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I just met Father Mulcahy two weeks before I expected to. He's doing a play nearby [ profile] kittencuffs and I are totally gonna go see. It's "Our Town". I *HATE* "Our Town" but FATHER FUCKING MULCAHY is in it, so I'm going.

I was going to see "Rumors" at the regional theater with a friend I hadn't seen in a while (and another high school theater buddy, Charlie) on Friday since our former theater teacher, John, was in it. But she suddenly canceled finding out a friend had cancer! Me and Charlie decided to go instead on Sunday, since it was cheaper. Charlie suddenly canceled as he wasn't feeling well, so I texted [ profile] kittencuffs but she didn't want to go, so mom and I went instead.

So I was standing in line to pick up our tickets when I turn to see a kindly old gentlemen in a bright blue sweater.

"I'm sorry, are you William Christopher?" I say, not wanting to sound rude. But then think: wow is that a dumb ass thing to say.

William Christopher smiles and says, "Yes, I am. I get that a lot."

I don't get to say much more as his wife gets his attention to go into the theater.

Son of a bitch! Before the show starts the owner of the playhouse introduces him to the damn audience, so during intermission he's stopped so much I never get the chance.

The play ends and he's sitting three rows away. Mom goes out to the lobby and I hang back to try and talk to him a little more. I don't wanna be pushy, him and his wife are out for some theater, ya know?

"I acted like a total dork before show! Of course, you're you."

"Luckily you where right!" He has the best friendly smile. You just want a hug.

He's still sitting in a seat so I sit in the row behind him, "You know I'm a big fan--"

"HI I JUST WANTED TO SAY I LOVED YOU IN MASH!" says this goddamn rude woman who just swoops in like a bird of prey. Right in his face. WTF goddammit I was talking!

So this 79 year old actor fucking bounds out of the chair as he sees the playhouse owner to catch up with her. He's gonna go see the actors. Well, I am too! I catch up with Patti, my theater teacher's wife. She tells me she's in "Our Town" too! And "Bill is so nice! He's so wonderful."

William Christopher praises the cast and talks to them a bit. He goes to chat with Patti and I say hit to John and James (someone else I know in the cast, that I didn't know was in it), get a hug and kiss from John goodbye (they gotta do a photo shoot) and by the time I get back to Patti, William Christopher and his wife are saying goodbye to Patti and leaving.

Oh well. I'll have to ask Patti if she'll ask him, if he'll do autographs and pictures after "Our Town".

But he was nice.

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It does look a bit bigger on the inside....

Anthony asked me why I liked Six. I told him Six was the Charles Emerson Winchester the third of Doctor Who. Which lead to...

From [ profile] zeppomarxist's journal:

So today, [ profile] solidfoamsoul and I somehow ended up comparing various Doctors from Doctor Who to characters from M*A*S*H. Here's what we came up with -

First Doctor (William Hartnell) = Colonel Potter (Harry Morgan). They're both curmudgeonly and old.

Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) = Radar (Gary Burghoff). They're both much wiser than they look.

Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) = ? (We couldn't think of anyone for this. Any suggestions?)

Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) = Corporal Klinger (Jamie Farr). They're both funny and awfully strange.

Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) = BJ Hunnicut (Mike Farrell). They're both straight-forward, genial fellows.

Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) = Charles Emerson Winchester (David Ogden Stiers). They're both kind of pompous and arrogant.

Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) = Lt. Colonel Henry Blake (McLean Stevenson). They're both, initially at least, kind of befuddled and quick-tempered.

Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) = Margaret Houlihan (Loretta Swit). They are both women.

Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) = Hawkeye Pierce (Alan Alda). They both mask indignation and angst under wisecracking exteriors.

Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) = Trapper John McIntyre (Wayne Rogers). They both just love to crack wise.

We also decided that Dr. Sidney Freeman (Allan Arbus) is The Face of Boe, because they both specialize in advice. And Colonel Flagg (Edward Winters) is The Master, because they're both crazy and evil.
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Ever have those dreams that you're watching TV?

I did!

I was watching M*A*S*H and it was a good episode. Completely made up, but good! At least what I got to see.

And if anyone cares to continue it, or take the idea as a fic, just give me credit for the dream (or at least my subconscious. You don't wanna piss the SC off, man.)

It started with everyone at the beach. Now it's a little choppy, so Ill tell you which parts I remember, mkay?

So, everyone was at the beach and they were all on this big rock trying to get a picture of everyone. For some reason Hawkeye was wearing his robe, but ...anyway...

A huge wave came up and knocked everyone for a loop, some people actually fell off. CUT TO Father Mulcahy swimming in a rather deep part of the ocean and finding Margret and Radar. They're all pretty scared and hold on to each other while treading water, trying to figure out where they are.

Do do do, do do do do...

I think I went to the bathroom or something, cuz I come back and they've found a row boat. Klinger must have brought it, cuz he's there too now. Anyway, they try to turn it upright, but it doesn't work. Then they try again and it works but something, somehow has gone horribly wrong because a few seconds later Margret and Radar have blood splatter on their shoulders and faces. Mulcahy's in the boat and the left side of his head's all bloodied. And he's lost his glasses, to make things worse.

[Scene Missing]

Margret's taking care of Mulcahy in the rowboat, Radar's with her, but very distracted, trying to pick up something from anyone/thing. (You know, using his special powers!) The Charles swims along to try and help, but there's not much he can do since he cant get into the boat. He tells Margret, who a might panicky that getting in will surely capsize it, and that's no good. The Radar jumps out to "get closer" so he might "pick up" something.

