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This song! ILU. Also, I'm mad at how the 80s Mix I got it from listed it as "Paul McCartney - Ebony and Ivory", but it WAS the one with Little Stevie Wonder.

This commercial made me want to watch "Psych." I'd seen an episode or two before but couldn't really get into it. :/ I know my F-listers love this show tho. Tell me why I should try again!

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Yeah, I needed this on my ipod like yesterday. (This rap and the real song.)

TY, "Community," for making my shitty day end with me crying from laughter.

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For all my Fifth Doctor fans...

Now I can't help but think of Turlough jamming to this. TY, icon. TY.
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and her name is Carly Sakolove

PS: I absolutely hate the song "Send in the Clowns" but this girl makes it worth it.
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See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

(FTW is that Deidritch Bader doing the voice over?)
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Can't freakin' wait!

(I knew my journal was gonna be youtube ruled...)

Shaun reference!

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I'm just gonna use this for now...

Yum Hal.

Now I wanna be a rock star like Hal. I painted my fingernails black.

And I'm not wearing pants.


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