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Jun. 6th, 2011 01:02 pm
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Hey, [livejournal.com profile] fandom_smash people, I just (finally) posted Murdock and Arthur's nightmare sequines . They're a bit late, but I've been late on a few Nexus things lately.

I baby sat last night. Got a six dollar tip. :)

I gotta work harder at getting the kids to bed earlier. I finished up "Study in Scarlet" and a chapter in "Sign of the Four". FINALLY got over with that frickin' Mormon back story of the killer. WTF, Sir ACD? I did not sign up for an adventure with evil Mormons! (The Mormons in the story were evil. I do not believe all Mormons are evil. Donny Osmond spoke to my dad on the phone during a telethon and he was very nice.)

Also [livejournal.com profile] abbynormalbrain is the most awesome person in the Galaxy. She is sending me all her Star Wars books! I cannot tell you how happy that makes me.


I'm sure in Wookie it's something like: "HHHNNNNGGGGG! ARRRRNNNN!" But I don't speak Wookie. And there are a lot of books. (Check is in the mail, btw, babe. It's SUPER Grover. I thought a Frank Oz character was appropriate, and so are the stickers...)

Anyway, baby sitting my cousins I found out their mom doesn't do vaccinations, and the YMCA won't take her oldest boy in swim classes because of it, she doesn't use the microwave because it puts radiation in your food, and her kids are allergic to grain, corn and probably wheat too, IDK, possibly more. Also, her house is friggin' freezing. The kids were in bed and I was reading and had a blanket on. I got fed up and checked on the thermostat and it was on like 63. I should had that beer they offered me. Holy crap. (But it was like 11, so I figured they'd be home soon anyway. They got back around 12.)

Good day

May. 24th, 2011 12:18 am
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So Tommy Shaw is following me on twitter! (Or his promo twitter for his new bluegrass album. W/e)

Two downloads finally working and successfully downloaded. Got packages out to the mail.

This happened:

My brother and I watched "The Frog Prince" starring Aileen Quinn, Helen Hunt, John Paragon and Seagull Cohen (that is her name for reals. WTF. She's Helen's BFF in it. And it's the only thing she's ever done. I love her in it tho.)

Then he agreed to watch Sherlock, so we're on "The Great Game". Fight in the planetarium!

Also he told me this amusing story, but made me swear not to put it on Twitter because he knew I would want to. He said no one ever knew about it until now and it's our secret. He's such a weirdo. XD - My brother is four years, five months older than me.

"One of the earliest memories I have of you is when you were pretty little and I put your fist in my mouth just to see if it would fit. And it made you cry. Mom and dad never found out."
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So, my mom's first cousin, who was only about 5 years younger than her died from a stroke. She grew up with Darlene and they were very close as kids. Darlene lived in Texas and that's where her funeral is going to be. Mom probably won't go but she hasn't made the decision yet. But she told me not to mention it to dad because he won't see the need for her to go. She was calling a few of her aunts (whom Darlene's mother doesn't speak to b/c of some thing with their father's will or some bullshit) to tell them Darlene had died, and just making sure that they knew and Dad kept bitching for her to get off the phone so they could make their dinner plans on time.

If I start dating anyone who treats me like this...

just fucking shoot me. Or some form of physical abuse. That's preferable.
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How bad is it that I realized it's New Year's Eve solely on the fact that my F-list is all up on about it?

I think I'll be watching Community, MST3K, or Andy Coop and Kathy Grif New Years with Ryan.

...Who just leaned into my doorway wearing just a towel around his waist and a pair of boxers in his teeth.

My cousin the [CENSORED BY AUTHORITY OF ALI], ladies and gents.

New Years Res: To loose weight before Oct and have a date to Ryan's wedding.

EDIT: Returned, dressed, to ask: "Who's the bunny-rabbit in the Muppets?"
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So I just wasted an hour because my dad thinks that apparently flour + oil = some type of bread.

I had to burn this shit twice before he let me give up. (On a griddle, BTW.)

Well, I got the dishes done anyway while waiting for it to "cook".

And my tea is now cold.
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Aaron wants to keep him. Of course. My brother the dog rescuer. No seriously, he's brought home a german shepard mix and a pitt mix within six months of each other. They tore up the yard so dad called Animal control and had them taken away. Bye bye Brandy and Buster. He brought home a chihuahua, who was only allowed to stay because A) a little housedog, B) that rare exception of a chihuahua who is not butt ugly/doesn't look like a rat, C) Aaron convinced mom and dad Sam needed a "little friend".

