Jan. 4th, 2010 01:05 pm
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So I finally get my Community video to "Grow Some Funk of your own" up and I can't embed because of copyright claim. FTW sense does that make? ARGGG


Anybody know a streaming site that this wont be pulled because of NBC?

A "Community" music video to Elton John's "Grow Some Funk Of Your Own":

However I can embed my new Monkees video!

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Well, I'm technically done with my Monkees music video to Oingo Boingo's "On the Outside"...


for some random frames inserting themselves in between clips. WTF is with this? Anyone else have Windows Movie Maker and know WTF to do about these? This happens all the time.
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RE: Peter Tork's Cancer Scare...

I wished the original poster thought to back it up with a more official source instead of blabbing to everyone she knew because "Peter sent me an email"...

Did Peter mention in that email to spread the word?


While, I do hope he recovers, if this indeed true, I feel his privacy has been violated.

He hasn't released anything. I would think he is waiting after the surgery he's supposed to be having tomorrow...

Have I met him? Yes. Am I crying over this? No. Even if he did remember who I was, I'm sure he'd want us to sent him positive thoughts and vibes.

I'm sorry, but if this is your only other source without even a legit link...

I deleted the post off of "Capslock_Monkee" because it's from two fan sources, with no official acknowledgment other than "Peter emailed me" from the girl who posted it.

I found Derek Lord's, the current drummer for Shoe Suede Blues, email address, spoke to him about the recent show I had seen, and emailed James Lee Stanley about his music and his and Peter's collaboration. They both responded quickly and several emails were sent back and forth. However, I'm not about to email them asking about something like this. Though I was tempted to for a few moments, even brought up Derek's address.

I think there response would be something like, "If Peter hasn't said anything about it, we're not about to" kinda thing.

However, with this wide-spread panic, literal panic among fans, I'm tempted to do so anyway...

EDIT: The way the word was spread on LJ, the way it was gone about, I disagree with. Especially when, at the time, all the original poster had was "Peter sent me an email". That's my point.
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Also what other movies besides "Son of Paleface" is the song "Buttons and Bows" from? Or TV show? I've heard it before somewhere...

I need more Bob Hope movies. Particularly more of the "Road" series...

(I'm surprised I can't find ANY Bob/Bing slash! They actually KISS in some of these movies!!)


Dec. 30th, 2008 10:51 am
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Mike Nesmith and Davy Jones!!!!!!!!!

Papa Nez is 66 and Davy is 63.

Mike Nesmith,Davy Jones


Shades Of Gray
Adopt one today!

Love Is Only Sleeping
Adopt one today!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I gave myself a Christmas present.

I tricked out my layout. (thanks to [ profile] apple_scruffs for reminding me that Flexible Squares is cool and easily messed with.)

Okay I fooled with the colors and made a banner. BFD.

But i dig mah color schemes!



[ profile] bonamoz helped me figure out my layout, not [ profile] apple_scruffs!


Good job catching that, guys!


Dec. 15th, 2008 04:57 am
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Dec. 14th, 2008 06:34 pm
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1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions

[ profile] fragileentity gave me "R".

It's only fair to upload them, I think. Won't you?

1. Rock On - David Essex
2. Raise Your Hand - Janis Joplin
3. Roll With The Flow - Michael Nesmith - OMG this has been in my head ALL WEEK
4. Randy Scouse Git - The Monkees
5. Riu Chiu - The Monkees - Prettiest Xmas song evah.
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Title: The Loot
Author: [ profile] solidfoamsoul
Rating: G
Summary: Micky gets caught getting into something he shouldn't.
Warnings: None
Genre: Tele-verse, one shot. In response to [ profile] twisby's Handcuff Challenge at [ profile] monkeefic

What should we do wit' 'im, boss? )

Day two

Dec. 12th, 2008 12:39 pm
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Good things Meme: Day Two.

I had a dream that Peter Tork and I ate mushrooms.

In 67.

So, you know, special mushrooms.

It was groovy.

And we didn't even do anything but sit around and watch the colors on the ceiling change and read text from an imaginary book and Peter correcting everything that was wrong in it. LOL.

Tummy ache

Nov. 17th, 2008 08:17 pm
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Just letting you guys know I'm with holding all further footage of Peter Tork until someone posts for my friggin Round Robin!!

