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Rest in Peace, Jerry.


I think it’s a little strange that my little cousin River, whom I was babysitting today, asked completely on his own if we could watch “Fraggle Rock”. I got him and his older brother Cliff into watching it several months ago, but whenever I expressed interest in watching it when I was over, they would say “Nah, let’s watch ‘Avatar’!” (The show not the movie/s.)

River also asked to watch “Labyrinth” while we were finishing up “The Secret of Nimh.” (Which Paul Williams wrote the theme for.)

Cliff was at camp, so the house was remarkably calm. River wanted to eat lunch, then go outside for bubbles… and back inside because of mosquito, finish lunch, and finally “Oh! Fraggle Rock! Please?”

He’s four and can’t read just yet, so every episode I clicked down on the Netflix menu he exclaimed “I want that one! That’s a good one.”

I ignored him, went right for the episode where Mokey joins the Minstrels.

He glanced at the TV while the theme bounced along. He pulled out the “Cars” legos, which I would end up building, but he could hand me the pieces I showed him and take the credit when everything was finished.

Cantus’ flute began and River’s head whipped around. I didn’t say anything, but I felt proud and like I had done some good in the world just by convincing the boys “This is a good show, I promise you’ll like it!” sometime last year. River finally looked away when the song was over, but the legos never had his full attention when there were singing Fraggles on the screen.

We didn’t actually watch any Gobo heavy episodes. The second episode was where Marjory is moved and it changes her. I didn’t pay particular attention to it either. But I don’t regret not having done so. I baby sit him tomorrow and we’ll watch some more “Fraggle Rock”. I’ll find a good Gobo-centric one… or three.

River is nearly the same age I was when Jim Henson died. I doubt that Jerry’s characters will be on the cover of TIME, honestly, but it’s a strange feeling to know that River won’t know Jerry in the present tense. Maybe he’ll latch on to the Muppets like me and my brother did and he’ll know performers by name and be blogging about them in twenty years. And maybe he won’t. I sincerely doubt he’ll remember that we watch “Fraggle Rock” in the days surrounding Jerry’s death and that he asked me, not the other way around, twenty years from now.

I don’t remember Jim Henson dying. I knew he was gone, I think. I remember watching “The Jim Henson Hour” and thinking how amazing Jim was, how friendly and how great getting a hug would be from him. And how awesome that white lion was.

Death usually brings awareness and appreciation. Either to someone’s work, or life in general. A lot of people say that the dead deserved to know, while they were still living, how much they were loved. We’re lucky, us fans, because I’m sure Jerry knew. We don’t have to worry about that. I think we’ll see a lot of The Count in the coming days, and i hope we can appreciate that a lot of people will discover, even if it’s only for a 3 minute news blurb, the man that we all knew was there the whole time, just below frame.

My favorite tiny memory of Jerry is a personal one. I never got to meet him but I did direct message him on Twitter when I discovered he had one. I asked him a question and he answered, though he didn’t know the info I was looking for. I thanked him anyway.

“You’re welcome, sunshine.” He replied. Jerry Nelson called me “sunshine”. And no, I will never stop telling people that. Not for as long as I live.

Jerry was a fantastic and moving performer, a terrific singer and someone that I will never, ever forget. He was the best smokey voiced ex-beatnik and the sweetest six year old frog. From all wise and all knowing pile of trash to a Fraggle who thought he was pretty wise and really cunning, and was usually kicked down a peg by the end of the episode… but boy did he have some groovy hats.

But most of all, best of all, Jerry Nelson was cooler than you. And that was awesome.

Good day

May. 24th, 2011 12:18 am
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So Tommy Shaw is following me on twitter! (Or his promo twitter for his new bluegrass album. W/e)

Two downloads finally working and successfully downloaded. Got packages out to the mail.

This happened:

My brother and I watched "The Frog Prince" starring Aileen Quinn, Helen Hunt, John Paragon and Seagull Cohen (that is her name for reals. WTF. She's Helen's BFF in it. And it's the only thing she's ever done. I love her in it tho.)

Then he agreed to watch Sherlock, so we're on "The Great Game". Fight in the planetarium!

Also he told me this amusing story, but made me swear not to put it on Twitter because he knew I would want to. He said no one ever knew about it until now and it's our secret. He's such a weirdo. XD - My brother is four years, five months older than me.

"One of the earliest memories I have of you is when you were pretty little and I put your fist in my mouth just to see if it would fit. And it made you cry. Mom and dad never found out."
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Nov. 12th, 2009 06:01 pm
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This picture made my fuckin' year.

Can I has large poster size, plz?

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So I'm watching "Letters For Santa" with my brother. We're enjoying it very much. He's still iffy with Eric as Fozzie and Piggy.

