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So my Davy Jones fish died. And I realized I don't have any pictures of him! D:

I got a new fishie.

Meet Naboo. )

Looking through my fishy folder. :(
Click here to see pictures of my fishies past
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Aaron wants to keep him. Of course. My brother the dog rescuer. No seriously, he's brought home a german shepard mix and a pitt mix within six months of each other. They tore up the yard so dad called Animal control and had them taken away. Bye bye Brandy and Buster. He brought home a chihuahua, who was only allowed to stay because A) a little housedog, B) that rare exception of a chihuahua who is not butt ugly/doesn't look like a rat, C) Aaron convinced mom and dad Sam needed a "little friend".

I hope Aaron get rich and famous just so he can have all the dogs he wants. Because he would have A LOT.

Anyway, he finally uploaded a picture of him:

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So after class Ken and I went back to his house to watch a movie. On the way to the parking lot...

Ken: [checking phone] "I gotta stop flirting with girls I meet..."

Me: "What?"

Ken: "This girl is almost stalking me... But temptation is a bitch. I was resisting when we saw 'Four Christmases'..."

Me: "Oh, really?"


So we go back to his house and search for his DVD remote. Can't find it. Watch Comedy Central stand up instead. He puts his arm around me. We end up full out limbs entangled cuddling.

Then he asked if he could kiss me.

I said, "No. You've got a girlfriend."

"Please? Just one?"



"No." x twelve and again at the next commercial break. I told him I would go home if he asked again. So we cuddled and watched TV and he kissed my cheek three times and my hand a few times throughout the two hours. He asked once more before I left and then apologized if he was "pushing it too far."

But son of a bitch! I like him. And he likes me, apparently. BUT HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND.


And to make today suck even more: tonight's OPENING NIGHT was canceled. Someone smelled something "funny". Whatever it was WAS there. It made you cough a little. Fifteen minutes later it was gone. Something in the air vents probably. We got canceled for the night.

And John looked as if someone had just died. I have never seen him sadder.

I never wanna see that look again.

But in other news! I bought a fish a while ago.

He still doesn't have a name. I can't think of one!


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So I suck at this 8 days of happiness Meme...

Day Five... or something...
- My dragons! They hatched!
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

- Peanut's sweater is made of FAIL

- I have a date tomorrow night. My co-assistant stage manager for "Wait Until Dark" asked me out this afternoon. Via text, but I was at work, so, you know... I really don't know him that well at all, but he seemed a nice guy and we got on well when I met him. So we'll see how it goes tomorrow...
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Jim died this morning. I was about to change his bowl as per those directions when I found him all flare, upside down. The fin rot looked like it was beginning to clear up.


I don't know if I wanna just hand over your tank back or get Artie and Jim: The Second Coming...

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Aw geez

May. 24th, 2008 02:02 am
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And I thought he was doing so much better...

Artie has died.

He was all kinda half moon-y when I found him. Like arching his back. Very weird. I think.

Le sigh.

And poor Jim is sleeping on the very far end of his tank, away from Artie's bowl.

So what do I do?

Does Jim West go solo? Or do I go for another Artemus Gordon?

I mean, I knew when I got them, either of them living for very long in the condition they were in was improbable... Such is rescuing fishes.So Artie lasted a week. I mean, I found him on the bottom of the tank in wal-mart too. And poor Jim was stuck to the side of the frickin' filter...


Gonna watch some Wild Wild West before Ryan comes to bed.

Oh yeah, me cousin Ry and his mom and her new boyfriend are here for the weekend. Present time tomorrow!

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My fish Fred died yesterday.


I went to Walmart to get a new fish. Looking at the pretty fishies in the cups I thought, 'Wait a second. They always have fish in those tanks. Grr. I better get one of those.'

So I did. This blue guy was stuck to the filter. He looked black in that water.

2 pics of blue dude )

And this red guy was laying at the bottom of the tank below it.

So I had to.

Red guy )

So red guy mostly lays at the bottom. He swims around the sides real quick for a little, then rests. I got him in a little bowl, about a quart, half full for now. And that's until I get a tank from Ali. Guess what? They don't have the Critter Keepers anymore. So I got this little one instead remembering Ali has about twelve nice sized tanks.

Anyway... I think the blue one might have fin rot...

I need names for these guys! I can't think of none...

EDIT: Ali is brilliant as always. Blue is Jim West and Red is Artemus Gordon.

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Just a minor spoiler that I'm not gonna cut because it's not really a spoiler and makes no sense unless you saw it but I just have to say it because it had me rollin' cuz I'm been watching his specials like they was goin' outta style.


Also, mah doggie woggies, dey iz seepin'.


Also, I redid "Girls of Rock and Roll" (from "The Chipmunk Adventure") so that you can hear Janice and Ross in their real voices. Totally difficult. Well it was the first time as I just did it with one track. This time, I duplicated them, silenced the opposing bits changed respective speeds, fixed Ross's tempo to fit into Janice's and then took the tempo on both up again. With the first version I couldn't change the tempos to fit cuz I just highlighted Ross's bits and lowered the speed, which of course slows the tempo. So now I'm in the process of a music vid to post this on the YouTube. I'll convert the other songs and may or may not vid those...

