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Yeah, I needed this on my ipod like yesterday. (This rap and the real song.)

TY, "Community," for making my shitty day end with me crying from laughter.

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Okay, so I made a vid back in Dec. Dunno if anyone remembers it because no one probably took the time to DownLoad it from MegaUpload, because, well, why would you when you could just watch one on Youtube.

But I had to do that because Youtube kept flagging me for NBC content.

Months later and I've grown so bitter I can't even bring myself to watch anyone else's vids because all I can think is "Why do they get to keep theirs up? Why not me?"

Anyway, I'm uploading it again, hopefully it stays up. I cut out the end scene which didn't have the music hiding dialog, that may have been my big problem.

Another question: How do I get this in HD? The quality looks a bit poor compared to some other vids... (Mind you it's still being processed and therefore might look crap now, or not even play, so please give it a moment.)


Apr. 30th, 2010 12:49 pm
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And EPIC paintball episode!

Thanks, "Spaced" for giving me this fantasy. Thanks, "Community" for fulfilling it in the hottest way possible.
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Had a few weird dreams last night. And they were all short and I kept waking up so that really bugs me...

1. It was almost like the setting of "FallOut 3" (which I've been playing when Aaron's not on the PS3, so, not much...) except before the ...FallOut. Anyway I was in school, I think, or hanging around it, anyway I was buying somethings and then met up with Troy from "Community" in the store. He took advantage of me and upset me so bad I started to cry. He felt awful but I was so angry I didn't want to speak to him and ran off to find Britta.

2. Charlie (my friend in the ARMY who I've had a crush on for years) was back in town and we were working on a play for my community college (not Greendale). We were chatting and just hanging around not actually working on any play. At some point he was sitting on the floor behind me and I was laying on the floor, but propped on my elbows infront of him. His brother was there and after talking to him a little, he left, and Charlie leaned down and gave me the Spiderman kiss. It lasted a long time. I heard music.

3. On the set of some movie with Alexandra Moen, Camryn Manheim and Christian Slater. It's some Victorian age movie and Alexandra is once again playing a crazy woman. Camryn and I play her BFFs but Alex accuses me of witchcraft or something and at some point Camryn's holding me down and they're about to make me drink tea... to prove I'm not a witch? IDEK. Anyway, so we're just hanging around getting ready for that scene, rehearsing, etc. Some old dude is showing me the different flavors of tea they have so I can pick and then has me read the packets, which have lines from "Sex and the City" that we'll modify for the movie later on. Christian's just sitting there with us while Camryn asks if she's pulling my hair too hard. Eventually we get bored of rehearsing and someone starts playing the soundtrack to the Producers (the movie, not the original cast recording). I think to ask Christian if he'll ever do a musical before remembering he can't sing. After this scene we have to set up for when Alex turns into a deer/kangaroo and I get the blame for it.

IDEK. WTF my brain.


Jan. 4th, 2010 01:05 pm
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So I finally get my Community video to "Grow Some Funk of your own" up and I can't embed because of copyright claim. FTW sense does that make? ARGGG


Anybody know a streaming site that this wont be pulled because of NBC?

A "Community" music video to Elton John's "Grow Some Funk Of Your Own":

However I can embed my new Monkees video!

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I need to go to bed! But I wanna post a handful of icons I made real fast.

1. Photobucket 2. Photobucket 3. icons - misc 4. icons - misc

Sherlock Holmes:
1. icons - misc 2. icons - misc 3. icons - misc


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