I hope Aaron get rich and famous just so he can have all the dogs he wants. Because he would have A LOT.

Anyway, he finally uploaded a picture of him:

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Going to bed because I'm going to be woken up around 4-5am by hungry dogs.

Only another week of this. The barking is driving me mad. I love *MY* doggies. They are small and fit in your lap and don't breath in your face when you're trying to eat and SHUT UP when you tell them to stop barking (most of the time) and actually LISTEN and OBEY the majority of the time.

SERIOUSLY WHO DOESNT BOTHER TO TRAIN THEIR DOGS TO NOT BARK JUST BECAUSE NO ONE IS LOOKING AT THEM. Fuckin' enablers. Damn. It's Nate. Nate is the demon dog. Woody is an angel. Sure, I'd like to join your posse, boys, but first I'm going to sing a little song... OMG SHOOT ME IN THE FACE. I HAVE A HEAD ACHE B/C OF NATE'S BARKING. I THINK HE SWALLOWED AN AMPLIFIER. IT MAKES NO SENSE.

Soooo going out to... do things tomorrow. I may go to the thrift store, since I actually have some cash on me. Will go home and return the fan I didn't need to bring with me. My brother works in a trailer and he needs it. Daw. Is so hot dere.

The fan in these people's room... Slow is just barely cutting the air, Medium is a nice gentle breeze on the beach and High is ARCTIC FUCKING CHILL!!

Also there is a pit bull puppy at our house. My brother sent me a picture via text. SHE IS SO CUTE. I'm assuming it's a she, because I'm assuming it's my brother's friend's dog... b/c I know my brother is not stupid enough to bring another puppy home, b/c my dad would just call Animal Control on it.

Have fun in puppy heaven, puppy.

OH FUCK NO SOMEONE IS SETTING OFF FIREWORKS. Nate, if you even think about barking I will set off a firework IN YOUR FACE. YOUR CUTE DOGGIE FACE.

Okay, so Aaron just texted me back because he takes FOREVER to do so. Tissues at the ready? He found the (boy) puppy tied to a stop sign! Aaron's putting him up on Craigslist.
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Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Pink Like a Deco Umbrella
Adopt one today!

Tork's Dragon
Adopt one today!

New Bebes!
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Also, so it's not all about the dragons...

I'm in VA. So we went to visit Aunt Jewel, Uncle Bobby and co. I hung out with my cousin Chelsea, who I haven't seen in about ten years. We were never really close way back then. I'm six years older than her and she and Ryan always were closer.

But man is she cool. =)

And I really am SO so glad we got along so well. We just hung out and chatted a bit and played with da bebes (her neice and another cousin of ours) and then retired to the computer room to watch a billion comical House/Wilson vids, some Eddie Izzard, some Stevie Riks, and a little bit of Reduced Shakespeare Company. Oh, and all of my music vids I made.

I made a new friend!

Dear LJ

Dec. 24th, 2008 06:29 pm
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1. Dear [livejournal.com profile] monkees_secrets,

You're getting a second chance. Because everyone deserves one. And walking away isn't the answer. I vow to help you be a better comm.

For every negative secret I will make two positive ones.


[livejournal.com profile] solidfoamsoul

2. The Date: We ended up abandoning bowling for Asian food. Because I was hungry and freezing my ass off. I think he wanted to impress me with his bowling skillz. (I was freezing and he held my hands across the table to warm them. Cute.) He loves "Newsies" (and was surprised I did too) and Nintendo stuff and lives for "Boy Meets World". He's a nice, sweet guy, who I'm sure will be a great friend. But I didn't get any other vibes than that. I got two hugs goodnight and a kiss on the cheek. He called me "beautiful" on several occasions and as a pet name. I said, "I'm not really used to all these compliments. I don't get them alot..." He said, "Well, why not? I mean, look at you!" To which I blushed fiercely apparently and he said, "Sorry but I gotta do this..." then leans forward and pressed his finger to my forehead to watch the spot go white. But I did have a nice time with a new friend.

