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Please vote for my girl Ashley. She's currently in 3rd place and I will not have her loose to a guy making the "rocker face" and some chick that got to touch Tommy's guitar! So what? Gowan personally gave Ashley a blanket and his water bottle. (No, she wasn't in shock, he just recognized her from facebook. After that she was in shock.)

Click the pics to vote for each one. Vote both! And you can vote every hour, so if you REALLY wanna be my best pal, you'll do it more than the once.

VOTE HERE for pic 1

VOTE HERE for pic 2


May. 15th, 2011 03:19 pm
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Hey F-list...

What is your job/career/how do you make a living/earn money/get by?
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Had a few weird dreams last night. And they were all short and I kept waking up so that really bugs me...

1. It was almost like the setting of "FallOut 3" (which I've been playing when Aaron's not on the PS3, so, not much...) except before the ...FallOut. Anyway I was in school, I think, or hanging around it, anyway I was buying somethings and then met up with Troy from "Community" in the store. He took advantage of me and upset me so bad I started to cry. He felt awful but I was so angry I didn't want to speak to him and ran off to find Britta.

2. Charlie (my friend in the ARMY who I've had a crush on for years) was back in town and we were working on a play for my community college (not Greendale). We were chatting and just hanging around not actually working on any play. At some point he was sitting on the floor behind me and I was laying on the floor, but propped on my elbows infront of him. His brother was there and after talking to him a little, he left, and Charlie leaned down and gave me the Spiderman kiss. It lasted a long time. I heard music.

3. On the set of some movie with Alexandra Moen, Camryn Manheim and Christian Slater. It's some Victorian age movie and Alexandra is once again playing a crazy woman. Camryn and I play her BFFs but Alex accuses me of witchcraft or something and at some point Camryn's holding me down and they're about to make me drink tea... to prove I'm not a witch? IDEK. Anyway, so we're just hanging around getting ready for that scene, rehearsing, etc. Some old dude is showing me the different flavors of tea they have so I can pick and then has me read the packets, which have lines from "Sex and the City" that we'll modify for the movie later on. Christian's just sitting there with us while Camryn asks if she's pulling my hair too hard. Eventually we get bored of rehearsing and someone starts playing the soundtrack to the Producers (the movie, not the original cast recording). I think to ask Christian if he'll ever do a musical before remembering he can't sing. After this scene we have to set up for when Alex turns into a deer/kangaroo and I get the blame for it.

IDEK. WTF my brain.


Jun. 6th, 2008 12:45 am
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Talk about frickin' ruining an until then frickin' cool day.

Frickin' A.

Maybe not so much that it happened but that I'm this pissed off by it.

Anyway, so Tuesday we had a party in the party room at work. The office is in the party room. The Shift Change book in the office. The office was locked. And Keith was the only manager, pretty darn busy, and well, we just forgot. Basically Megan had today off and as Tuesday if she could have anyone's days. I said "Sure you can have my Thursday. I got stuff I need to do anyhow." She thanked me profusely and I made the incredible mistake (apparently) of going "Meh, office is locked. We'll put it in the book later."

So the one time I don't put a shift change in the book, I get fucked. I was doing *her* a favor and she doesn't show up. Fuckin' hell.


Anyway, Ali dyed my hair. Looks pretty rad. Pics later.

So yeah, I am totally tired of being the one that somehow becomes responsible for everything the other hosts do wrong. I mean this from before this incident which is partly my fault for not watching my own ass and actually taking someone on there word. Fucking shows me.

So I'm gonna get chewed out tomorrow and you can bet your ass I'll be taking it back out on Megan...

...Although I think she opens so I won't even see her. Dammit!

AND Ross Bagdasarian (Sr) in Hitchcock's "Rear Window" is the awesomely frustrated drunk orgy blow out hotness!

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I'm selling all of my possessions on EBAY again.

Click on da washed out puppy!

In other news OMG Charlie's back! Or was. I haven't been on AIM in a while so I hadn't spoken to him. But he came into Joe's last night and I nearly had a heart attack, swear to god. He gives the best hugs. And said he'd try to hit me up tomorrow (today, but as it's pouring rain and already 3 and I have to be at work in 2 1/2 hours we probably won't, and he has to do family goodbyes and all ya know. Friggin family.) and that I was the only person he even talks to from high school and that he really appreciates that and stuff. Squee.

Well it was good to see him. Even if we couldn't hang out.

Another six months, then...

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Cuz my little [ profile] gypsyjr isn't getting any love.

This should help!

