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I have have four cream sodas and a root beer today.

This is not good. I am wired as shit.


But it had no pull out patterns thingys...

(I think my mood has changed from the other day, huh?)

I'm house sitting. God sitting. DOG sitting. Wow. Same people from last year only just for tongith. Two days. FTW.

But I get to AGAIN, or for the first time for my mummy's BFF who is going to Alaska for two or three weeks and she has LITTLE DOGGIES! I heart little doggies. I has little doggies. :)

Anyway these people have no tea. Except for sweet tea, obviously I do live in the South, c'mon. Oh well. another cream soda.

We have no tomatoes yet in our garden so Cindy (who I'm sitting for) has tomatoes. They are green.


I had fun with Zanna and Abby today in the Dagobah System. We watched "Return of the Jedi" for father's day.
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I sell Avon now! I'll have a website and all that BS ready tonight. My rep has to set that up, actually, so I can't do anything until she finishes that.


Sep. 7th, 2010 08:37 pm
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So I applied for a job on craigslist and got this back:

You have applied for this postion many times before, but never showed up to be interviewed or to even fill out the application. It would seem you are not really looking for work.
Good luck with whatever you are really doing.

1. Lies.
2. You misspelled "position", geniuses...

This is there ad if you wanna harass/flag them. ;)
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House/pet sitting all the way across town.

Day one of fourteen.

Discovered they own every sci-fi movie imaginable and every Pixar film...



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Getting info from my boss about the location of the theater we're supposed to be at FRIDAY is like PULLING TEETH.



Jun. 6th, 2008 12:45 am
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Talk about frickin' ruining an until then frickin' cool day.

Frickin' A.

Maybe not so much that it happened but that I'm this pissed off by it.

Anyway, so Tuesday we had a party in the party room at work. The office is in the party room. The Shift Change book in the office. The office was locked. And Keith was the only manager, pretty darn busy, and well, we just forgot. Basically Megan had today off and as Tuesday if she could have anyone's days. I said "Sure you can have my Thursday. I got stuff I need to do anyhow." She thanked me profusely and I made the incredible mistake (apparently) of going "Meh, office is locked. We'll put it in the book later."

So the one time I don't put a shift change in the book, I get fucked. I was doing *her* a favor and she doesn't show up. Fuckin' hell.


Anyway, Ali dyed my hair. Looks pretty rad. Pics later.

So yeah, I am totally tired of being the one that somehow becomes responsible for everything the other hosts do wrong. I mean this from before this incident which is partly my fault for not watching my own ass and actually taking someone on there word. Fucking shows me.

So I'm gonna get chewed out tomorrow and you can bet your ass I'll be taking it back out on Megan...

...Although I think she opens so I won't even see her. Dammit!

AND Ross Bagdasarian (Sr) in Hitchcock's "Rear Window" is the awesomely frustrated drunk orgy blow out hotness!

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Ali and I just got back from seeing "The Last Mimzy". It was okay.

Rainn Wilson had leopard print breifs. Fun.

Also, I quit Lowes, because my two weeks isn't up yet at Joe's Crab Shack so I'll just be sticking there (for now.)

I was only half through training and the managers were like: "Alright, whatever." and I gave them my discount card and that was it.

I guess I wasn't to clear on "Yes, I'm leaving" in my last post.

Ha, I'm free!!

And that was the job I was quitting Joe's for.

Funny ole world...

I fell better now.

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I put in my two weeks notice at Joe's Crab Shack.

I started my training at Lowe's as a cashier.

I was scanning things today and watching and stuff.

And I looked at a sign that said "Gypsum Board" (or Gypsum something) and felt like crying.

Why? Because it reminded me of how happy and fun MST3K is and how much I want to be in that kind of environment with the silliness and the creativeness. Also had me realize how much Lowe's was so very oppisite that place and how much (and I've been there less than a week and now I'm actually working *with* other people, cashiers and so on) I'm really not liking it.

Maybe it's because I just don't want to spend my days having to count 2x4s, I don't know...

I must have been fuckin' nuts.

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I got to close tonight.

And got a creepy phone call at work.