3. Christmas w/ Aunt Donna and Kristen. I got a really groovy handcrafted necklace from cousin Joy (her son, who is seven, drew my name in my dad's side of the family gift exchange). From Donna/Shannon/Kristen: a cute pair of earrings, a little lotion/body wash/something else/mini loofa package (scent: tropical flowers), and a Blockbuster gift card (25 bucks).

Aaron (me bro) loves to give presents early. Christmas he manages to do this with actually leaving some presents for Xmas morn. So my early gift from him was really cool. He said he and mom tried one and it didn't taste that good, but it looks AWESOME.

I said, "Cool. Herb." and Kristen goes wide eyed looking at the bag, "IS THAT WEED?!"

I love my cousin.
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I really hate my brother and his thinking that he knows o so much more about computers than I do.

I really hate that I have to put a password on my own comp to keep him out of it now.

I REALLY hate that he uninstalled BitComet when 60 percent of my X Files season 2 choice episodes were done.

I REALLY hate that he turned my comp OFF and therefore lost the 10+ screen captures of thirty minutes of "Wingspan".

Now I gotta do that over...

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I went to FL [muttermutter] weeks ago and I just got around to uploading the pictures I took with my camera. Mom took some pictures too, but I dont know whre they are.

So lookit my cute baby cousins! )

Also I got new headphones from Wal-Mart and they rock!

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May. 31st, 2006 02:37 pm
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No, I'm not a pirate. I'm angry. I mean, what's the point of having TiVo if your father erases things before you even *know* they're recorded!!!???

All I waned to watch was one stinkin' Bruce Campbell movie!! Arg!! "Tornado" came on recently on the Sci-fi channel. When did it come on? I dont remember, because my dad erased it!!!

ARRRRGGG![/Charlie Brown]

In other news I got my birthday parcel from [livejournal.com profile] flattheseventh. I got loads of Wonka candy (and Worthers and Sweettarts and some Ninja Turtles Gum) plus an Inidnana Jones action figure and an Indiana Jones post card. (Hehehe, okay, Lauren, you can use this one, even tho Joe will probably shoot us for trying to start it again. But it will be especially funny to us, at least: "Indiana Jones Goes Postal"! Get it?! Bwahahaa!!)

Also, my dear Lauren, Sharpie + 90 degree weather + 2,000 miles = not so good. Nice thought though. I like pocket sharpies, though I have yet to find an actual use for them. Nothing got perment inked except for the tissue paper. THANK YOU!

AND "!Huff" is a really really good show and everyone should get Showtime just to watch it. ...Oh and watch The L Word too while you've got it. I think it used to come on after Huff when Huff was in it's first season anyway.

EDIT: I've had this box for two days and I just found another present in it! I was just grabbing for some banana Laffy Taffy and noticed something shiny. "Hey shiny thing," I said and pulled it out. It being a really super cool Muppets pin! How lovely! Thanks, Lauren!! Oh, I also got Raspberry LEmonade from her too, which I forgot about because I put it in the kitchen. It looks all old fashion. I love it! And that's before even drinking any yet!

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I don't know why I'm doing this. Except that I want it to get to all fifty states... I don't know why. I shouldn't be this invested in a vegtable.

Pass them tots.

I've been watching "House." I love Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard. They're darn cute. Also my cousin Ryan pegged a corny, but rather funny term.

Hi-lari-ous = Hugh-Laurie-ous

And we watched Mystery Science Theater 3000. "Mitchell" and "Merlin's Mystical Shop of Wonders."

Also, Ryan Stiles or Robert Englund?

Bunnie's interveiw of me )

You are Wash. Not only are you a great pilot, you
are also the joker of the group. Your devotion
to your wife is admirable, though you sometimes
feel insecure. Thank god you shaved off your

Which Firefly character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Like my new layout?

I got a paper cut from a receit at the gas station I didn't even want. I pressed the 'No' button. *sigh*

Least of my worried though. Yesterday, I got in a car wreck with some crazy woman. (She delayed in signing the ticket that my cousin-lawyer says we weren't even suppose to get, by yelling that her integrity was at stake and she wants me to pay for her car. I believe there *may* have been one dime-sized dent to the side of her massive Ford Explorer. I'm not gonna pay for fixing that! You can bang that back out with a hammer.) My little Ford Escort was nearly pushed off the overpass, not to mention a nice textbook size dent right behind my gass tank, or that my entire front end was shifted about three inches.