Get one of your own! by Drunken Hero

solidfoamsoul is being stalked on Livejournal!

gypsyjr is stalking solidfoamsoul
gypsyjr’s REAL name : Vanita Sweitzer
gypsyjr’s REAL DOB : 21st December 1984
Height :174 cm Weight : 90.8 kg
gypsyjr has dreamt about you : 9 times
gypsyjr became interested in you : 03rd February 2005
gypsyjr’s latest dream about you
gypsyjr and solidfoamsoul are the first astronauts to colonize Mars. Instead of concentrating on colonial issues, the two young lovebirds instead spend their hours making passionate love on top of Olympus Mons.
This is how gypsyjr describes your relationship behind your back
’solidfoamsoul is my best friend in the whole world. When it dies I’m thinking of stuffing her and placing her beside my television.’
gypsyjr’s been stealing stuff from your house too.
For the last year gypsyjr has been pilfering solidfoamsoul’s mothers bras from her lingerie drawer.
They’ve even started modifying their body for you
gypsyjr had their nipples pierced to show you the true depths of their neverending love for you.
They sent the following message to you in a Valentines
Marry me darling. Move in with me. I will do your laundry. I will raise the children! I will do anything to be your soulmate. Do you need a hip? How about a new set of teeth? Anything that is mine will soon be yours.

The Police
No. calls to the police : 7 times
Your Last Call to The Police
"Look, I need help now. A friend of mine is on top of my roof and they’re threatening to kill themselves unless I accept their marriage proposal. Fuck! I just heard a massive thud! Jesus they’ve done it!"
gypsyjr’s Police File
gypsyjr can be quite pleasant when it’s not trying to gouge peoples eyes out with a plastic fork.

Testimonies about gypsyjr
queenitsy - Brainless patriot
‘I’m completely fucking gutted to hear about all of this. I always liked gypsyjr. Are you sure you’re accusing the right person?’
lyrical_gypsy - Loves staring at dead bodies
‘gypsyjr is pointlessness personified. I just wish they’d kill themselves or something.’
__nessarose__ - Slap-happy
‘I’m sure if you were to look up useless in the dictionary you would see a picture of gypsyjr right beside the definition.’

Or.. not.

I love you!

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Man I hate updating my journal at the library...


These keyboards are loud!

Yeah so my bro is hogging my comp and I had to come to the library anyway, so I was all "what the hell..."

And I had eight dollars in fines cuz of that stupid Hellboy book, Ali.

So I spent the day with Sam yesterday, pretty much. After our Sociology class I just hung out at his place until we had to go to a extra credit thing and then I hung out some more. We watched Exit 57, a few episodes, a little bit of Rocky Horror Picture Show, went to the Salvation Army Thrif Store and Walmart and then came back home and watched more Exit 57 which he "really really likes" and never did get around to Strangers with Candy, season 3.

So going to Wal-mart for dinner stuffs, he decided we should SO do our own sketch show and totally get Charlie (my friend who's in ARMY) in on it when he gets back, after I told him about the play we wrote in senior year. We came up with some nutty ideas and stuff. (All of which came around just by stuff we did that day. Sam nearly choking himself while trying to tie his tie and me running a red light without even noticing. And some guy trying to sell us twenty dvds for ten bucks in the parking lot of his apartment.)

Anyway. He *really* likes Exit 57 and it makes me happy.

Also, he wants to go to whatever college I plan on going to. What a sweet kid.

But what's really strange is that I don't think I feel as close to him yet as he does to me. It's weird and I don't like that. I think I've been cut off from new human contact for too long; afraid of dissapointing others or something...

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In honor of [ profile] kittencuffs getting her lisence!

Michael J Nelson pic spam! )

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This is a library! I am so about to loose my cool with this naggy old lady and her son beside me here.



6 inch voices. Something... God damn.

Jeezy Chreezy. They're doing a friggin' personality test. After this post I'm getting the fuck out. God damn.

In other words... I'm getting a laptop.

And Charlie? He called me this morning and said that that snag had gotten smoothed over and "you're gonna be so pissed at me". He left for Raleigh and is leaving for GA, I believe, tomorrow. "I feel like an asshole." He said he'll see me in a couple of months.

Am I mad? No, not really. Disappointed, yeah, but I cant be mad at him. I'm the one (or other one) who didn't call him up since November to hang out. Yeah, its a two way street, but... [Kate Monster]Shit.[/Kate Monster] He's no longer 'just down the street to call whenever I want.'

But I really did want to give him those Spiderman comics I got for his birthday and forgot about. And the "Muppet Treasure Island" and "Muppets Take Manhatten" soundtrack.

And wish he had told me more/sooner about what was going on with him.

Okay, these peeps is gonna get choked.

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Aug. 14th, 2006 09:17 pm
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I may be getting a laptop tomorrow!

Mom says we're going to best buy to look at them.

Hopefully my glasses will be ready tomorrow too!

