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Because I am totes broke, I've started selling my possessions on eBay again.

Get your very own piece of my DVD collection today!

For the low low prices of whatever is listed, buy your very own Anthony Michael Hall! Tom Hulce! Jamie Lee Curtis! Craig Ferguson! Elmo! Jon Stewart! Rosie O'Donnell! Will Ferrell! Paul Rudd! Steve Carell! Tom Baker! Elisabeth Sladen! And many many more!

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I should feel better.

I went shopping, got some really good sales. Bought some groovy shirts and two pairs of boots (OMGYAY, brown and black). No pants. I woulda been real happy with pants, but Fashion Bug jeans are too expensive (and complicated as HELL now. FTW) and Goody's doesn't carry over 16 apparently. (Just one more size up, people, CMON.)

PLUS I got my cousin Ryan two tee shirts, which takes care of some birthday/Xmas. (I'll buy him a DVD or something too. We always get each other more than a couple things for Xmas anyway.)

And my car failed twice. (I've got an idling problem, which is no biggie, really. I've got a friend who's gonna fix it, eventually. It just cuts out if I slam to a stop, which I had to, or idle for too long. And then it's only sometimes.)

And I went to Edward McKay's Used Books and got Paul Simon's "Still Crazy After all These Years" ($1) and Buffalo Springfield's self titled ($5) LPs. AND Janis Joplin's "Pearl" and (so excited) The Monkees' "Justus" CDs.

Now I'm gonna sell these old boots and clothes I dont want/wear on eBay. So get em while you can. Although I really hate Ebay for their shipping limit pricing. I'm sorry, but sending DVD BOX SETS cost more than 3 bucks. (Twice that, actually.)

Whatever. I wish SlimFast (or rather the Equate knock off, which actually has more potassium and less calories) had more flavors than Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry. However I'm super glad I bought them, because having a cold is shit for appetite. Which I guess wouldn't make much difference when my mom keeps "forgetting" I don't eat red meat or pork. Which I guess is an easy thing to do, ya know, when I live with her and haven't been eating those things for the past six months! Yeesh.

Damn. Still in a bad mood.
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I dont have any reason to actually use this icon, but I wanna cuz I lubs mah Joelie.

Apparently (overhearing this phone conversation going on right now) we're about to have the first divorce on my dad's side of the family for 50 years (my grandparents). A cousin of mine's husband apparently cheated on her, I guess. Which is crazy cuz the woman looks like friggin Gwyn Paltrow.

Anyway I just won these playing cards. Which I've been missing for years. My granmother had these and suddenly a year later they went missing. They were my absolute fav. Why are these cards so cool to me? Because of this! Real people as the cards!

Also, I've got a few things for sale, meself... Clickly on me linky on me profiley.

I've got some jewelry, some clothes (XL, 18) and some DVDS (Frasier, LAw and Order SVU, Doogie Howser, etc).
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I have too much stuff.

Which I'm selling.

That's not even half the stuff that I have. But for you Buffy and LotR fans, I've got some back issue magazines that'll be up soon.

I need money. Yesh.
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I'm selling all of my possessions on EBAY again.

Click on da washed out puppy!

In other news OMG Charlie's back! Or was. I haven't been on AIM in a while so I hadn't spoken to him. But he came into Joe's last night and I nearly had a heart attack, swear to god. He gives the best hugs. And said he'd try to hit me up tomorrow (today, but as it's pouring rain and already 3 and I have to be at work in 2 1/2 hours we probably won't, and he has to do family goodbyes and all ya know. Friggin family.) and that I was the only person he even talks to from high school and that he really appreciates that and stuff. Squee.

Well it was good to see him. Even if we couldn't hang out.

Another six months, then...

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