Me: "Thanks for calling Joes' Crab Shack of Fayetteville, your holiday giftcard headquaters. This is Lara, how can I help you?"
Creepy Guy: "Happy Halloween. Trick or treat, I'd like to smell your pretty feet."
Me: "I'm sorry?"
Creepy Guy: "I said I'd like to smell your pretty feet."
Me: "Oh. Riiiight."
Creepy Guy: "How about a foot massage?"
Me: "Sorry, I don't let people touch my feet without knowing their name at least. Can I ask why you're calling?"
Creepy Guy: *click*

[Kate Monster] EWWWWWW-WWWWW-WWWW![/Kate Monster]

And tonight episode of House was one of the funniest! And best montagey ending. Why does Wilson look like he's waiting for something/someone? And then it cuts to Cuddy next? Hmmm...

And now here's some wet!naked!Jon Stewart for your veiwing pleasure...

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Second day in a row I open for Joe's Crab Shack. Second day in a row with NO FUCKING BUSSER!! *angry face* Again, we were packed.

So, tired as shit I come home and once again failed to turn in any applications cuz my feet hurt too much to walk around the mall. What do I get but a fucked up comp with pop ups all over. And they're pop ups for a Anti-Spamwear program!

Then I get further aggitated, I find this post. Since now Paint Shop isn't working, I'll just opst it behind a LJ cut. You know. In case it gets deleted.

Moron. )

I mean, really!

Anyway, so I check the mail and find I've received my Psychology book, my Niles Powder Puff Football shirt and three discs of Buffy season two.

Oz is very Jon Stewart-ish. I like him. And when people have sarcastic enthusiaism the subtitles go "(!)".

So I fix the spammy thing by downloading the thing that's spamming me! Even more dumb-assness.

Oh, but I got an interveiw at The Coffee Scene tomorrow. Word.

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I got to food run tonight. Never a-fucking-gain. Well, if I had any say in it.

I'm am sooo tired.

And I broke a plate!

But Dan and Christine didn't mind.

And cuz I need to get some of these posted...

Which Xena Character Are You?

You are Joxer!
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

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Because I went to work quite House-d up today.

I wore my new "Everybody lies" silicone black braclet (thanks [ profile] trelana) and my shirt that says "You can't always get what you want" (and on the back it says "But you can always get crabs. Joe's Crab Shack.")

I work at Joe's Crab Shack now. Have been for a few weeks, but I suck at updating people on things.

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Image hosted by

So, last night everything was fine and dandy with five people around. It's about 5:30-ish. Neeta (the co-owner/manager) decides to send two people home because it's slow. BECAUSE ITS SLOW! NOW! But in about an hour we're packed with a line reaching the door, a line around the store for drive through with JUST ME working on it, because Neeta in all her managing glory has decided to start breaks. So it's just me and Yolanda in the store. Neeta *could* help, but that would be a smart idea and that's not her strong point.

So, around 10, three people closing. Randy's cleaning Dunkin' Donuts side, Yolanda's got Baskin Robbins and I'm doing the lobby. Neeta said she was going to do the dishes around 9:30 when I was back there doing them...

And now she says she's not. Well, that's not new. But if she told me that 20 minutes ago I could have been finished with them by ten!

Oh, no, I couldn't. We were too busy taking orders.


Also my dad looks like Frankenstein's monster cuz he's got this huge stitched up incision on his forehead. He had a cancerous mole on his forehead.

Too bad they didn't do that before Halloween. That woulda been COOL!

Oh, new layout.

And a friendly reminder:

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Caught an episode of it last night. SO glad to see it on air. I always get tiny tastes of it and then can never find it again. Ali can back me up on that.

Comes on at 11:30 everynight on TV Land, plus a four-episode block on Tuesdays from 6-8. Awesome! Tuesday is "House" day! Or will be in a fe more weeks again.

Anyway, I tried heading by Wal-Mart to pick up the first season, but didn't find it. Mentioning this casually to my co-workers, Dante and Samantha, Dante perks up, "Night Court? Man, that's my show!"

"Really?"I asked, not entirely sure he was thinking of the same show.

"Yeah, I used to watch that all the time back in the day. Right after 'Fresh Prince'!" Then he starts singing the theme song.

Last person I would have thought to like 'Night Court.' Hell, I hardly know anyone who's even heard of it. I told him that. So between whatever jobs, food edidems we're making, we're chatting about 'Night Court'. How cool Roz was, Mac being on "House" just the other week, what was the deal with Harry's mom.

What WAS the deal with Harry's mom? He couldn't remember, thinking his parents were both dead, since he hadn't heard mention of them. I think I heard his mother abandoned him when he was a kid, 5 or so, and he grew up in (a) foster home(s).

Quote from Arrested Development (that oddly enough I'm watching right now...)

