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I have have four cream sodas and a root beer today.

This is not good. I am wired as shit.


But it had no pull out patterns thingys...

(I think my mood has changed from the other day, huh?)

I'm house sitting. God sitting. DOG sitting. Wow. Same people from last year only just for tongith. Two days. FTW.

But I get to AGAIN, or for the first time for my mummy's BFF who is going to Alaska for two or three weeks and she has LITTLE DOGGIES! I heart little doggies. I has little doggies. :)

Anyway these people have no tea. Except for sweet tea, obviously I do live in the South, c'mon. Oh well. another cream soda.

We have no tomatoes yet in our garden so Cindy (who I'm sitting for) has tomatoes. They are green.


I had fun with Zanna and Abby today in the Dagobah System. We watched "Return of the Jedi" for father's day.
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Click the link to join the chat!

PLEASE NOTE: We're watching the original version, not the CGI-ed "Special Edition" version.

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Click the link to join the chat!

PLEASE NOTE: We're watching the original version, not the CGI-ed "Special Edition" version.

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[ profile] abbynormalbrain and I agreed to a Star Wars watch along not too long ago. We managed through "A New Hope" in two days, b/c of unexpected visitors, and conflicting schedules, etc.

So now we're on "The Empire Strikes Back"! Episode Five. Or The Best Star Wars Movie to some.

Anyway, it's going to be at 7pm EST on Wednesday.

I made a chat room for it. Thanks to [ profile] brb_gallifrey for having awesome watch-a-longs in this manner.

Please join Abby and I in the Dagobah System.
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Look at how many. Look at them.


Also, I'm watching "Tommy". :)
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Full of Star Wars books! Yay!!

[ profile] abbynormalbrain is the beeeeest!




(I'm not sure if eating them while excited was a good idea. Not that I ate that many. I have to babysit tonight. Also yay. Money money)

I think I need to move a shelf on my bookcase... Hmmmmm...

I think we need a bigger bookcase.


A bit late

Jun. 6th, 2011 01:02 pm
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Hey, [ profile] fandom_smash people, I just (finally) posted Murdock and Arthur's nightmare sequines . They're a bit late, but I've been late on a few Nexus things lately.

I baby sat last night. Got a six dollar tip. :)

I gotta work harder at getting the kids to bed earlier. I finished up "Study in Scarlet" and a chapter in "Sign of the Four". FINALLY got over with that frickin' Mormon back story of the killer. WTF, Sir ACD? I did not sign up for an adventure with evil Mormons! (The Mormons in the story were evil. I do not believe all Mormons are evil. Donny Osmond spoke to my dad on the phone during a telethon and he was very nice.)

Also [ profile] abbynormalbrain is the most awesome person in the Galaxy. She is sending me all her Star Wars books! I cannot tell you how happy that makes me.


I'm sure in Wookie it's something like: "HHHNNNNGGGGG! ARRRRNNNN!" But I don't speak Wookie. And there are a lot of books. (Check is in the mail, btw, babe. It's SUPER Grover. I thought a Frank Oz character was appropriate, and so are the stickers...)

Anyway, baby sitting my cousins I found out their mom doesn't do vaccinations, and the YMCA won't take her oldest boy in swim classes because of it, she doesn't use the microwave because it puts radiation in your food, and her kids are allergic to grain, corn and probably wheat too, IDK, possibly more. Also, her house is friggin' freezing. The kids were in bed and I was reading and had a blanket on. I got fed up and checked on the thermostat and it was on like 63. I should had that beer they offered me. Holy crap. (But it was like 11, so I figured they'd be home soon anyway. They got back around 12.)
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My brother has novelizations of the original trilogy, Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones... But not Revenge of the Sith.

I guess it’s high time I buy some Star Wars books of my own. Or finish the Han Solo trilogy… Which is also my brother’s book. Which he’s also never read. Any of his Star Wars books. *Maybe* Shadows of the Empire, but I highly doubt it. Like I need anymore books. But still… And I want like OLD Star Wars books. Like around film releasing books! That would be awesome.
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I can't find anything anymore! Where's everything gone!? I can't find my cell phone or the disk of stuff I made on my laptop to put on this computer. (Ali you wouldn't happen to remember where I put it?)

Anyway, I gotta go vacuum the couches, but first a message about Fraggle Rock:

It *is* deeper than you think! (If anyone remember my Dave Goelz and Boober 'Death and Pestilence' icon. I had "Fraggle Rock: Deeper than you think." as the keywords.)

Wembley is enslaved by gorgs, knocked unconscious by Boober, and for a few minutes has everyone in the Rock head over heels in love with him. Gobo becomes trapped in outer space, knocked unconscious in the Gorg's garden, suffers a mental breakdown reevaluating his position in life, and breaks his leg by getting thumped by Jr Gorg. Red has an identity crisis and steals a magic pipe. Boober also has a break down, yells at everyone and get trapped in a cave in with Red. Mokey nearly forces the doozers to move out, fakes her own death inadvertently and Red and Gobo morn her loss.

And that's just the first season! And I have another episode to watch.

Also, the most hilarious nuances usually come from Dave Goelz. I love Dave.

But man, am I mad about loosing that disk... I had some good things on it.. And didn't save what I really wanted to my laptop *face palm*.

And I made this layout for [ profile] darksithjedi, so if you wanna use it, ask her since I did make it upon her request. Be gentle. It's my first.

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