Also, I found out this morning that my friend Charlie had signed up for ARMY and was/is shipping out for GA tomorrow. I was suppose to see him after his PT test, which gave me time to pick up my car and do a few errands. He called a few hours later and had to cancel because he had "hit a snag". Charlie said he'd tell me he'd fill me in later, he was really pissed off at the moment. Maybe we could get together next week, which lead me to believe something didnt go so well with his test...

So I've been thinking about him actually leaving all day before he called me back. How I've actually been taking advantage of getting together with him just whenever I see him on line and arrange a movie or something. Which we've done twice over the last two years.

When I see him, it's like we've just graduated and it hasn't been a year in between visits. We joke about how we're becoming like our characters in a play we did in 11th grade: two exes meeting once a year on Valentines day, who have been for 7 years or so.

The worst thing is, he lives just five minutes away from me. So does another one of my best friends from high school who I never talk to, but still care about. And my other best friend visited me last year to tell me she was pregnate. I haven't seen her since. Well, I dont have a number or address or email adress for her, but...


Anyway, laptop, yay.

Oh and uh, vote for me. # 3.

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That goddamn song! Damn Fraggles! Damn Rock!

Went to Barnes and Nobles with Ali today. At 5 and then at 9, but Shawn was not there. Shawn works in the music department. He is super hot. He also recognizes us and says hi to us every time we come in. In fact, Sunday he stopped us right outside of the section to talk to us as we were going. We had seen him leave when we came in, but he was just going for snackies. However, I did find "Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way" audio book which I've been looking for forever because it's in the music section, apparently. It was just there. Someone left him there and no one's bothered to put his back in the Audio book section, which is at the other end of the store. But I'm gonna wait to buy it when Shawn's there. So he's hiding out with Bing Crosby.

Then we went grocery shopping and I bought alcohol. Smirnoff Ice Watermelon (well, four watermelon, one wild grape because it was in there already and one green apple cuz I went "Fuck it; it's yummy." and switched em.) (Also, I am not drunk, Ali.)

And Ali gave me a bunch of LPs for my birthday, which she's been holding since..a while. Well, they were ...Where were they? I don't know. I mean, before you moved out, Al. Huh?

I got Elton John, Billy Joel and the Beatles. And John Lennon. And like, a fuckin' lot. Like, 10 LPs. She totally doubled my collection.

Also I finally fucking finished my Fraggle Rock CDs. Thank the gods. I've wasted 7 CDs just trying to make the last one. It kept making my computer freeze or finishing and the telling me it fucked it up. I just wanted to make three CDs. That's all! And I knocked out a Muppet CD too. w00t! The trick is, not to have ANYTHING else running at the same time. Sheesh.

So, Brian Henson mentioned a Fraggle Rock movie in the future in an interveiw he did. Also (I gotta find a different word for that) he's mentioned to direct. FUCK YEAH! I really love Brian's style. Just the opening shots are enough to make me go gag-gag. They're somewhat homage to TMM and MTM and somehow a signature mark of Brian. Sort of. Seems to me, anyway he wanted them to be...? I dunno. I'd like to think so. MCC and MTI where his first two directorial projects. But really, no wonder Michael Caine thought Brian had directed all the other Henson movies even if the kid was 29 doing MCC. Yeah, he's that good. But, seriously, compared to the other later Muppet movies they very grandly cinematic. Sure the other Muppet movies, which the exception of "Muppets From Space", weren't in theaters, but still. Perhaps if it were Brian and not Tim Hill behind MFS we would have gotten original songs for the movie at least. No offense, Tim Hill, but jeeze, man, no excuse. Everybody in the damn company probably had Paul William's number in their cell.

The End.


Ask me to take a picture of any aspect of my life that you're interested in/curious about - it can be anything from the house I live in to my favourite shoes. Leave your choice here as a comment, and I will reciprocate by taking the pictures and posting them as an LJ entry. That way you get to know a little bit about my life.

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May. 31st, 2006 02:37 pm
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No, I'm not a pirate. I'm angry. I mean, what's the point of having TiVo if your father erases things before you even *know* they're recorded!!!???

All I waned to watch was one stinkin' Bruce Campbell movie!! Arg!! "Tornado" came on recently on the Sci-fi channel. When did it come on? I dont remember, because my dad erased it!!!

ARRRRGGG![/Charlie Brown]

In other news I got my birthday parcel from [ profile] flattheseventh. I got loads of Wonka candy (and Worthers and Sweettarts and some Ninja Turtles Gum) plus an Inidnana Jones action figure and an Indiana Jones post card. (Hehehe, okay, Lauren, you can use this one, even tho Joe will probably shoot us for trying to start it again. But it will be especially funny to us, at least: "Indiana Jones Goes Postal"! Get it?! Bwahahaa!!)