Kitty: "The program has changed my life. And I havea sponser now. He's famous."
Michael: "That's great."
Kitty: "I can't tell you who he is. But let's just say he was on Night Court."
Michael: "Well, you look great--"
Kitty: "I can tell you who it's not. It's not Bull. It's not Harry Anderson."
Michael: "I got it."
Kitty: "And he's white!"
Michael: "I think I know who it is."

Ah well. Off to find an episode guide!

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The hell was that noise? Couldn't hear it? Oh well. My cat probably knocked something off of a table.

Happy birthday to my mummy! She's 47! That's crazy. She doesn't look 47. When my brother was in preschol they had to draw their parents and give their names and age. Aaron drew mom with a big circle for a stomach (cuz I was in there, you know) and listed her age as 17. (She was 27, actually.)

In other news, my job sucks. My boss is a hypocrite and a nagging one at that. But I did get free ice cream yesterday. Not that I'll be eating it, because it's not very good, but one must always look to the positive side of things, yes?

Fake LJ cut for House!fic just for [ profile] azziecat_34 Anyone else can read along, but I doubt anyone will get as much a kick out of it as ole Azzie. ...I hope she likes "House." I can't remember. Damn.

I'm sick. So I'm not entirely all here.

But then again, when am I?

Winamp eight-ball: put your media player on random, then ask it each question before going to the next song. )

Take the Hey Hey, Which Monkee Are You? Quiz.


4:30 pm - Picked up a carrot cake for mom's birthday. Nearly get hit by a car. People shouldn't speed in the FIRE LANE. Morons. Rather miffed, but then saw a rather cute guy parked next to me and he followed me almost home (read as: going in the general same direction). Also, got to drive my brother's 93 Mustang. Good stero, but you have to put it in neutral and bend your wrist in a most painful fashion to get the car started.

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Actually, I haven't the slightest clue, but that song kicks ass.

Other things that kick ass:

1) I got my car back! Huzzah! Yes, it was returned by my dad's friend who fixed it and saved us about 1,500 dollars, dirty inside and out and with an empty tank AND it squeaks when makeing sharp left turns. But I got it back, dammit. Brand new paint job and all that. (It was totalled.) I love my Gonzo. Which, by the way, I must remember to search for a Gonzo Intenna Topper. I think they used to have them at Hot Topic... but they were only Fozzie and Animal.... I got a Beaker/Citrus air freshener... but it was REALLy hot that week and rainy, so I had to leave my windows up in case of downpour and it made the car smell not so citrus-y fresh.

2) NightCat Grove's "Of Devils and Angels" MST3K fan fic has been updated.

3) This thing from "Serenity" or promotion stuff for said movie. Whatever it is, it's awesome. Warning, though. It's River creepified.

4) I got both "Death Rat" and "A Year at the Movies (by Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy, respectivly) the other day. I'm halfway through "A Year at the Movies." Kevin's awesome. I already have a list compiled of Movies to See just from the NPR tapes I listened too off Jeez, Murphy.

5) (The best one.) I have a interveiw for the library Monday at 10:30. Wish me luck, pray, send me flowers and chocolates, whatever, I HAVE to get this job!

Also, happy belated birthday to Richard Hunt! He would have been 54 on Aug 16th.

Image hosted by
Richard Hunt
August 16th, 1951 - January 7th, 1992
Act up! Fight AIDS!

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A friend of mine lent me these. (It's [ profile] kittencuffs my bestest pal in the whole world. Happy, Ali?) The WORKSHOP tapes for RENT. Now if only I could get my hands on the Aida workshop tapes. (Chip Esten as Rademas!)

So here are my thoughts..

Act I )

Hate to leave everyone hanging, but my head is killing me. It’s 10pm and I think I’ll go to bed early. Act Two (or the end of Act One and Act Two. "I should tell you" is on the other CD) tomorrow. I promise.

Also, today totally blows. I had to call in sick and Robin tells me I have to rbing a note from the doctor. That hsouldn't be to hard, I'm going to do it tomorrow morning, but the fact that I have to pisses me off. Especially since I'm still feeling like I'm gonna throw up at any second and now I have a headache. ANd now I can't find my muppet CD Ali burned me anywhere and I won't be able to make it again because all of those songs are on her laptop wihich is broke, nevermind that it's in Tony's house. (Visit [ profile] kittencuffs's journal for more info on that)

And I have to work from 2 until closing (11pm roughly) tomorrow.


