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Murdock: [pursuing menu] "No chili dogs... Faceman's gonna be upset."
Old Man: :) "Face. That's a charming nickname."
Murdock: :) "That's because he's a charming sort of guy. We call him Faceman because he's so good looking--"
Old man: :|
Murdock: "He can extract the answers-- yes-- from you without ever having asked a question. Sort of the con man's tool of trade, you know."


Mar. 12th, 2011 05:16 pm
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I knew it. I read on the Wiki that in season five Murdock is declared sane. When he tells the others, in the 3rd ep, he's incredibly twitchy about it. I was thinking, either he just paid someone off or he escaped.

Episode 6, Hannibal tries to get him to come with him to a mental hospital so they can get a lead on their missing General. Murdock says nuh-uh, no way.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute! This little do-hicky says I'm perfectly and sensationally sane!"

This is what he hands Hannibal:


Also, in... a very early episode:

Any theories on his writing skills? I need to study my psychology more, I think. LOL. Side effect/symptom of one psychosis or another? I googled it. All I'm getting is autism, everyone's recent favorite diagnosis (in general) for everything... I don't wanna be THAT person, although I can see elements...


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So I've been watching the A-team series and making little observations on it on my tumblr. (same name.)

So, if you would like to see what I've been saying, I'm putting it under this cut...

Why the A-team Series is Awesome )

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Friend Page


Mar. 6th, 2011 02:52 pm
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I found my Murdock's ([ profile] crazyfool_pilot) Billy!


The little terrier mix is even sitting in flowers! Though not pansies. Oh well. What kinda flowers are they? Murdock would know...

I love terrier mutts.
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Okay, since the old app was SO HORRIBLE no one bothered reading it, I re-did it. Not that I wasn't going to anyway. I really hated the other one.

Applying for Fandom Smash! Join me, wont you? )
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Jarrett: "You'll never get away with this! You'll have a union in this Valley over my dead body!"
Hannibal: "That's exactly what I was telling our union members this morning!
Murdock: "We're working on a theme song and uniforms and I'm pushing for matching bow-ties, and not that clip-on junk, those are for geeks! And geeks are a whole 'nother union."
Ray: [Yelling at the team] "You're nuts!"
Murdock: [Yelling back] "No, I'm not! I'm condiments! I've been promoted!"
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Okay, I think I'm going to go with "crazy_fool_pilot" for Murdock...

Any other suggestions, F-list?

Also, who knows where I can find Sharlto's audition tape? Is it on the Blu-Ray DVD? Is it on the regular extended cut?
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I’m thinking of making a Murdock character for a Live Journal Role Play… But I can’t think of a good screenname! Must be 16 characters short and “howlin_mad” was already taken. Help!


Thought of a few names...


I'm going to use Sharlto as my Murdock, but I'm currently watching the series, so don't be afraid to include series references. After all, it isn't like Sharlto threw out the Book of Dwight.


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