Then I woke up.

Dang it!

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Oh wow. On "Lost" Boone and Locke found a plane.. A plane full of herion!! Better not let Charlie find it. Oh and lookit that now, it's going to fall out of the--tree, there it went. Boone was still in it.

Anyway, I had my first job interveiw today. For a job at Baskin Robins/Dunkin' Donuts. There were serval other people there and I was the last person to be interveiwed. This BR/DD is very new, people were still building the place. So Mr. Manager is about to speak with me when I construction guy stops him and introduces him to his cousin, who's handling the internet connection in the office. Cousin Sprint Connection looks like a cross between Michael J Nelson and Michael Rappaport. As I was sitting at the table waiting boredly, I happened to makeeye contact with the guy while he wasn't talking to Mr. Manager or Construction Worker Guy and he smiled and waved. In a very flirty kind of way. Oh if only it really were Michael J Nelson (provided he wasn't married.)

Speaking of flirty construction dudes. A guy about my brother's age (24), probably older, asked me if I had seen Mike.


"No, I haven't," I tell him even though I don't have a damn clue who Mike is. Mike J Nelson? Mike Rappaport? Could this Mike by some odd coincidence be the Cousin Sprint Connection? Who knows.

The guy kept walking in and out taking trash out, taking ceiling panels out, and swept the floor. He was kinda cute too. And he had long hair. Not early 2000/late 90s Steve Whitmire long hair, and he wasn't blonde, but he was still cute. And nice.

Then he stepped out and I had my 3 minute interveiw and left. He was by the back enterence and I got in my car and he did a Springtime-Hawkeye and lifted his shirt just to feel his stomach for no reason at all. It was hot outside but not really sunny. It was hot like annoying-heat not let's-pinic-outside-heat

He had a nice stomach.

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I love lo-mein.

Anyway, I fixed up my RPG post thingy. (Like mentioning more people and their jobs... And fixing Mulcahy's name. *facepalm*)Totally guessed on the date. You know it's super hard to guess when 4 (or is it 3?) years are stretched into 11. Doesnt exactly divide evenly.

Plus a M*A*S*H Friends Only banner.

Plus my new MASH icon. Made by me. (Not behind cut. Duh)

All behind the cut.

Read more... )

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Well, if my dad uploaded the picture, I would show it... No I wouldn't. She looks dead and... Anyways. Before you ask, what the hell is she talking about, I'll tell you.

While I was away at school, apparently a doe jumped our fence. Yes, a doe, a deer, a female deer. If she jumped our fence she must have also jumped the people behind us..'s fence. However when she jumped ours she hurt her leg pretty bad and couldn't get back up. So dad and his friend Millie are home and they look out the window because Brandy, our big dog (Greman shepard-greyhound-other things-mutt) was barking. Then they saw Brandy lay down near the doe's head, licking her forehead. *breaks for cutest/saddest thing ever moment*

So dad called the animal control guy that lives down the street. He came and got her and god knows where she is right now.

It just made me think of Chris Kratt and the injured kangaroo in the Roo ep of "Be the Creature". (By the way, [ profile] krattbrothers) *breaks for saddest moment in Kratt history*

But, on happier notes, I'm remaking my Muppet CD and the Wicked soundtrack... (All I need for Muppets is a good version of Mr Bassman. One that doesn't sound like it's about to skip). (I'd have it from older CDs, but for some reason it's not reading the old CD!)

And, [ profile] kittencuffs you'll be happy to hear (and squeeze the life out of Stevie) that Steve Whitmire has 6 cats and at one point had 36 (yes, thirty six) foster kitties. But he live in Atlanta and had enough land to have a tractor and farm as a hobby, so, I guess he can do that. Oh... *snuggles Stevie*

Sammie sent me a interveiw where he shares that, so if anyone wants to see it, I'll gladly share. (Email me.)

...I was gonna say something else... But Steve's distracted me too badly...

Well, here's something. I went to the library today hoping to find "The Complete Book of M*A*S*H" which I checked out years ago when I was first hooked on the show, only to find out it's long gone. Arg. If only I could have picked it up at a library book sale... I could own it for maybe 2 bucks, who knows.

Hmmm... The next book sale's in May. Garr.

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I got about 40 minutes until Whose Line comes on. Totally missed Jason Bateman on Conan last night. *Wayne Brady pout* Darn it. I can't forget he's on SNL tomorrow night.

So I'm reading "Dream Catcher" by Stephen King. I haven't seen the movie yet. I've got Brad Sherwood, Chip Esten, Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles as the leads. Guess who died first? I'll give you a hint. He usually does in the movie's he's in. Damn you, Kevin Costner!

Ive been watching M*A*S*H alot lately too. Two hours of it on Hallmark channel, but one of those hours is at 5 and that's when WYWO comes on. Sheesh. I wish I could see the episode where Hawkeye starts having nightmares of almost drownig whe he was a boy. That was a good episode. Poor hysterical Hawkeye. That guy gets some of the worst stuff. And he's claustrophobic!

There was an episode where he tells BJ how much Trapper hurt him by just leaving. Without note or anything. i cant remember where that one was in either. I wanna say the finale, cuz BJ said that he didn't like saying good-byes cuz he wasn't good at them...

I dunno.


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