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Thanks to those who gave their opinion on movie editors. I actually did DL the trial version of Sony Vegas but I couldn't figure it out too goods.

Anyway, what I ended up doing is finding a different version of WMM to download (2.6 I think) and all problems were solved. (Hopefully.)

So I've finished almost 2 minutes of a 6 minute video! YAY!

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So first, I download the old Windows Movie Maker because the one that comes with Windows 7 is incredibly difficult to use if you, ya know, want to SEE what you want in your video's time line. (Not going into that...)

Then I was having problems with the video in the WMM timeline not showing up. When I played the clips by themselves it worked fine. When I played the clip in the timeline it's black. Audio but no video.

So I figure it's codecs. DLed codecs, nothing happened. Okay, so maybe it's AVI files. I decide to "create video" to see what I should convert it to (and I'd have to find a converter before that) but it tells me I can't save it because of whatever whatever that isn't true.


Bottom line: I need a new video editor to make music videos in.

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I would finally get cracking on my A-Team or Sherlock music video...

Except that all the video files are either MVK or MPEG4 (or whatever those are) and Window Movie Maker doesn't recognize either.

And I can't find the Extended cut of The A-Team or all three episodes of Sherlock PLUS the unaired pilot in anything else.

A little help? Finding them, converting them or finding another editor?
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Okay, so I made a vid back in Dec. Dunno if anyone remembers it because no one probably took the time to DownLoad it from MegaUpload, because, well, why would you when you could just watch one on Youtube.

But I had to do that because Youtube kept flagging me for NBC content.

Months later and I've grown so bitter I can't even bring myself to watch anyone else's vids because all I can think is "Why do they get to keep theirs up? Why not me?"

Anyway, I'm uploading it again, hopefully it stays up. I cut out the end scene which didn't have the music hiding dialog, that may have been my big problem.

Another question: How do I get this in HD? The quality looks a bit poor compared to some other vids... (Mind you it's still being processed and therefore might look crap now, or not even play, so please give it a moment.)

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I made another music vid! RSC of course...

"Air on a Delta Knight" from MST3K. Do you have the song (or watching the vid...?) Okay, then go some where quiet and play it real loud. Wait for the bit before Kevin's Lady voice comes in and you can hear a phone ringing in the background. LOLZ.

I'm being lazy and not posting this on RSC comms in LJ. Cuz no one responds to them anyhow on there and... I'm tired! So if you want to for me then go right ahead! LEt someone else post to those communities for a change... razzin frazzin *grumblemutter*

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They said it couldn't be done!

Well, no, no one said that, but I have three videos and I'm starting to think it can't be done with out "They Might be Giants"...

"Experimental Film" by They Might be Giants and footage from "Of Muppets and Men."

Also, I find it hilarious that the picture on youtube is of Richard with his hand down the back of his pants.

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Music videos with movies is SO much easier than with TV shows. I've given up on two House videos and a Hercules video.


I only stayed up till 4:30am finishing it. Then woke up at 10 because I rethought the second chorus and redid all that.

I so wanna do another one! Trouble is, I can't think of any songs...

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