I'm not worried about having to pay for the other woman's car. George is a really good lawyer and since no body witnessed the accident (except for my friend [livejournal.com profile] kittencuffs who was in my passenger seat and the crazy woman's 5yr old daughter who was in the backseat and then moved to the passenger seat when the incompetent policeman told us to drive to the BP station) George's going to say it's a civil matter and have it dismiss. I say my light was green, she says her light was green. Either way, I loose because I've got no headlights and burning rubber for right turns.

And if it can't get any better than that folks...

[livejournal.com profile] kittencuffs's mother's exboyfriend/next door neighbor killed himself. Ali's mom blames herself and last night after she talked to the cops, having found his body, and even though she's a nurse, I was quite worried she'd got for the can of beer in the fridg. But she didn't! Yay! (She's an alcoholic, but she's been sober for.... I don't know. A little while? A couple months? More? Less? Ali can fill us all in.)

Up note: That same night a neighbor found a tiny kitten wandering around another yard, picked him up and handed it to another neightbor who prompty shoved the kitten in Ali's face. Ali's mom doesn't want to keep him but I think they will. (Check out [livejournal.com profile] kittencuffs's journal for pictures.)

Down note: My 84 year old grandmother is doing badly and is in the hospital right now. The rest home put her there this morning at 5:30.

Oh, did I mention my birthday's tomorrow? I'll be 20. Ali's is the day after that. So if you would like to send me a small gift or card or something, or help with repairing my car, my PayPalaccount is "donuthobbesATsecret-agent.com" and at amazon.com type "Lara Frazier" in the Wish list search.

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Ugh. Again.

Feb. 9th, 2005 10:46 am
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I feel very blah. I'm gonna feel what I feel and move on. So says Steve Whitmire, so says the ...SSS! Yay! We're (and I get to say that cuz I'm a part of it now. *dreamy sigh* I mean I oughta be all them pictures I send. 32. That's alot. Thanks [livejournal.com profile] kittencuffs for your laptop and finally getting around to making those Stevie screencaps.) finally getting back to the webpage scene... Sometime in the future.

I get to make LJ icons and wallpaper and stuff. And screen caps off my TV for VHS stuff with my digital camera. (The scary face Kev came out surprisingly good. As did the Steve pics from The Jim Henson Hour, considering. They're gonna be some NICE icons... Ever--most things look better in 100x100.)

Um, what else...

Oh. I changed my mind about the Richard Hunt cartoon thing since it's due Thrusday.

On the Y (Of "Your Face Productions") I'll hang Scooter's jacket. (I hope we can do lime green.) On the F, Richard's hat... Now all I have to do is draw them before Thrusday. (I hope it looks good. Cut I think it'll look bitchin'. But I gotta figure out how to make it noticable when it's small.)

Oh yeah and study for my Art apperciation test for friday.

Feeling what I feel, back on that.

I hate my dad. Ugh. I mean, I've been complaining for months about my computer that's died. Dad says he'll try to call somebody, but doesn't. And then he says "We don't have the money to get it fixed anyway." So unless I get a job, blah blah blah. I don't have a steady job, but it ain't for lack of trying...

And now that dad's computer crashes... "After school, when you get home, we'll take the computers to a computer repair place. We'll have to look one up in the phone book."

Oh, so NOW we suddenly have the money to fix *both* of em?

And he gets me up at 7:30, ripping me out of this great dream that I don't even remember, (But Richard was there and that's always good.) to fuck around with his computer because it's so fucking important.

Don't you just hate parents?

And while I pulling things out and putting things in, generally not having a damn clue what I'm doing, he's telling me I should work in computers. I tell him I don't know what I'm doing here, why should i do that? He says, "That's why you go to school. To learn." Well, I'm already doing Graphic design. But he'd rather have me doing something medical, radiology or ...taking blood. I forget what that's called. "...just so you can have a career, at least. They make alot of money." So that I can give it to you/pay for your medical bills/take care of you when mom can't.

...Now, c'mon, don't laugh. That only makes him angry. And where Aaron thinks that's funny, it annoys me, and pisses me off, so I'm not doing that.

So anyway. I hate him.

I'm also getting my hair cut. Today. Hopefully.

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