But really why is "Ay yi yi yi yi" not in the soundtrack? They have a Mexican Song Medley not used in the film (and another unused Chipettes song AND "Leader of the Pack". WTF I hate that song.)

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I don't think there's anything cuter than a dog scratching her ear with her back foot and trying to yawn at the same time.

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So day two of *paid* training today. Learned how to make coffee and even got to have some. I had a small hazelnut coffee ("It's nutty!" we have to tell the customers, should they ask. Also, Cinnomin is "more cinnominny than sweet," Original blend is "Mellow" and decaf is "mellow, without caffine." I'm so not making this up.) Also a chocolate flavored ice coffee, no sugar. Then I put sugar in it and promptly poured it out. I don't like chewing my coffee, thank you very much.

I get paid 5.25 an hour, after three monthes and evaluation raises are handed out. I'm so happy I don't have any assholes in my crew. Everyone's really nice. Although two girls are quite 'gangsta' they're nice. I am no hater, I'll have you know. The other girl I haven't talked to as much. And the one guy on the shift is really nice, holding doors open even though I offered to and stuff. And so gay. Well not SO gay, except that he wore black and pink sneakers today and talks very effeminately and stuff. Word.

Got home and put the new bettas in their respective homes.

Spit-spot, you two )

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Well, I started my Deep 13/Forrester scarf a few minutes ago, while I'm watching the MST3k episode "Prince of Space" (paused for the moment). I'm doing it either all with the purl stitch, or 13 purl rows and 13 knits, back and forth. I'm only on row 3 right now, so not making any decisions at the moment. I'd like some feedback on that. And I'm thinking it'll be from just one person...

But if just one person believes in you... Deep enough and strong enough believes in you...

Okay, okay... Moving on, my red betta James "Prongs" Potter died. I'm guessing internal parasites, since it was quite sudden and stuff.

I got two new bettas today. Joel Robinson and an unnamed female. Any suggestions? Pictures under the cut.

Read more... )

Also I started my training at Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robins. Pretty boring, since we just watched some videos on the computer. We also had to answer questions at the end of the video, but left to our own devices got the first one wrong. Hehe. Then the lady manager came back and shes hella nice. She read one of the questions out loud (It was real long). I said, "What was the question again?" after a beat and got a nice hearty laugh from the other four trainees. Dig it.

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Well, if my dad uploaded the picture, I would show it... No I wouldn't. She looks dead and... Anyways. Before you ask, what the hell is she talking about, I'll tell you.

While I was away at school, apparently a doe jumped our fence. Yes, a doe, a deer, a female deer. If she jumped our fence she must have also jumped the people behind us..'s fence. However when she jumped ours she hurt her leg pretty bad and couldn't get back up. So dad and his friend Millie are home and they look out the window because Brandy, our big dog (Greman shepard-greyhound-other things-mutt) was barking. Then they saw Brandy lay down near the doe's head, licking her forehead. *breaks for cutest/saddest thing ever moment*

So dad called the animal control guy that lives down the street. He came and got her and god knows where she is right now.

It just made me think of Chris Kratt and the injured kangaroo in the Roo ep of "Be the Creature". (By the way, [ profile] krattbrothers) *breaks for saddest moment in Kratt history*

But, on happier notes, I'm remaking my Muppet CD and the Wicked soundtrack... (All I need for Muppets is a good version of Mr Bassman. One that doesn't sound like it's about to skip). (I'd have it from older CDs, but for some reason it's not reading the old CD!)

And, [ profile] kittencuffs you'll be happy to hear (and squeeze the life out of Stevie) that Steve Whitmire has 6 cats and at one point had 36 (yes, thirty six) foster kitties. But he live in Atlanta and had enough land to have a tractor and farm as a hobby, so, I guess he can do that. Oh... *snuggles Stevie*

Sammie sent me a interveiw where he shares that, so if anyone wants to see it, I'll gladly share. (Email me.)

...I was gonna say something else... But Steve's distracted me too badly...

Well, here's something. I went to the library today hoping to find "The Complete Book of M*A*S*H" which I checked out years ago when I was first hooked on the show, only to find out it's long gone. Arg. If only I could have picked it up at a library book sale... I could own it for maybe 2 bucks, who knows.

Hmmm... The next book sale's in May. Garr.

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Feb. 7th, 2005 10:50 am
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Heeey, [ profile] kittencuffs remember when you said that maybe Peter's fins would grow back silver and that would be hell-a weird?

Well, I suppose i should bring everyone else up to speed.

I have two bettas. James Potter and Peter Pettigrew. (I also have a female betta, Lily Evans. No pic of her yet.)

Here's James. Aka, Prongs. Right?

Okay, and Here's what Peter looked like before he went crazy. I bought him and named him Peter because when I saw him in his little fish cup I believed him to be dead. But he wasn't!

Anyway, lighting can do wonders and by the way he went crazy at some point while [ profile] kittencuffs was spending the night. Chewed off half his tail, blew his fins out and everything. Well, take a look at his ventral fin...

I don't know when exactly that happened, but there it was. It's silver. But it's also his left one. Oh well, close enough.

Wicked weird.

And I've had Greg Proops saying this all day in my head:

"She had her breezies all up in my face and stuff."

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