"Hey Hey It's the Monkees" on YouTube
Round Robin at [ profile] monkeesfic.

You have been warned. Especially you people that promised they would and then DIDNT.
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Why do I keep puttin my titles in caps?

Anyway, Warning! Peter says "fuck".

Also, LAWLZ at the club people for freakin over the band's rider. (That's a list of required stuff the guys need.)

"Three vegetarian meals? What?! ... Ten clean towels? C'mon!" (No joke.)

Oh, wow, the guys are hungry and don't wanna be sweaty after the show (or might need them for the bass drum). OMG divas.

But I bet AJ just collects towels and his obsession must be fed!! Cuz he's a tooowel collector! Collector of Toooowels!/ He only aimes to seize/ bathroom toiletries!

I'm starting a rumour. AJ Jacks collects towels.


Nov. 15th, 2008 03:01 pm
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The show was awesome! And the guitarist that used to play for Bonnie Raitt and some guy on harmonica came by to see him (I dont remember their names, but Peter said them so I'll know when I get everyone on YouTube) and the band and jammed with them. Freakin' MAGICAL. Anyway, I'm putting Steppin Stone up on You Tube right now so next post will have that. Frickin' people getting up and dancing all in my shot. But it's all good. Except that I accidentally erased the entire first hour of the show... Oh well There's always next time.

He was nice though. I got a picture with him and CDs signed. He had cool shoes too. Lol. Converse with black and white checkered stripes and laces. I was totally regretting not wearing my converse with my checkered pink and black laces.

We arrived way early. The club people told us it would be packed and to be there at 5. the band didn't even show up til 7 but we got to watch them sound check. Kinda boring cuz they didn't do any actual songs and the sound guy was late. Anyway Peter was coming off the stage and I said:

"Peter! I gotta tell you this awesome story."

He just kinda smiled and shook his head, "All right but I'll tell you right now, you can tell me--"

"But you're not gonna listen?" I smiled.

"No, I'll listen, but it won't be awesome."

"Ooh, well, then." I laughed, "I think it was."

He nodded, "Alright, you've got 90 seconds. Go!"

I laughed, "Okay well, there was this big blue van we saw while driving up here, with a big pink peace sign on the back and on the sighed it said 'Music is the only thing that makes sense anymore'. I said, Oh I wonder who they're going to see..."

He smiled, "Okay I take it back. That is pretty cool."

Haha. Also, I asked for a hug and he was all cool like "Yeah, sure" and gave me a kind half hug cuz I was sitting right next to him on the stage. We bonked foreheads softly. Lol.

He's still way sexy. He looks AWESOME in our picture (the second one because the first one I look drunk and there's a bad glare on his glasses) and I still manage to look awful. Why is it I look awful in my pictures with famous people? The RSC picture is the best one. Oh well. Next time! Lol.

But yeah I didn't dance because I was starving and had red beans and rice which were good but spicey and made my stomach hurt thirty minutes later and I wanted to tape it.

But now I know, next time I'll have more memory cards and be able to get better quality. And hopefully it'll be better lit. Cuz that was a big problem.

I'm sure Ali will have a line by line recap.


EDIT by [ profile] kittencuffs: Hey everyone, Ali here. Lara texted me from work and asked me to include a little tidbit she'd forgotten to mention in the recap.

After Lara told Peter the story about the van, and Peter agreed that that was, indeed, awesome, he said, "I get so many people wanting to tell me these "awesome" things that aren't awesome at all. I get women coming up to me after shows and saying "MY SISTER KNOWS DAVY!" "...And?" These was one guy, when we were doing a show near where I live, who comes up to me and says "Hey, I know your mailman!" These are not awesome things. These are borderline-stalker things."

Now back to your regularly scheduled Lara.


Oct. 27th, 2008 08:59 pm
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I just totally accidentally stole a roll of bubble wrap and a packet of large evenlopes from Wal Mart.

But I was at the car when I realized it, so I said "fuck it" and left.


Seriously, what had happened was, I was attempting to talk to [ profile] kittencuffs on the phone in the store, but apparently she couldn't hear me. I wanted to buy a SD card, but there was one lady at the electronics photo counter and she was totally ignore everyone waiting on her printing out pictures or some shit. And this woman totally cuts infront of me (or beside me and just starts talking) about getting a camera. So I said "fuck it" (the first time) and called Ali to see what SD card she had. So I was just talking and repeating myself because she couldn't hear me, and I finally just said "fuck that too" cuz it wasn't all that important, hung up and then realized I had walked right out the door with bubble wrap and envelopes.