Also, my dear Lauren, Sharpie + 90 degree weather + 2,000 miles = not so good. Nice thought though. I like pocket sharpies, though I have yet to find an actual use for them. Nothing got perment inked except for the tissue paper. THANK YOU!

AND "!Huff" is a really really good show and everyone should get Showtime just to watch it. ...Oh and watch The L Word too while you've got it. I think it used to come on after Huff when Huff was in it's first season anyway.

EDIT: I've had this box for two days and I just found another present in it! I was just grabbing for some banana Laffy Taffy and noticed something shiny. "Hey shiny thing," I said and pulled it out. It being a really super cool Muppets pin! How lovely! Thanks, Lauren!! Oh, I also got Raspberry LEmonade from her too, which I forgot about because I put it in the kitchen. It looks all old fashion. I love it! And that's before even drinking any yet!

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Like my new layout?

I got a paper cut from a receit at the gas station I didn't even want. I pressed the 'No' button. *sigh*

Least of my worried though. Yesterday, I got in a car wreck with some crazy woman. (She delayed in signing the ticket that my cousin-lawyer says we weren't even suppose to get, by yelling that her integrity was at stake and she wants me to pay for her car. I believe there *may* have been one dime-sized dent to the side of her massive Ford Explorer. I'm not gonna pay for fixing that! You can bang that back out with a hammer.) My little Ford Escort was nearly pushed off the overpass, not to mention a nice textbook size dent right behind my gass tank, or that my entire front end was shifted about three inches.

I'm not worried about having to pay for the other woman's car. George is a really good lawyer and since no body witnessed the accident (except for my friend [ profile] kittencuffs who was in my passenger seat and the crazy woman's 5yr old daughter who was in the backseat and then moved to the passenger seat when the incompetent policeman told us to drive to the BP station) George's going to say it's a civil matter and have it dismiss. I say my light was green, she says her light was green. Either way, I loose because I've got no headlights and burning rubber for right turns.

And if it can't get any better than that folks...

[ profile] kittencuffs's mother's exboyfriend/next door neighbor killed himself. Ali's mom blames herself and last night after she talked to the cops, having found his body, and even though she's a nurse, I was quite worried she'd got for the can of beer in the fridg. But she didn't! Yay! (She's an alcoholic, but she's been sober for.... I don't know. A little while? A couple months? More? Less? Ali can fill us all in.)

Up note: That same night a neighbor found a tiny kitten wandering around another yard, picked him up and handed it to another neightbor who prompty shoved the kitten in Ali's face. Ali's mom doesn't want to keep him but I think they will. (Check out [ profile] kittencuffs's journal for pictures.)

Down note: My 84 year old grandmother is doing badly and is in the hospital right now. The rest home put her there this morning at 5:30.

Oh, did I mention my birthday's tomorrow? I'll be 20. Ali's is the day after that. So if you would like to send me a small gift or card or something, or help with repairing my car, my PayPalaccount is "" and at type "Lara Frazier" in the Wish list search.

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Oh no...

Jan. 18th, 2005 10:20 am
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You know, I promise my self that I wouldn't just post when I had a quiz. I did that with my first one. I did quizzes like crazy and posted one, or tried to, with each post.

The Great LiveJournal
Outage of 2005

During the outage I curled into the fetal position and whimpered until LJ was back online.

What did you do?

Brought to you by geek-foo

Moving on...

I started watching Farscape. Pretty cool. I talked to my brother recently and he mentioned that he watched the miniseries and stayed up until 5am to do so, he liked it so much. While John was being chased by "Yeti looking things with goggles on" (says my brother) he (John) says to his comm-link-thingy, "I'm being chased by the Eletric Mayhem."

So how could I not pick up a DVD from Blockbuster? Besides, even if I didn't like it, there's still some footage of Brian Henson. <3 I always liked his goatee. And Long hair. [ profile] kittencuffs, we gotta get them friggin' screen caps, yo! He had such pretty hair for "Muppet Treasure Island".

Brian at work in Muppets from Space.

That's my other love, Steve Whitmire, behind him. I'm not entirely sure what he's doing... reading lines... reading...

Ahem. So anyway, yeah, Farscape is good. So I go back to blockbuster to find they only have the premire episode, the second, and then BEST OF season 1! Arg! Six episodes. But they appear to have all of season 2...

And this guy behind me sounds a little like Brian... Only, a bit lower in tone. Like... Brian Henson with a cold. But not as cute. =)

And I skipped English class, because I have no gas and no money to get gas to go. Sheesh. I need a friggin' (babysitting, etc) job. I need to get money from mom to fill up my gas tank and then get the computer class book from Tara... Garr.

On another note, I'm making real progress on my scarf and I've gotten [ profile] kittencuffs into "Arrest Development." And it's bloody cold in here!!

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