*head desk*


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You know. "Muppets Tonight" was actually good. Well, I liked it! I just DLed and watched season 2. Just finished DLing season 1. And because I actually got around to DLing DivX I can DL season 1 of Fraggle Rock and it will actually work!

But not just yet, of course. My hard drive is sucky and finicky.

My right hand hurts like crap. Solid hard ice cream (ESPECIALLY butter pecan) sucks solid ass. Period. End of sentence.

On an up note, yesterday we got a crazy lady at the drive thru. It was Hi-larious.

Anita, Sherry, Randy, Amber (our assistant manager) and I were on drive thru duty. Sherry and Amber were taking the orders and ringing them up. Randy, Anita and I were filling the orders and bringing them to Amber and Sherry. We must have been looking like idiots to everyone else who didn't know what was going on.

Sherry: "Welcome to Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins, order when you're ready."
Crazy Lady: "I want a dozen old fashion donuts."
Sherry: "I'm sorry, we're out of old fashioned at the moment."
Lady: "I came here an hour ago and they said it would be 45 minutes."
Sherry: "Well, I'm sorry, but we dont have any available at this time."
Lady: (pissed) "So I've been told one thing and someone else is telling me another?"
Randy: (polite, but slightly snippy) "Ma'am, there's no need for an attitude."
Lady: "I can get an attitude if I want!"
Me: (very politely) "They may have been purchased in your absence. We--" (have been very busy, is what I would have said.)
Lady: "That's bullshit! I was told they'd be ready 45 minutes ago when I was here an hour ago!"
Me: (politely, thinking 'God damn, woman, they're donuts!') "Ma'am we don't have any control over that--"
Lady: "Don't get an attitude with me you little bitch. This is bullshit, I'm calling your manager." (drives off)

Amber stood by the phone, ready to pick up, rolling her eyes as we all dissolved into fits of giggles.

I wonder if this lady gets upset and calls the news channel when the weatherman predicts light drizzles and it rains.

And the other bit of good news:

Also, I made some new icons. Two of which I'm using (my MST and Muppets one) and one of which I was supposed to use months ago, made by [ profile] kittencuffs. Check em out. And I'll be posting the others when I finish the entire batch I'm workin' on. Got some Kermit/Steve Whitmire ones... a Frank Oz/Piggy one... A Jerry Nelson/Richard Hunt (not like that, Ali.) and a couple Ryan Reynolds/Hannibal King ones.

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So day two of *paid* training today. Learned how to make coffee and even got to have some. I had a small hazelnut coffee ("It's nutty!" we have to tell the customers, should they ask. Also, Cinnomin is "more cinnominny than sweet," Original blend is "Mellow" and decaf is "mellow, without caffine." I'm so not making this up.) Also a chocolate flavored ice coffee, no sugar. Then I put sugar in it and promptly poured it out. I don't like chewing my coffee, thank you very much.

I get paid 5.25 an hour, after three monthes and evaluation raises are handed out. I'm so happy I don't have any assholes in my crew. Everyone's really nice. Although two girls are quite 'gangsta' they're nice. I am no hater, I'll have you know. The other girl I haven't talked to as much. And the one guy on the shift is really nice, holding doors open even though I offered to and stuff. And so gay. Well not SO gay, except that he wore black and pink sneakers today and talks very effeminately and stuff. Word.

Got home and put the new bettas in their respective homes.

Spit-spot, you two )

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Well, I started my Deep 13/Forrester scarf a few minutes ago, while I'm watching the MST3k episode "Prince of Space" (paused for the moment). I'm doing it either all with the purl stitch, or 13 purl rows and 13 knits, back and forth. I'm only on row 3 right now, so not making any decisions at the moment. I'd like some feedback on that. And I'm thinking it'll be from just one person...

But if just one person believes in you... Deep enough and strong enough believes in you...

Okay, okay... Moving on, my red betta James "Prongs" Potter died. I'm guessing internal parasites, since it was quite sudden and stuff.

I got two new bettas today. Joel Robinson and an unnamed female. Any suggestions? Pictures under the cut.

Read more... )

Also I started my training at Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robins. Pretty boring, since we just watched some videos on the computer. We also had to answer questions at the end of the video, but left to our own devices got the first one wrong. Hehe. Then the lady manager came back and shes hella nice. She read one of the questions out loud (It was real long). I said, "What was the question again?" after a beat and got a nice hearty laugh from the other four trainees. Dig it.

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