May. 17th, 2008 12:45 am
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I love this show.

I am so gosh-darn happy.

BUT... no extras.


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I'll probably regret this, but I'll do it anyway. This one I'l actually try and finish!

Ficmeme nabbed from [ profile] gypsyjr:

Give me the first or last line of a drabble and I'll write the rest.
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Another really odd Night Court dream. Which didn't even happen in court, or anywhere around the courthouse, really.

There' an alien scare. And Dan, some girl who's the defender because Christine's not there and is also Dan's girlfriend, Mac, Harry and I (I dont know what I'm doing there, except that I'm Harry's girlfriend) walk into this large stadium like place and take our seats so we can wait for whoever is in charge to start this discussion.

But first everyone has to be sprayed with a fire extinguisher to make sure none of us are infected with the alien ...gene. Or something. If you are, the foam stuff sticks to you and if not, it melts away rather quickly. Well, while Dan was complaining about his suit, Harry notices that Mac's foam hasn't disinigraded and quickly pulls Dan away from Mac. Mac, in a clear state of mind, knows he's infected and sits two rows behind us so that he won't hurt us, should he become violent. Also, while Harry was pulling Dan away I think he called him "honey" or some term of affection that made me giggle with slashy fan girlness, even though I was Harry's girlfriend at the time.

Anyway, Harry tilts Dan's head and pours this blue koolaid looking stuff in Dan's ear.

"What the hell was that?" exclaims Dan.

"Wait! That was our only vial!" exclaims the head guy about fourty rows down.

Harry moved Dan's head the other way, trying to get some to drip back out.

"Harry, I didn't even touch him," Mac reasons.

Harry looks a little stunned and feels a bit silly, "I... panicked." He looks at the vial. "What's in this stuff anyway?"

"Oh, just some stuff around the house. Mostly laundry detergent," pipes up a voice between Mac's row and ours.

Everyone's surprised to see him. "Buddy?"

"Sir, what are the ingrediants to this?" The head guy apparently knows thi is going to work.

"Oh, uh, laundry detergent, tea, and melted marshmellows."

Dan rolled his eyes and is about to say something before checking the look that Harry gives him and shuts up.

Jump Cut!

Mac's escaped and Harry, Dan's girlfriend, Dan and I are searching the mall for him! Distracted by a question I haven't gotten answered, I let go of Harry's hand and slip into a Kohl's department to look for the Kermit beanie hats that my friend Lauren mentioned at one point and never elaborated on. Christmas is coming and I wanted one. And posibly an Animal one for Bull. He'd like that. YA know, if they had them.

Well, they did, but they weren't black and I wanted black. Grr. Gray and Green don't look that good, Disney!

Anyway, I leave Kohls and find that Dan, Harry and Dan's girl friend are long gone. But I can hear Harry calling my name. I run to the voice, but unfortunatly they've all turned into lawn furniture.

Damn you, Lauren!


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Had an odd "Night Court" dream. well, it might not sound odd now, but there was more too it to make it odd, but I don't really remember much of it.

Here's what I do know:

I was apparently working at the court house. Doing what I have no idea. Anyway, some man had come into Harry's court with a baby and ended up leaving it. Bull takes it upon himself to take care of the kid, although everyone tells him he can't. HArry agrees to let Bull 'babysit' the kid while he straightens out legl stuff and figure out where the kid's father is. Meanwhile, dinner. Everyone, except for myself and Bull head down to the cafeteria. Harry leaves too, but to look for the father.

So Bull and I are talking in the hallway infront of Harry's office and Bull is quite upset and trying to get the baby to stop crying. Soon, the dad finds us. Bull yells at him for abandoning his child and for generally not providing for the kid, etc. I tell Bull to keep the dad there and I leave to find Harry.

I head for the cafeteria since someone else would have a better idea of where Harry went that I do, but find the entire place generally kidnapped. And I found Harry, handcuffed to Dan. Everyone's handcuffed to everyone else but for some reason no one bothered to leave, or find the keys to the cuffs. But I dont have the time and take Dan and Harry back to the hallway where I had left Bull.

Bull's gone and the dad's on the ground unconcious. So, Harry, Dan and I run about the place to find Bull. Taking some stairs up, we finally find him. Harry says something to Bull about being rash and stupid and Bull, quite angry, gives Harry a push. Dan smirks about to comment about Bull being a brute but he falls too, down the flight of stairs we had just climbed up. I see if Harry and Dan are okay and Bull flees.

Then I woke up.


Then I had some boring dream about work and tea bags.

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Caught an episode of it last night. SO glad to see it on air. I always get tiny tastes of it and then can never find it again. Ali can back me up on that.

Comes on at 11:30 everynight on TV Land, plus a four-episode block on Tuesdays from 6-8. Awesome! Tuesday is "House" day! Or will be in a fe more weeks again.

Anyway, I tried heading by Wal-Mart to pick up the first season, but didn't find it. Mentioning this casually to my co-workers, Dante and Samantha, Dante perks up, "Night Court? Man, that's my show!"

"Really?"I asked, not entirely sure he was thinking of the same show.

"Yeah, I used to watch that all the time back in the day. Right after 'Fresh Prince'!" Then he starts singing the theme song.

Last person I would have thought to like 'Night Court.' Hell, I hardly know anyone who's even heard of it. I told him that. So between whatever jobs, food edidems we're making, we're chatting about 'Night Court'. How cool Roz was, Mac being on "House" just the other week, what was the deal with Harry's mom.

What WAS the deal with Harry's mom? He couldn't remember, thinking his parents were both dead, since he hadn't heard mention of them. I think I heard his mother abandoned him when he was a kid, 5 or so, and he grew up in (a) foster home(s).

Quote from Arrested Development (that oddly enough I'm watching right now...)

Kitty: "The program has changed my life. And I havea sponser now. He's famous."
Michael: "That's great."
Kitty: "I can't tell you who he is. But let's just say he was on Night Court."
Michael: "Well, you look great--"
Kitty: "I can tell you who it's not. It's not Bull. It's not Harry Anderson."
Michael: "I got it."
Kitty: "And he's white!"
Michael: "I think I know who it is."

Ah well. Off to find an episode guide!

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