Peter Tork amuses me greatly.

(And I was getting the SD card to record his concert in a few weeks. So it's either his fault for taking me into Walmart or Ali's fault for making me repeat myself on the phone and totally distracting me. LOLZ)

Fic tiem!

Oct. 16th, 2008 07:44 pm
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Okay, my bestest pal ever [ profile] kittencuffs wrote a start to a fic. This isn't the first chapter, but the first idea she came up with.

It is a Monkees' fic with two original female characters. Mona and Nora are sisters. Mona is a concert cellist and Nora is a magician's assistant. I think this is a really good chapter, whatever number it ends up being. Also, for more info, Mona and Peter have been dating for about five months and Nora and Micky for roughly four.

I love adventurey type things. Monkees + desert island = AWESOME!

And please be specific on what you like! She's got some really fantastic ideas, but really needs a lot of ego stroking to go on... (Which is why this is going in my journal. Because my friends are better at replying to things, apparently...)

Ooh! Also, this is in multi-first person. It's pretty clear when it switches, so we're not going to worry about a list.

The plane crashed down at roughly five in the morning. )


Oct. 13th, 2008 12:53 pm
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I'm seeing PETER TORK in a month.

The lady said I was the FIRST to buy tickets. And three cost me 61 bucks.

I feel pretty damn good.

(BTW Peter Tork is coming to Hillsboro, NC at the Blue Bayou Club. In case anya youse wanted to join me...)
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Hey, if you had these two ridiculously catchy songs in your head you'd be saying the same thing...

(I also like the alternate version of the song with Nesmith vocals.)
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Okay, so my bestest pal [ profile] kittencuffs came up with a little Monkees fic story idea last night. We talked about it a bit after watching "Fairy Tale," "The Devil and Peter Tork" and "Monkee Mother" and before that we played Sims Castaway and yes I made the Monkees (and me and her for the ladies ratio). And before that I made Monkee Miis. You know the little icony people for the Wii sports games. I played bowling with Peter and a little bit of baseball with everyone (including the pre Sci-fi cast of MST3K and the Hogwarts Trio and our own little Miis.)

Anyway, so fleshing out a few minor ideas last night I ended up spending two and a half hours writing the intro of HER story. Lol. She hasn't even read it yet. (Go to the board for further detail, [ profile] kittencuffs)

But I thought I would post it here since if she does tackle this completely by herself it'll never see the light of LJ. She'll rewrite this a bit and make it a TON more.. better... But remember I haven't written anything in ...years and I did this from 2-4:30 am. I haven't a clue WHY it took soooo long. It's not even that much. (And yes we used our own named in this for a lack of thinking up others at this moment.)

But this isn't that slash I was talking about in my previous journal, cuz it's her idea.

Basically Peter's new girlfriend has a twin sister, who Davy befriends and Micky falls for. Micky doesn't know there's two of them... until a bit later. (That's a small side story, Maybe. Probably will be resolved quickly. And Davy doesn't have a romance with her, OMG. We made that a point for a later joke.) Anyway, after that gets cleared up, more stuff hits the fan for Micky when he discovers Mike has a bit of a thing for her. Micky enlists Davy's "help" (Davy's a bit smarter to really take sides) to construct some outrageous competition for Allison's affections. Mike is reluctant to comply, but Micky starts pushing his buttons. (Probably the ones on his cute little hat, literally.) Allison figures this out quickly and Davy convinces her to let them sort it out, the children. Meanwhile, the boys get Lara (that's Peter's girl) and Allison constantly confused. All except Peter, who notices exceptionally random tiny details easily. And what's Davy got going on with a new girl on his arm every hour?

Alright that was terribly long. Some of those details are bound to change.

So, would you wanna continue to read it? )
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Okay, peoples help me out.

Did Mike Nesmith play (during the Monkees/their breakup) anything other than guitar?

This may or may not result in Monkees slash-fic...

((PS: I just heard "One Trick Pony" by Peter Tork. Hint hint. ...Oh, I just thought of a reversal fic for that... Should I say any more? Hmm... nah.))


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