And then somehow he gets on "If Muppets were played by real actors"

Aaron's list:

Kermit - Billy Crystal
Gonzo - Robin Williams
Fozzie - John Goodman
Piggy - Rosanne Barr
Dr. Teeth - Andre 3000
Zoot - Bill Nighy
Floyd - Tom Petty
Janice - Angelina Jolie
Pepe - Steve Bucshemi
Scooter - Luke Wilson
Rizzo - Jerry Seinfeld
(But the best one, who I had to help him remember who he meant, "That kid in Step By Step with the Uncle Jesse hair, but shorter")
Robin - Jason Marsden

I love my brother. He's on crack.
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Steve Whitmire,Jim Henson
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Oddly enough I made this BEFORE forgetting to post it in my journal!

I posted it along with the banner finalists in [ profile] muppets but forgot to post it here.

Oh yeah and my laptop died. (Well, not really but it's seriously messed up. I can't even get the Windows screen to come on.)

So this chosen picture of Dave is a little spooky...

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He's 74!

What are you gonna do to celebrate?

I'm gonna wear my London Fog hat and be extra groovy and say extra groovy things and talk with a Canadian accent.

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May. 27th, 2008 12:29 am
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Seeing RiffTrax ads on here make me happy.

Anyway, I turn 23 today. (Tuesday. It's 12:30. AM.)

Aunt Terre and Ryan were here for the weekend. I got the Simpsons movie from Aaron (on Blue Ray. So I can only watch it on his PS3. But I did wanna see it.) I got a Shakespeare shirt and magnet from the Globe Theater from Ryan. The shirt doesn't fit because Ryan couldn't take it out of the packaging to check it. It said Large, but turned out to be a Jrs Large. FTW? He also ordered me a BTTF "Hill Valley Save the Clock tower Committee" or something like that shirt, but that hasn't arrived yet. Aaron also got me some bead-jewelery making stuff with some cool beads in it. And some hemp for extra mileage. Aunt Terre got me a iTunes giftcard for 25 bucks. And mom and dad got me Pink Panther socks and A GREEN IPOD SHUFFLE.

Which I knew they would. Cuz mom wouldn't shut up about specifics. Silly mommy.

I still need tennis shoes.

Anyway I'm gonna go to Ali's house later on (like after sleeping and starting the "new" day) and quadruple my gift quota. Seriously, we get each other, like, as many presents as we can in a month. I think our number is fifteen (each) by now. Something close. I forgot I got her stuff online too so I think it's that many. A few, like two, haven't arrived still.)

Her birfday is tomorrow (the 28th) how awesome!

And because I was busy being preocupied with fishes dying.

Happy Birfday to Frank Oz (the 25th)


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They said it couldn't be done!

Well, no, no one said that, but I have three videos and I'm starting to think it can't be done with out "They Might be Giants"...

"Experimental Film" by They Might be Giants and footage from "Of Muppets and Men."

Also, I find it hilarious that the picture on youtube is of Richard with his hand down the back of his pants.

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House/Wilson/Angst = OT3

First off there.



Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I think the second came out much much better. But still. Hugs with Dave and Richard's jealous and dances with Brian. Can't get me better, for a belated B-day gift.

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The Jim Henson Company is proud to present "Puppet Up!" on TBS TO-FREAKIN-NIGHT on TBS at 11pm eastern. So WATCH IT!

Or you're going On Notice.

You don't want that.

I don't know weather to use my Colbert-con or my Richard Hunt-con.

While I decide, you guys watch this to see what to expect tonight.

EDIT: I hope SOMEONE watched it... Hate to have my whole F.L. O.N.

I thought it was great. Drew Massey and Victor Yerrid seem to get alot of flack because of their unfortunate casting of Statler & Waldorf in the "From the Balacony" when Steve Whitmire and Dave Goelz left, but they really are good! ("Greg the Bunny", people, CMON![/GOB Bluth]) Brian was really good and so was everyone else. However I didn't really care much for the "host". I think the puppeteers could have done a fine job of just explaining the games and picking other puppeteers.

So, one puppet from "Animal Jam" (is the Koala from AJ too?), two from "Kermit's Swamp Years" and who knows how many from "The Animal Show w/ Stinky and Jake".

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Colbert rocks my smack center state that I don't actually live in.

In other news (hehe, get it, news?) Ali and I went and bought hair color. Ali was wearing her Monty Python shirt and a stock girl quoted the movie and after four minutes invited us to her birthday party/Halloween costume party. Ali doesn't really wanna go, but the more I'm thinking about it, the more I want to...

And to go as Steve Whitmire.

