) (The best one.) I have a interveiw for the library Monday at 10:30. Wish me luck, pray, send me flowers and chocolates, whatever, I HAVE to get this job!

Also, happy belated birthday to Richard Hunt! He would have been 54 on Aug 16th.

Image hosted by
Richard Hunt
August 16th, 1951 - January 7th, 1992
Act up! Fight AIDS!

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I finally caught "Zaboomafoo" this morning. Yay! (And Ali, I edits out the "This reminds me of a time in Zabooland..." cuz they shoulda used real puppets and Dave and Steve and Kevin and Jerry and everybody! Then it'd be a Jim Henson production. w00t.)

Can all four tires really fall off a car and roll away? Bad things seem to happen to the Kratt boys when chasing wild dogs. (But these were Indian, not African.)

Also, today's my birthday!

Also, my 84 year old grandmother died.

Also, I had to have (yes had to, because their ain't nothing else to eat) ice cream to breakfast. But it was good.

Also, my dog is making funny noises in her sleep.

You are Mike Nelson. Sure, sometimes people hit you
over the head and shoot you into space, but
your song and dance routines will help you
persevere. But for the love of God, man. Stop
wearing sailor suits.

Which MST3K Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Just thinking last night about how Trace's early Crow sounds like Brian Henson. Which lead me to:

"Hey that would be kinda cool if Bri played Crow."

Which lead me to:

"Who would be Tom?"

Which lead me to completely recasting MST3K with Muppeteers, past and present. Puppets will be puppeteered, human roles will not.

When fandoms collide... )
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Well, I started my Deep 13/Forrester scarf a few minutes ago, while I'm watching the MST3k episode "Prince of Space" (paused for the moment). I'm doing it either all with the purl stitch, or 13 purl rows and 13 knits, back and forth. I'm only on row 3 right now, so not making any decisions at the moment. I'd like some feedback on that. And I'm thinking it'll be from just one person...

But if just one person believes in you... Deep enough and strong enough believes in you...

Okay, okay... Moving on, my red betta James "Prongs" Potter died. I'm guessing internal parasites, since it was quite sudden and stuff.

I got two new bettas today. Joel Robinson and an unnamed female. Any suggestions? Pictures under the cut.

Read more... )

Also I started my training at Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robins. Pretty boring, since we just watched some videos on the computer. We also had to answer questions at the end of the video, but left to our own devices got the first one wrong. Hehe. Then the lady manager came back and shes hella nice. She read one of the questions out loud (It was real long). I said, "What was the question again?" after a beat and got a nice hearty laugh from the other four trainees. Dig it.

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Oh wow. On "Lost" Boone and Locke found a plane.. A plane full of herion!! Better not let Charlie find it. Oh and lookit that now, it's going to fall out of the--tree, there it went. Boone was still in it.

Anyway, I had my first job interveiw today. For a job at Baskin Robins/Dunkin' Donuts. There were serval other people there and I was the last person to be interveiwed. This BR/DD is very new, people were still building the place. So Mr. Manager is about to speak with me when I construction guy stops him and introduces him to his cousin, who's handling the internet connection in the office. Cousin Sprint Connection looks like a cross between Michael J Nelson and Michael Rappaport. As I was sitting at the table waiting boredly, I happened to makeeye contact with the guy while he wasn't talking to Mr. Manager or Construction Worker Guy and he smiled and waved. In a very flirty kind of way. Oh if only it really were Michael J Nelson (provided he wasn't married.)

Speaking of flirty construction dudes. A guy about my brother's age (24), probably older, asked me if I had seen Mike.


"No, I haven't," I tell him even though I don't have a damn clue who Mike is. Mike J Nelson? Mike Rappaport? Could this Mike by some odd coincidence be the Cousin Sprint Connection? Who knows.

The guy kept walking in and out taking trash out, taking ceiling panels out, and swept the floor. He was kinda cute too. And he had long hair. Not early 2000/late 90s Steve Whitmire long hair, and he wasn't blonde, but he was still cute. And nice.

Then he stepped out and I had my 3 minute interveiw and left. He was by the back enterence and I got in my car and he did a Springtime-Hawkeye and lifted his shirt just to feel his stomach for no reason at all. It was hot outside but not really sunny. It was hot like annoying-heat not let's-pinic-outside-heat

He had a nice stomach.

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Seems that's all I've been doing for the past couple entries.

I needed a MST3K wallpaper so I made one. Gotta work on my icon now... If I just get around to it!

800 x 600

1024 x 768


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