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"Katrina, Sara, Adric, and now Turlough. Innocent lives that I've dragged into my endless games. Innocent lives sacrifices for the games that I play with time and space." The Doctor sank into the chair like a puppet with its strings cut. Sinking his head in his hands, he let out a low groan. "Won't I ever learn?"

- The Crystal Bucephalus by Craig Hinton
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Murdock: [pursuing menu] "No chili dogs... Faceman's gonna be upset."
Old Man: :) "Face. That's a charming nickname."
Murdock: :) "That's because he's a charming sort of guy. We call him Faceman because he's so good looking--"
Old man: :|
Murdock: "He can extract the answers-- yes-- from you without ever having asked a question. Sort of the con man's tool of trade, you know."
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Jarrett: "You'll never get away with this! You'll have a union in this Valley over my dead body!"
Hannibal: "That's exactly what I was telling our union members this morning!
Murdock: "We're working on a theme song and uniforms and I'm pushing for matching bow-ties, and not that clip-on junk, those are for geeks! And geeks are a whole 'nother union."
Ray: [Yelling at the team] "You're nuts!"
Murdock: [Yelling back] "No, I'm not! I'm condiments! I've been promoted!"
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Terry: [giving Joe advice on how to date two women] "This is very simple. Relax. You just have to learn the following helpful phrase: We don't have to define things right away."

Owen: "This is like if your penis could hire a lawyer."


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