See, Ali picked out a nice blond color that isn't as light as we would have hoped, but is still way lighter than my hair color in winter and I also cut it myself a few days ago (btw it looks bitchin) and so...

And Ali's hair is "burgandy" but it's totally purple-ish and also looks bitchin'. And I cut her hair some too, so, double bitchin'.

Now I just need a super 80s!Steve-ish shirt... Oh and that 14" Wembley doll from Target.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Jim would have been 70. Steve turns 47.


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Oh good!

Aug. 25th, 2006 10:05 pm
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I like this cover ALOT better than the first they had out. Though I'm still not crazy about the yellow. Man have I got to save up for things on Sep 5th. Dammit!

Tickled Red To Be Elmo in a Rainbow World - NY Times Article )

And yay! Website!


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Richard says "By-awk". *dreamy sigh*

Life is swell. Mostly. I could do with a better job, but I've been in a swell mood all week. You can tell by all the posting no one's reading. =)

Ever had the crazy urge to laugh hysterically when someone's yelling at you because they have no clue what they're talking about? I have. It was very strange. And then when alone, I felt the urge to cry and my hands were all shakey and I didnt like it. And then I heard Richard Hunt go "By-awk bawk baaawk," in me head and felt better. Thanks, Rich.

Oh! Did I mention I'm typing this from my lappy? No? I am! Wireless am I! Huzzah!

I still need stuff for my lappy tho. Mozilla for instant. I can't live without tabs. I've grown much too used to them...

Anyone heard of a Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Frasier crossover story? I've heard rumour. Niles is the new slayer. Someone find it for me before I start writing it myself and needlessly kill off Daphne and David!

Also I need clips (House/Wilson perfered, but other guys needed too) of House. I don't need any H/W of season one. I got those...

I really wanna do "Scrooge"/House music video by Christmas.

Muppeteers: "There goes mister humbug, there goes mister grinch..."

Brian: "You guys did that all wrong!"

I dont wanna go to work! I wanna play on my lappy!!

Everything looks so pretty.

I can see music!

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Lappy 364

Aug. 19th, 2006 11:38 pm
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I'd post a link to the laptop I have... but I forget what it is. i could search on, but I'm too lazy. Ha. It's a Toshiba. And i's bigger than I thought. But I like it. So, I need really cool widescreen wallpapers, bitches.

Dad's a being slow on getting wireless set up. I tried it myself but for some reason it ain't working. But I managed to get online the old fashion way and get most of the songs I needed DLed.

I joined "The Spa". Tres cool. 50 bucks a month, but I'll be making it worth it. Mom joined too. So we got a special registration fee. We also signed up with a trainer. His name is Mike. He is nice. He talks kind of fast, but I like him anyway. I had chicken nuggets for lunch. Chicken is good. My favorite color is green.

Well, they've got everything there, workout rooms (co-ed and womans only), sauna, steam room, tanning beds, massage and beauty care stuff, heated pool, jacuzzi, classes (yoga, kick boxing, aerobics, etc). Haven't started working out yet, I'll be doing that Moday afternoon with Mike. He's gonna so me how everything works. He asked health questions and took our measurements today, calutated body fat and body mass and whatnot. And no, I dont remember them. Something was 101lbs. But he was quite helpful.

(And Ali, yeah I can bring you. Mike just has to write me a guest pass. I dont know how many times/days I can though without it being excessive. Maybe there isn't a limit, but I do think you have to pay ten bucks every visit.)

And my Psychology homework is to define "love". Any thoughts?

What else?

Oh, had a dream a few nights ago that Frank Oz came to my house and there was a discussion about the pronunciation of Caroll Spinney's name between my mom and I. Frank was hanging out watching TV. "Well, let's ask Frank," I said. Frank said, "I just call him Jim."

The next night I had another Frank dream where my family, Frank and my dream-boyfriend (Jason Segal) were at a oddly designed beach house for Frank and mine's birthday (his is the 25 and mine is the 27th of May). There was medeival jousting invovled. Well, a show of it. Like "Medeival Times. " (That place is kinda fun. First time I ever had a hot napkin. It was way dark and I had not idea what it was, so no one saw me try to eat it.) but on the beach. Anyway, on the 26th Frank's mother died and so no one remembered my birthday and much like my birthday last year (where my grandmother died on the 26th) it wwas almost entirely ingored. But Frank's mother was dead, so I didn't mention it, of course. She had apparently lived at the beach or near it since we never left the house. I was hanging out with Jason, who had forgotten it was my birthday too, i suppose because he never mentioned it, when I decided to check and see how Frank was when I woke up when I spotted him sitting in a swingset looking rather depressed.

I never had a Frank Oz dream and now I've had two.. Hmm...

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