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Please vote for my girl Ashley. She's currently in 3rd place and I will not have her loose to a guy making the "rocker face" and some chick that got to touch Tommy's guitar! So what? Gowan personally gave Ashley a blanket and his water bottle. (No, she wasn't in shock, he just recognized her from facebook. After that she was in shock.)

Click the pics to vote for each one. Vote both! And you can vote every hour, so if you REALLY wanna be my best pal, you'll do it more than the once.

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Holy crap

Aug. 20th, 2011 03:51 pm
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When's the last time I posted here?

Okay so:


And getting into Styx, I had to see what this guy Gowan who had replaced Dennis Deyoung over ten years ago (and yet some fans can't seem to move on...) was all about.

So, I've been on youtube, randomly looking up stuff by him. (But sparingly. I don't like to go all at once now...)

And these are my three favorite songs. (And I really like the video to "The Good Catches Up". IDK)

1. A Criminal Mind - He doesn't do this very often with Styx, but when they're in Canada, apparently they always do. (Lawrence Gowan is Canadian and was pretty big there back in the day.) Fantastic song. Watch as the ladies go mad for JY's solo, Tommy rocking out on his mandolin and Glen's circus tent pants.

2. Strange Animal - IN MY HEAD FOR DAYS! It's a good tune. And a 80s video. Have a giggle at the 80s-ness of it. But seriously, Gowan, if you wanna be all Encino Man, then loose some more clothes!!

3. The Good Catches Up - Inside the warped healing mind of Gowan for sure. I really like his hair in this video... And the handcuffs probably don't hurt either. PLUS Lawrence in drag!

4. I'll Be There In a Minute - Did I just watch this video now for formal wear Gowan? Yes. Did I expect him to progressively undressed? No. Any regrets? NOT A ONE. Also, best youtube comment: "Mr. Gowan's House of Booty Calls ... Larry speaking."

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OMG Lawrence is wearing gray. He’s tip toeing from his black wardobe… Is this Glen on bass? I think so. I’m watching Styx/REO speedwagon. LMAO Lawrence’s confusion with the camera.



So I was turning on to a street getting home and the yellow blinky light yeild light across on coming traffic was yellow and blinky and apparently I wasn’t paying attention enough and whamo I got hit in the rear passenger side. Spun my shit around. air bags gone off, got a nice seat belt bruise too. Son of a bitch.

Also, getting home and getting the shit out of my car, I was freaking out cuz I couldn’t find Beaker. He is a Muppet keychain on my rear view mirror. The keychain ripped from the hair tie (luckily I had my windows up!) … He was sitting in the back seat. Sitting perfectly up. The look on his face was not lost on me.


It’s more likely I’ll have to get a new car. Which I kinda don’t even want now. MY CAR is fucked. I just want MY THINGS.

I’m glad I didn’t put any of my stickers on there, like I was supposed to do ages ago…

adlkjafa goddamn it.

I;m forgo-ing finishing “Always” in which Richard Dreyfuss has just exploded in a plane crash … I think I will watch some Styyyyyyx… (with REO Speedwagon, but I’m not in it for them.)
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"Kilroy Was Here" was a concept/rock opera album by Styx. I've started a fan fic based on it, since the touring show basically had the beginning of the story bookend a concert and was less than satisfying on overall plot. As far as I know the album itself is open for interpretation. I don't have the actual album with a booklet and all, just a burned copy.

Backstory: (Read this or watch the video!) Doctor Righteous (James "JY" Young) is leading a crusade against Rock and Roll. It's immoral and leading the kids to sex and drugs. Righteous has made Rock and Roll illegal. The concert being held tonight will lead in the arrest of Robert Kilroy (Dennis DeYoung) for playing rock and killing a Righteous supporter. Kilroy was framed for murder, but will spend the next five years in jail until he escapes. The night he escapes he will meet Jonathan Chance (Tommy Shaw). Jonathan previously hacked into Righteous' television program (which is the only one on any air wave) and broadcasted a concert of Kilroy's, exclaiming over it: "You can't stop the music, you bastard! This is Jonathan. Jonathan Chance. Long live rock and roll!" This inspired Kilroy to escape.

But before Kilroy escapes, I had the idea that perhaps they weren't meeting for the first time. Also there's robots and mind control and there will more than likely be Kilroy/Jonathan slash. I mean with "Haven't We Been Here Before" - you just can't HELP IT! (Seriously I love this song, but WTF I do not get the context Dennis had for this in the concert without it being a love song between Jon and Kilroy. Really. So I'm making it one. But there's much more behind it too... You'll have to wait and see.)

I'm really happy I figured most of the over all story out, but this is sort of the prelude to the whole shebang...

The first time Jonathan Chance met Robert Orin Charles Kilroy he was 16. )
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Good day

May. 24th, 2011 12:18 am
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So Tommy Shaw is following me on twitter! (Or his promo twitter for his new bluegrass album. W/e)

Two downloads finally working and successfully downloaded. Got packages out to the mail.

This happened:

My brother and I watched "The Frog Prince" starring Aileen Quinn, Helen Hunt, John Paragon and Seagull Cohen (that is her name for reals. WTF. She's Helen's BFF in it. And it's the only thing she's ever done. I love her in it tho.)

Then he agreed to watch Sherlock, so we're on "The Great Game". Fight in the planetarium!

Also he told me this amusing story, but made me swear not to put it on Twitter because he knew I would want to. He said no one ever knew about it until now and it's our secret. He's such a weirdo. XD - My brother is four years, five months older than me.

"One of the earliest memories I have of you is when you were pretty little and I put your fist in my mouth just to see if it would fit. And it made you cry. Mom and dad never found out."
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